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  • Ostara: Matrix of Pain Being Transformed

    LENTH EQUINOX During the spring equinox on March 20, 2024, the sun's Divine Light will align the earth from harmony. These waves of photon-laden particles have strengthened Earth's magnetic field. Sunlight plays an important role in the manifestation of Earth's new birth. LUMURIA The ancient knowledge from Lu-MU-Ria is opening up and is now being renewed, your DNA is receiving these codes and this wisdom is coming alive in your system. A new reality is emerging. A beautiful reality in which the human being regains her power, as it was once meant to be. These ancient civilizations are surfacing and they will guide anyone who is open to them. DREAMTIME The dreamtime is a reality where everything can take place and from this dreamtime you can now begin to manifest. When the new codes from a very ancient wisdom enter you, all kinds of clairvoyant gifts open up. New parts of your brain are activated, a new layer of consciousness enriches your ability. The dreamtime is a healing reality that you can connect with now. SELF-HEALING ABILITY The self-healing ability is a living consciousness and it regulates all kinds of energetic and physical impulses. It communicates with the many layers, such as the organs, circulatory system, brain, nervous system, heart, cells, and all the invisible atoms in your body.... Everything that you are made up of, your energy, it connects to that and all the parts also communicate with each other. Everything is moving and flowing. INNER VOICE The inner voice is part of the self-healing ability, when it speaks listen to it or are you still too uncertain and don't know if it is right. Regain confidence in your own power and inner awareness. Train yourself and see what it brings you. Let everything be reborn in this light of spring and the power of Ostara. I lead you to a new purpose in your life, I rise each year to guide you. Welcome the new year and the new birth within yourself. COSMIC CLOCK The Earth's cosmic clock, restarts each year at the spring equinox. This is the true new year. Spring is the beginning of a new force and at that time each person can begin to manifest again for the whole year, so that your gaze can realize that in what you need. You may then begin to create your abundance together with the earth. The earth is eager to meet your needs, in cooperation with all life that lives above, in and on her. MATRIX OF PAIN The ancient calendars do not match the original energy of the earth. Many times other illusions have been placed over the original cosmic calendar, this in order to place everything in the hands of another power, where pain and suffering come from. The disturbance is clearly visible and it becomes exhausted, the matrix of pain will eventually be dissolved. When the illusion is broken and man will decide for himself which way to go. In cooperation with the earth and in connection with cosmic consciousness. In this way, the matrix of pain can cease to exist, but beware, there will also be a backlash to disrupt all of this. Many lies are put down, usually wrapped in a particle of truth. The inflection of truth is that which holds you and puts you back into the maze of pain. Break through this matrix and step out of the illusion, many emotions are stuck in an illusion. This loop keeps enticing you to an exit of despair. There are many lives you have led and many experiences you have had, in this way you gain great wisdom. Everything in the cosmos consists of gaining experience and growth. KARMA IS AN ILLUSION Do not be deceived when people say that you depend on karma from other lives. In this way suffering is put down, your energy is diminished and everything repeats itself from a negative point. Every new experience actually provides wisdom and new knowledge. It enriches your consciousness and soul light. It creates growth so that your light will shine even more. Negative Influence Every life is unique and born from the Divine Light, only when the matrix of control encloses your mind does suffering arise. The negative influence comes from another angle, where they want to work against man. The controlling powers do not want man to rise, they work against man in her Ascension for eons. Think carefully, why should that be? What beautiful power lies in a single human being, let alone a whole mass? What are they so afraid of and who are they? Go in search of your own original core and awaken who you really are. Your search opens you up and in this way you can disconnect the illusion in your own system. 4-4-4 PORTAL The March 4-4-4 portals are on March 1 and March 10, 2024. On these days, shifts in consciousness are going to occur again. These Angel portals cause the angle (angle) of the disturbed Angel star on Earth to shift. The cosmic clock is restored in human consciousness. Arthura Hector 10- 03- 2024 This message may be shared in its entirety and respectfully, citing the source: © Arthura Hector All rights reserved. µç

  • Dual 4-4-4 Portals: Activation DNA Plasma Light

    ASHTAR: DOUBLE ACTIVATION & MAJOR SHIFT OF LIGHT The 4-4-4 Portals on Feb. 29 and March 1, 2024 are opened back-to-back and this brings about a major shift in your frequency, allowing for a beautiful ballancing in your energy body. One shift immediately follows another and this brings everything into a higher vibration. During these days there is a great light activation that is long lasting. The energy that is released will transcend everything, a great opportunity for each person to go along with this and further release the shadow parts. The shadow parts continue to ascend in a higher frequency to the Light, where they are finally dismantled. Everything dissolves into the Light The year 2024 consists of shifts in the paradigm. These shifts are taking place through the 4-4-4 portals and these are creating beautiful light on Earth. The heart is going to resonate in the love light. POWER OF THE SUN & GLOBAL WARMING The sun plays a major role in the shift of consciousness. This is not negative, but positive. The earth is rising in frequency and this is called, "EVOLUTION." SHIELDING SUNLIGHT Scientists want to artificially shield sunlight to keep the earth cool, but then everything gets out of balance. This is a very negative way to stop the high frequency. The climate gets confused and so do the Earth's magnetic fields. When the sunlight can no longer transmit its waves of light to the earth, its Ascension process will be hindered. Man's higher consciousness will be disrupted and the transition from material to an etheric body will be delayed. CONTROL & ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE The ones who want to disrupt this are the ones who want to maintain control over you. In an artificial way, they want to start using humans in a cyber world of artificiality. The creativity of each human being is then magnified and filtered out, deployed for a new artificial world. Many films about future worlds are born from fantasy, this opens up consciousness. Elements from truth and light are woven into them, but unfortunately the lower thoughts of accumulating possessions, war and power also appear. These are not proper examples of a higher Light world, unconditional love or a harmonious society. All of this is put down to influence man into what could be the otherworldly. Distinguish light and darkness in everything you see. Darkness comes from a 3d illusion and that is where this is and nowhere else. Outside the 3 or 4d there is only love and light. Man's imagination is awakened to make an imagination of other worlds in the future. These are the fantasies from a duality mixed with the new. Keep the intentions pure in your dream world and manifest from love. For Eons, higher consciousness in man is being thwarted. Man's consciousness is being orchestrated and the "invisible war" between lower and higher octaves is becoming more and more apparent. Follow the sense of harmony in everything and create your own loving society, deep down you know what it looks like. LIGHT DIMENSIONS Rise to a natural new world where your consciousness resonates with the photons of the cosmos and the healing plasma field of the sun, there where the great creative light of love, the God of Creation embraces your imaginal mind. Awaken all this and allow the inner heart to speak. Train yourself in natural consciousness, where telepathy and thought power become the instruments of higher communication and Ascension. Allow the senses to be opened in a higher octave, so that clear knowing, clear seeing, clear feeling and the clear smells begin to be noticed. DNA Codes and the Plasma Light The plasma fields wave through everything, they are everywhere and healing everything within you and around you. Tune in and communicate with this field and you will activate your own plasma field. DNA contains plasma light. The negative and positive ions work together in the plasma field. ASCENCE EARTH Earth becomes part of the starlight and higher light dimensions again. The energetic shifts put the planet in the right position so that it can continue to ascend with all its inhabitants to a new location in the universe. This happens incrementally, so that every living being can Ascend with it. Each has his or her own choice. The split is becoming more and more apparent, many choose the love that leads to higher consciousness. That is why the light beings are around you, they help you. It is important for every living being to chart the new path, so that your thoughts will create a new future from its own manifestation. In every human being the Ascension code is stored in the DNA and it is being activated further and further through the photon light. The healing plasma field helps you stay in balance. The higher the frequency, the higher the activation. From the sun, waves of light are sent to the earth that open the DNA and activate the photons. Each path of Ascension is unique and goes through an inner process. Create your own Ascension path and feel.... Where does your Heart go? Arthura Hector March 1, 2024 This post may be shared in its entirety and respectfully, citing the source: © Arthura Hector All rights reserved.

  • Full Moon: Frequency & Shift

    Ashtar: Dealing with Opposite Resonances FULL MOON The Full Moon of Feb. 24, 2024 allows opposing emotions to open up. Dual experiences consist of positive and negative perceptions, and when disturbances arise from fear, they can begin to escalate. It is up to you how you deal with it: 'Are you overwhelmed by the many fears or do you surf along on the light waves of power? OPPOSING EMOTIONS When you don't have balance, your emotions go up and down. You travel through many layers and the negative fields are also touched. When attacked by lower energies, you act as a mirror in which the other person's fears are reflected. When you absorb all the aggression and take this personally, you aggravate the energy and go head over heels. Always try to look at setbacks in a different way. Position yourself differently and be prepared for the next wave. When your heart resonates purely with love, the Divine Source of Creation, this wave of light carries you to a point of oneness. DARK MOMENTS The dark moments prove to hold the best lessons in retrospect. The depths of the shadow can be very exhausting and you may be temporarily unable to function. You sink down to enter the depths, and in the depths of the depths comes a point of revelation. Like a light in the night, a new door is opened. This is the effect of the many photons on fears. The shadow part can consist of fears and they loom over and over again. Look through them and break through your own shadow field. Most fears are created by illusion and kept "alive" by the codes of suppression. THOUGHT POWER WORKS BOTH WAYS The dark moments are a convergence of certain energies and are created from dark thoughts and the fear plays the leading role in the choices you make, but what will you do with it? Don't get caught up in the War Healthy fears resolve themselves, but the fears from illusion make you feel completely confused. You feel powerless, weak and alone. In true reality you are in contact with your original self, this is connected to your inner light force and it is located in your heart. You can open it at any time. These are the lessons from the photon light: ' find yourself again.' The more you are distracted, the more susceptible you are to all the chaos around you. EXPLANATION Working out many breakdowns allows you to gain knowledge of the underlying, unconscious layer. The knowledge that is still invisible to you, but does permeate everything you do. Do not flee from it, but dare to look at this invisible energy. Embrace and welcome the possibility of coming back into your center. FEAR & PROJECTION Heal yourself and cast off the heavy blanket. You are a wondrous being of love. These fears are an automatism, projecting negatives images into your mind, sending you into a vicious cycle of disruption again and again. Apparently there are still fears operating in your system, because the photon light wants to heal everything. Resolve it and turn it around. It is very hard work, but each time you have made another breakthrough a harmonious feeling arises. See the darkness only as an illusion, another world of artificiality that you as a human being can overcome through the Divine power in your heart. When you look a mortal fear in the eye, your situation becomes very dire. But in the dark depths lies salvation. You determine whether you flip the switch or not. Eventually you come to understand that Ascension is not born only from the light, but it is the shadow that you must fathom and transcend. Divine Portal This natural process purifies the mind, thoughts and heart. All of this is needed to function properly again in a higher frequency. This year gates are opening that are sacred. When this moment arrives, the Divine energy is going to activate the earth directly and you are being prepared for that now. A great portal is going to open in the summer and this will have a huge impact on everything that lives. This is going to be a huge shift in your system. 4-4-4 Portal In the first three months of 2024, the energy of the 4-4-4 portals is experienced as very intense, these protals cause a small shift each time. Your system reacts violently to this as the fear codes are transformed. These are the preparations that make you firm for what is to come. Let yourself be guided by the 4-4--4 portals that place you step by step into a healing frequency. In February, the 4-4-4 portals are on Feb. 2, Feb. 11, Feb. 20 and Feb. 29, 2024. Around these portal days, a new layer shifts in your system. These shifts take place in every atom and cell, but especially in your DNA. Divine Sparkling Every being has a Divine spark. Open this Divine sparkling and connect it to the universe: "the Divine Source of Creation. You are part of a loving cosmic energy that is always flowing through you. Everything that happens in the cosmos also happens in you. The great waves of light create an enlightened state of being, but the black holes play a very large role of introspection in this. Connect with these waves of higher consciousness. Stay firm on your energetic surfboard so that many new waves are overcome. Sometimes you falter and capsize. Find the flow of the high frequencies and start anew. Nourish yourself with love and strengthen your aura with pure colors. MANIFESTATION Manifestation arise and you will be amazed how this works, take the first step toward enlightenment and the forces from the cosmos suddenly start working with you. The resonances are recognized and nourished by everything living. The "Manna" that is everywhere will now begin to communicate with your energy. It is like a dance of joy! 22-2-2024 Arthura Hector This post may be shared out of love and respect, in its entirety and crediting the source: © Arthura Hector all rights reserved. Translated with

  • Shirley MacLaine: Extraterrestrial & JFK

    Academy Award-winning actress Shirley MacLaine talks to WNYC's Leonard Lopate about why "Star Beings" so interested in the Earth and other observations from her new book. Listen to the entire interview here: November 5, 2007: Academy Award- winning actress Shirley MacLaine talks with WNYC's Leonard Lopate about why "Star Beings" are so interested in Earth ad other observations from her new book. Hear the whole interview here: -------------------------------------- Shirley MacLaine On Life Outside Our Universe: 'I Saw Craft' | Larry King Now Ora TV Shirley MacLaine on life outside our universe: 'I saw alien craft' | Larry King Now Ora TV. Here Shirley talks about her experience with ET and about free energy. Shirley MacLaine: I Can Remember A Past Life In Atlantis | TODAY Shirley MacLaine: I remember a past life in Atlantis This interview is about a film she played in, ABOVE AND BEYOND. Was this movie ever broadcast? It is about contact with other dimensions and life forms. In a positive way. All that increased her consciousness, in search of who she was. She also talks about her past lives on Atlantis. She believes in past lives, but also about contact with another being. In this interview she talks about the film, but it had not yet been released. ABOVE AND BEYOND Because of all this, she also wrote a book. ABOVE THE LINE. Shirley Maclaine is a world-famous film star and brought all this to light, including about incarnation and contact with trees. She has written many books based on her own development. You can call her spiritual, but highly conscious. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shirley MacLaine Actress Shirley MacLaine, born as Shirley MacLean Beaty, is an American actress. She is the older sister of actor-director Warren Beatty. Wikipedia (NL)

  • 2024: 4-4-4 Portal, Sun & Plasma Healing

    RA: The Healing Power of the Sun & the Plasma Field The power of four opens in 2024 and this is the stabilizer of all imbalance. In addition, many Angel portals open and these activate the codes of recovery. The Angelic Portal 4-4-4 consists of plasma energy created from the power of the sun. Around the days of the 4-4-4 portals, this can be experienced intensely. In January, the 4-4-4 portals are: Jan. 3, Jan. 12, Jan. 21 and Jan. 30, 2024. In the first three months of this year, the energy goes up in a rapid movement. This acceleration of energy can be experienced as a solid turnaround in reality awareness. FOGGY DAYS During the foggy days the old soaks loose and this will manifest in the physical and emotional layers. A major cleansing such as viruses passing helps you embrace the new light. A somewhat unreal feeling may overwhelm you, but this will pass. As solar power increases, more and more harmony will emerge. THE ENERGY OF THE SUN The sun consists of several layers of very hot plasma, and the inner core is so incredibly hot and dense that nuclear fusion results from this. Nuclear fusion is the fusion of different forces that can be symbolized as negative and positive. You can also describe the nucleus as unity energy, the point where everything comes together. In this point of high light, energetic life forms of very high intelligence come together. They travel through wormholes of high light to the cores of the celestial suns, hence the name Angelic Portals. Visible Light and Consciousness Visible light is the light that humans can perceive from the refraction of light like the colors of a rainbow. This light is healing and can be absorbed through the eyes and transmitted to the pineal gland in the brain. Invisible light: Beyond the rainbow colors, there are even higher frequencies of light that humans cannot perceive with the physical eye, such as the color magenta. The highly sensitive among you with a very special nervous system can open their consciousness and begin to perceive the invisible. Because many plasma waves are coming to Earth, man will begin to awaken to a special layer where the unconscious secret knowledge, becomes conscious. The electro-magnetic field is also present in the formation of plasma. In the emission of solar flares, they fire their arrows into the cosmos and not only the Earth is included in this conversion, but the entire solar system is now in the photon belt. Many Forces Open When the photons enter Earth with a force, it can affect Earth's magnetic field. So can the consciousness of everything on it. It will be a very special time of great transformation. Sometimes even with shock waves. POLITICS Great fears arise in many about the new movement in politics. This may trigger mass hysteria, but through the healing power of the 4-4-4 portals this will be softened and reversed. The renewal allows memories and old wounds to emerge and these are now allowed to heal. This may begin to create a very emotional trend through the media to the outside world. Plasma is Healing Plasma clouds are a healing force that restore the balance of energy. Miraculous healings can occur, especially if one can let go of the old fear of loss. Everything you have experienced so far that was negative will now be transformed and restored. What matters is what you believe in and what your intentions are. The right thoughts are important, use them well and healing will come your way. OLD ENERGY The old energy moving forward in a lower haze can cause a lot of turmoil and anxiety, know that these are the convulsions from a distant past, where these experiences can be purified. Try to turn all this around and realize, "It's over! Let go and embrace the new. Enter the New Path Through the higher frequency you can ascend to the 4-4-4 portal and here the new Angelic codes open up. Old pain may be transformed again and this will resonate more and more quickly and intensely with the truth of the heart. The Angels from the high light and the many heavenly suns will assist you. Arthura Hector January 14, 2024 This post may be shared to read, respectfully and in its entirety citing the source: © Arthura Hector all rights reserved.

  • Full Moon: 2024 Political Revolution Emerges

    Ashtar: Revolution of the Heart During the Full Moon of January 25, 2024, a revolutionary wave of discontent will awaken. The rebellious consciousness seeks a way out of duality. This can go two ways, from cooperation or from opposition. 2024 The year 2024 will be a very important year and in this year earth-shattering revelations are going to come out. These follow in quick succession, the media may temporarily shut down because information is released from (a closed group) of high-ranking persons. This can lead to a crisis. OLD FEARS A political change can open up old wounds. A sense of fear of the ultra right or left threaten to rise. This can temporarily lead to religious unrest. OLD BASIC PATTERNS A fear of losing the old secure base arises, encroachment on old norms and values can lead to psychological problems. Depressive feelings about the future increase. Give the younger generation a hopeful image and tell them about the new earth. Wars cause much hunger, little prosperity reaches Western countries as they are bombarded with millions of refugees. In 2024, the facts surface about this form of hidden slavery. This information is leaked through unknown sources, with the waters of the Holy Grail purifying the shadows. Hidden Slavery The new agenda is keeping parts secret about migration and a hidden slavery, this is going to become visible at an accelerated rate and then there will be a great upheaval in the political field, both internally and externally. The hearts of the Western countries are deeply touched in confidence, they feel cheated and cornered. After the shock, they rise up en masse and take matters into their own hands. This new information is released in the portal in which the white lion emerges. HIDDEN AGENDA MIGRATION Politics and government will assert their powers from the European Union and intrude into provincial politics, but this is not easily accepted. A great revolutionary energy slowly begins to open in 2024 and this leads to great distrust towards the superpowers. EUROPEAN UNION From the EU, governments are driven to implement certain laws. Eyes go wide open, when once again hefty budget cuts start to take place in municipalities, so they do have to allow migration to receive additional financial support. The government is going to impose migration in this way and in addition they support the multinationals that make very large profits. Senselessness and selfishness prevail in this circuit. This will go against everyone's grain. Realize that your fellow man is not the real enemy, but part of a cunning game. Look at all this from the heart and dare to look at what is really going on. POLITICAL REVOLUTION & SECESSION Eventually, several groups begin to form and join hands to fight this unexpected opposition. Ordinary people become the victims of a new oppression from above. Within politics, eyes also open and from this a total new revolutionary movement emerges. Politics splits and a new global revolution is born. Not everything will be worked out in 2024, that will take years, but the hidden agenda of migration is coming to the surface now and this will be the start of a great upheaval, frustrations and other secrets are accelerating to the surface. In the economic and political strata a major clean-up is taking place. WARS The many wars in the background play a misleading role, a totally different world picture is being painted than people think, and when the truth opens up this shocking picture will bring many people together. They are going to make a clenched fist against the new oppressors. From then on, the hidden agenda will become visible and clear, the plans will be rolled out. Man will take a new direction, from now until 2030 all this will start to emerge and come to life. The chaos will bring a great turmoil, the wrong image that was presented to mankind will dissolve and the true hidden plan will shake all the earth. A small portion of the total world population will go along with the new hidden agenda, which includes migration and artificial intelligence. This will lead to the disintegration of the current society as it functions today. NEW SOCIETY When the present society falls apart, a totally new society will be born. The world splits apart and those who step out of oppression find new ways to survive. They will build a new earth together, in many forms and from many variations. Creativity will underlie this and they will embrace nature. This natural world will grow from a humanistic form into a new future civilization. NEW HUMAN The new human will arise and it will focus on the earth and the cosmos. Cooperation with many other dimensions will become a reality. They will be aided by the light dimensions and starlight beings. Entirely by free will, they will receive new advanced techniques that will help them form the new earth. There will be no more poverty, but abundance. Much knowledge will be shared. First there will be chaos and this is necessary to make the transition to a totally different consciousness. Therefore, make the right choices to navigate through this chaos, use your feelings and intuition. Help each other where you can and keep your heart beating warmly. This Tilt becomes a Fact Photon light is going to flood the earth and from the 4-4-4 portals the Angelic Light will be activated. Let this light embrace your heart and open your inner power. Arthura Hector January 26, 2024 This post may be shared in its entirety and respectfully, citing the source: © Arthura Hector all rights reserved. Starlight Connection.

  • 2024: A Magical New Year & 4-4-4 Portals

    Ashtar: Angel Codes 4-4-4 & Power Saint Michael 2024 OBTAIN OVERVIEW 2024 will be a very special year in which gaining an overview will emerge. The Angel codes open this year in the 4-4-4 energy, these portals provide a very high vibration. They form the passage to a higher dimension, through the angelic codes man can ascend to a special layer. Saint Michael will be present. The heart opens further and the new knowledge now enters the heart. The light seeds that were placed earlier will now open. 4-4-4 ANGELS POWER & PORTALS The energy of the Angels descends on earth and the Angel codes are opened in the heart. What does this mean? That you and many others will have the opportunity to make a clean sweep of everything that is old. New possibilities are offered from the 4-4-4 energy of the Angelic Light. New paths are shown and created, a new ability which has now opened helps you to rise into this Light. This pure Light of transparency and clarity will illuminate your mind. Fear will fade away and put all this into a new perspective. A paradise of new possibilities will be shown during your sleep and in dreamtime the Angels will come to you. WHITE LION The white lion will bring out its power at certain times through the eight of power, which are special sacred portals. At these times the energy becomes very high on earth. The photon light then goes up sharply. Many beautiful dreams appear in your heart to awaken your soul for the new age. Follow that clear image and this enlightened feeling and it will lead you to material renewal on earth. AQUARIUS Move like the water and realize that this is the new flowing energy that will take you to higher dimensions. In this way you can transform the chaos in your heart and mind. The many sufferings in the world will touch the earth collectively and all of this will be transmitted to the cosmos. SIGNALS FROM THE COSMOS These signals of suffering are being received in the Light World and they are going to rise up en masse to alleviate all of this. Where great darkness arises, the Angelic Light will open up and lead to new political solutions. Often unexpectedly, new decisions will be made that will reverse the war, the ancient powers will bow before this holy light. The power of God will be there to vibrate the earth. Purifications take place in the depths of darkness. Animals respond to the movements of the earth, waves flood areas to clean all this up again. SOFTNESS DEER The gentle breeze that will refresh your heart comes from a sacred layer. The tenderness of the deer symbolizes this, embrace these tender moments between you and the other. Love will descend in moments when you wander deeply because of all the sadness. Weep for a moment, but then get up. The Angel Michael will be with you, protecting you and spreading Divine Love. Look beyond and know that many solutions are going to come in this year. Blockages will be dissolved and a passage from the Angelic Portal will be made. THE FOUR The number FOUR represents the foundation and balance. The four pillars. This year we are working on the foundation of balance. The many flaws that have affected your foundation are going to be repaired and you will experience a tremendous power that pushes you forward. This is the power of the Angel IN you, working together with the Angelic power OUTSIDE of you. A whole new feeling which raises the vibration and the Michael is at the helm. DO NOT BE AFRAID This time brings renewal and sometimes a renewal can feel a little strange and especially represent an unknown force. Have faith in the Angels who are with you, they help in certain processes and these are processes with great accelerations. These accelerations are also perceived in the outside world and in the media all this will be received and passed on. Where the news comes in and is spread there will be a new tone. A tone of surprise and disbelief will reach every one, as the new turns in politics will lead to disbelief worldwide. Joy will warm the heart and Saint Michael will remove the shadow. Feel free to ask for his help. SHOCKING AND EXTRAORDINARY NEWS A different wind will blow at every level, wars will come to a halt, as something totally new enters the earth. The media will spread this and everyone may take in this phenomenon. Natural phenomena and other aerial phenomena will be recorded. Evidence will be provided and the other dimensions will present themselves in a wonderful way, a way that everyone can receive and embrace with confidence. This news will spread at lightning speed, simultaneously many illusions are going to be fathomed again, because the curtain is going to fall. MICRO AND MACRO Discoveries will be made at the micro level, in terms of atoms and photons. Bacteria, viruses and other tiny life forms will be highlighted and discovered. It will begin to help humans and the earth get through this special time of change. On a macro level, vibrations and rhythms unknown to man are being received in space. The forces from cosmos will show themselves as they have never shown themselves before. Evidence will be present, but also the secrets surrounding this extraterrestrial phenomenon will become known. A lot will come out, and this can be experienced as shocking. The "secret" of extraterrestrial life can no longer be stopped. All this is going to come out through an unexpected channel. It will be dosed, but it is going to reach the mainstream media. From this point, more and more will be brought out for years to come, this is the desire of the Light Dimensions that want to start receiving the earth as a star (that will take a while). The changes are already present in everything and drop by drop humans will be informed so that contact can be made. Universal Star Being Man will become a universal star being and in many different ways this knowledge will come to you. For Eons this has all been transmitted unconsciously to the mind of the collective consciousness. The turnaround to make this all conscious will take place this year, and the rulers of the earth will partially cooperate. In addition, many will also contribute to this from the private domain, in secret, and others are working on making these channels public. Everyone is doing their part and We from the Light World (from Ashtar and others) are working through in crystal consciousness. The Ether Body is fed extra with the Angelic Light which opens this year and resonates with Earth's cosmic transition. ANGEL MICHAEL Many sorrows and secrets will be revealed, but also much love will be spread. The Angel Michael and his angelic army will embrace and comfort you, calling everyone to help each other in difficult times. Pass on this Angelic love and let it flow. Comfort each other where you can. Arthura Hector January 5, 2024 This message may be shared in its entirety and respectfully, citing the source: © Arthura Hector All rights reserved. COPYRIGHTS!

  • Full Moon: Natural Wisdom & Dark Vibration

    GAIA: Hear My Voice and Listen... The Full Moon of December 27, 2023: Opposite movement occurs in the depths of the psyche, it can shake you back and forth like a powerful tornado. Confusing? Yes indeed. Deep inside, the inner light implodes and wants to radiate from love and harmony. The outside world enters you in a direct way and seems to shroud itself in despair, which can block the inner light. OPEN YOUR HEART Your inner compass knows there is another path hidden in your subconscious brain. Find the right connections and purify the mind. PEACE ON EARTH Peace on Earth seems further away than ever, but in reality it is only the images from an illusion. The media emphasizes very dark things and all of this affects your mind. This creates connections of fear, which can create a connection to your shadow world. The shadow world magnifies the negative self-image, this negative self-image is a survival mechanism and acts as an artificial buffer to protect your heart from pain. Beware of an overdose of negativity, which activates your shadow. STEP OUT OF THIS ARTIFICIAL ILLUSION ARTIFICIAL DEPRESSION As the photon light grows stronger, many are confused by dark impulses. A new illusion overwhelms them and negative self-image is reinforced. From this can arise depression. This form of depression is artificially put down from the dark external world. The more impulses the mind has to deal with about a bad world, the more despondent a person becomes. The sensations that come to you from the external world have to be filtered. Make the outside influence smaller instead of larger. Behind everything lies a deeper layer that revolves around profit and even more ratings. More and more. Mega-sales and mass products. Woven into this is a subtle layer connected to negative self-image and the psyche. You are now creating your own illusion of shadows, whereas man is born from the light and can manifest from the higher mind. SIMPLICITY It may seem impossible, but there is only one single solution to reverse this and that is to engage the opposite: by inviting the small, simple and easy into your daily life. Reject everything that you don't understand and that doesn't make sense. Start each day with a simple contact with nature. Go back to the basics of what it came from. Provide a simple ritual such as: " Open your window and let the fresh air flow in and breathe it in, stay connected to it and feel what it really does to you. Close your eyes and connect with your inner light and the ether". 'Open this light now and let it radiate, then it will flow through you and everywhere. Let yourself be guided by this light. The encounters from this energy are going to help you feel better about yourself. You will begin to receive the wisdom of Mother Earth, GAIA.' WORDS WITH THE RIGHT INTENTION Always stay on the path of simplicity and choose a humane life, take good care of yourself and also of your fellow man. If your life becomes too complicated, clean up. Aquarius is a pure heart energy of love and can be received by any human being. Clarity and transparency are beautiful words that are often misused in politics. Aquarius carries a special power that now opens up, words are not just words..... just listen with your heart. Words filled with lies do not carry the power of Aquarius. Speak with conviction and with the right intention. Those who use many words to stand out and sensationalize fall through, for they are playing a psychological game. IMAGES Feelings can be transmitted through words and images, know what you feel before you speak. Be aware of who you really are and what you want to achieve. If you get caught up in unpleasant conversations or unexpected negative situations, be alert and turn your attention inward. Then feel what you need to do, step out of the circle of negativity and protect yourself with light. Allow your heart to open and radiate love. When the mind absorbs too much darkness, it can lead to self-destruction. So take care of yourself and don't get involved in things you can't handle. You must first stand strong to take the next step in the spiritual process and in saving the world. PSYCHOPATHIC ENERGY A field of psychopathic energy is opening up and it is increasingly appearing in films and subtle influences. They contain the atmosphere of a sinister world, where sick spirits hold power, and so you make contact with a new shadow world. Guard the youth from it. Stand firmly with both feet on the earth and remain spiritually healthy, following the natural path of simplicity. GAIA helps you. Spiritual Simplicity WISDOM IN A NUTSHELL GAIA gives you back the wisdom of the earth, it is time to stand up for the earth, but from the natural consciousness and what you feel safe with. Keeping the mind healthy is now the main issue, in addition you may provide a safe environment, where you can come to rest. It sounds simple and certainly not sensational, but this is necessary to survive in the psychic chaos that is about to rise. Chaos becomes a Psychological Game NEGATIVE SELF-IMAGE Make space in your heart and be aware that dark souls are often trapped by the fear of powerlessness. They can no longer oversee the situation and become despondent because the world is so bad. The real enemy is not outside you, but comes in through your negative self-image, once you can see that you can overcome anything. The darkness is presented as a person, a power that overcomes everything, but it is a psychic influence. The darkness wants you to think that you are powerless and that is a lie, Because the illusion is the deception. The negative self-image was created from the emptiness and love that you missed so much, once you restore your self-image, the vision changes. You are the Boss of Yourself Direct a positive intention toward yourself and overpower the accumulated negativity, freeing your heart. Make yourself light and be joyful, have no guilt. In the moments when it becomes too much for you, step away from the manipulation and dwell in soothing silence to recover. You may straighten out the twists and turns of confusion so that you can once again see where you really are. OVERVIEW The heaviness of the outside world and the fears from the collective consciousness come to you, put this to rest in time. Aquarius nurtures Light and Harmony in the new world. Do not be deceived by your own shadow. The trap is the deception of the shadow part, because that is where your weak point lies. Everything "other" comes to the surface and will be dissolved and go down with the fog that obscured it. Some warriors are too consumed by the terrible suffering that evil brings, the "Pandora's Box" can drag you into a whole other layer of destruction. Be wise and follow the voice of Mother Earth, she is love. Start with yourself and listen to what the negative self-image is telling you, look at it and disconnect the lies. Make yourself powerful and become a pillar of light, because together you create the light on earth. A special force of light is building and has started from the winter solstice of December 22. The explosion of this light, implodes within you. The earth will embrace you, you need the energy of the GAIA to take this next step. Do not see this as a showdown or victory, but as an evolution that keeps evolving and opening into a natural light. This natural transformer is sent to you from the Great Creative Source. Be that light. Aquarius is on your side. Arthura Hector December 27, 2023 This post may be shared in its entirety and respectfully, citing the source: © Arthura Hector, All rights reserved.

  • Winter Solstice 2023: Shifting Dimensions & Dark Matter

    MARIA MAGDALENE: THE BLACK MADONNA PROTECTS YOU IN THE DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL CREATIVE ENERGY A new creative power is born during this winter solstice of December 22, 2023. The Black Madonna awakens this power and she will open the creative power in your heart and with great love she will protect you. The Black Madonna will guide you to a higher consciousness. DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL This winter season frames a very special time and it is important to stay well with yourself now and approach the world around you with love. Rest and gentleness can protect you from too much spiritual turmoil. Purges become deep now and some people get caught between the lines when they need help on a psychological level but cannot find it. Possession and matter were put above human well-being for decades and see the consequences here, but rest assured help is coming from the Light. You are not alone. HEALED SHADOW PART First heal your own shadow part, release the fears and embrace it with much love and light. Do not be afraid to look at it, for beneath it lies the fear of the inner child. Give it attention, love and warmth. The (inner) child is going to assert itself and ask itself? What went wrong and what may be restored? No longer be distracted by fear and uncertainty, but look further into who you really are: You are a Beautiful Being with a Creative Power This power has been opposed by illusion and you have learned to hide this gift. Perhaps now you have forgotten where it is. Resurface the creative power, make it visible.This part tells who you really are, an Angel, a Being of Light descended from the stars. The Black Madonna is going to help you with this and open this creative energy, so that you know again where to find it. The dark matter is not darkness but a natural part of the Divine manifestation from which you were created. The temple within each woman is a cosmos in itself.Where no one can see it, an egg is fertilized.In the silence of separateness, the material world allows the soul to enter, a new human being is created. Souls come to the material world through this Temple. The Black Madonna is present in the shifting of dimensions so that a proper balance can be restored. She cooperates with the great creative Divine Primal Force, from which all life originated. SHIFT OF DIMENSIONS Because of the many wars, the lower dimensions are becoming overcrowded and out of balance!They are bursting at the seams and clusters of darkness and negative energy arise, especially in places where many people die at the same time.These great clouds of grief or agony find their way with difficulty to recovery, blockages arise and these violent energies emerge where they can express themselves. The lower dimensions are already being and eventually this layer will start to fall apart. Then the great cosmic light will intervene and make provisions, everything will be directed in the right direction and the Black Madonna will use her creative power to create new dimensions from the dark invisible energy.A lot of photon energy is needed for this, which is why the earth is now in a photon belt. DARK MATTER Dark matter is an element that is still unknown and scientists are investigating this enigmatic form of consciousness.It is part of the invisible Divine creative force and it is everywhere. Science: 'A small part of dark matter is composed of ordinary atoms.These could be extinct dwarf stars, planets adrift, cool and tenuous gas clouds in intergalactic space, small black holes and so on.But the vast majority of dark matter in the universe must consist of unknown elementary particles.Dark energy "is a 'vacuum energy' of empty space, manifesting as a repulsive force. 'This is the feminine creative energy that occurs everywhere, including on Earth.Through this energy one can manifest anything'. LOST SOULS The lost and wandering souls who pass en masse will be taken care of by the Angels of Love, they will comfort them where they can. Some souls do not want to say goodbye and remain glued to the earth because they are confused..... Some do not realize they have died and want to stay with their loved one.They are in shock and need explanations. Show understanding, for eventually they will break free from the illusion and pass into the light. ECHOES IN THE NIGHT In the dark night of the soul, many shadow souls will seek a way out. Does a negative feeling and some confusion suddenly overwhelm you?Look for something unknown from the outside, do not panic but disconnect them from love.They are only the echoes of sadness and despair, the energy from the past.Through the collective consciousness, this can be broadcast and enter you. Convert this energy. Some deceased souls have passed on negatively and their emotions may carry anger and much sadness within them, bitterness and despair may also be part of this. They just want to be saved, they are asking for attention and redemption. If you cannot resolve this yourself, call for help. BLACK HOLES In addition to the bright photon light that waves over from the sun to other planets, there are many black holes or dark matter present in the universe. Where the mysterious black holes reign, new forms of consciousness are dreamt. There no shadows reign there, but Divine love, and through the imaginal dreamtime one can manifest fields of creation. Even if scientists intervene artificially, life can descend only when there is very much love present: ' With the parents, with the unborn soul or both." During this shift of dimensions, your consciousness also shifts.This may cause certain symptoms. It is a turbulent time, but know that you can always call upon the Angels of Light. Call upon them when you no longer know what to do or when the fear becomes too great. The starlight beings together with the Angels form a beautiful field of Divine Light. Even when sad souls come to you, you can call upon a special team of Angels, to make the disconnection.These are the Angels of Aquarius.They guide many old and new souls to another layer where they can come to rest.Feel free to ask for a healing from the Aquarian light.Make a beautiful light line from your heart to the Divine Primal Source of "all that is" and ask for release of foreign energies, healing and protection. At all times you are the master and guardian of your heart and soul.Don't let anything fool you.You are in control. You are creating your own life and humanity is going to experience a tremendous change. Many are going to explore the new path. No one is more or less, tune into the great light that is going to shine brighter and brighter in your heart. You are a (Star)Light Being This Star Light needs connection, affirmation, love and warmth. Leave the fear and negativity behind and step into your light body again and again, so that you begin to understand how this new spiritual being is put together.In this time of great change, many are going through a special conversion, which may make your surroundings react differently.Do not take it too personally and step forward, always trying to see the light in others.Do not get lost in the many negative thoughts, which distract you from your creative power. AQUARIUS Do not let your spiritual flower wither, but water it.The living water from the source of creation.Aquarius is a creative force and it will illuminate all your manifestations. The dark powers are going to forbid you: 'To dance, to connect, to spread healing sounds, to bring color into your life, to make healing movements, to bring forth expression in healing emotions!' So be creative in every possible form there is.This is the mission your soul has been given to experience the earth in its renewal. YOUTH: BE WISE, AWAKE & CREATIVE Many young people were shrouded in silence and politics made them invisible, they are being touched by the Black Madonna and it is going to be visible in 2024. Their voices will become louder and louder.They will become the guardians of the future generation and demand their right.From Aquarius, a new wave of spiritual consciousness will arise through these creative younger people. BLACK MADONNA In the dark night of the soul, the Black Madonna will touch you and take you into her energy of healing abilities and restoration, your creative power is opened. Step by step your consciousness is expanded and each time you receive more wisdom. NEW SPIRITUAL WAVE Because of the shifts in the lower dimensions, a new dimensions, a spiritual layer is created through which the high photon light will flow. Do not let the scales of good and evil tip toward fanatical beliefs. Your strength lies in renewal and that means continuing to grow, not standing still. Focus on everything that is new, activate the creative and intuitive capacity. The color black is not darkness, because darkness is often foggy and gray. Chilly and gray. Unclear, and murky. Black is the night of dream manifestation, where starlight plays a major role.Where the fairy tales are born. The rainbow is broken into particles from the white light and lo and behold...each color needs each other to exist. Otherwise, there was no light and where there is no light, there is no night.Colors are formed to denote different dimensions, but not to suppress or exclude others. Where there is no night, there is no creation.... TRINITY Unity energy is the merging of the day and the night, from which a new part, a new development or birth can emerge, this is calledTrinity, trinity energy.Let the duality in your heart become one so that the trinity can manifest. The cosmic gate is opened and peace descends. ©Arthura Hector December 20, 2023 This message may be shared with love and respect, in its entirety and crediting the source: © Arthura all rights reserved.

  • Full Moon: Politics In NL, The Turning Point

    Ashtar: Detoxification & Transmutation in the Material World The full moon of November 27, 2023 is called the moon of detoxification, a building energy has now come to a solid form and is detoxifying both the energetic and physical body, these preparations are necessary to integrate the new energy. SENSITIVE NERVES The sensitivity of the physical body increases as the nervous system becomes increasingly fine-tuned. A great sensitivity can arise as a result and the senses become sharper, causing many to wake up in a different resonance. The fine tuning (sharpening) of the nervous system becomes a reality and this is what everyone starts to notice and see. (INNER) CHILD Consciousness opens further and the heart brain begins to resonate with the inner light. From a pure voice it can now begin to speak. The inner child is detoxified and given an important voice. Not only is the wounded inner child being healed, the children and youth who are now hidden behind the Internet are waking up. Many are rising up and choosing a different course. This group will lead to a fierce political discussion because the suffering is going to become poignantly visible. Children and youth may start to be seen. POLITICS IN THE NETHERLANDS Politics in the Netherlands is going to announce a new route from this full moon, the political labyrinth will choose a different entrance both at the national and international levels. The fears of the people prevail and become evident. Duality is a fact and it is now being displayed in whimsical forms. It is time to bring the underlying fears to the surface so that they can be resolved. The negative sounds that were shrouded in the fog emerge and are detoxified. These fears may be filtered and recalibrated into what is truly needed and land in positive power in your heart. Too much influence from different nationalities was building a political imbalance that was slowly tilting. DISCONTENT Discontent was not taken into account for many years, which created many fears in the heart. This silent fear grew on and an unsafe feeling was born The seeds of fear were placed and nurtured by the previous government. In the election of 2023, this has been expressed and on this plane a detoxification may begin to take place so that everything can be brought back into a new balance. The outcome of this election will touch many hearts in different ways and that makes many alert and awake. FROM IMBALANCE TO BALANCE Both in the small and in the large, the imbalance will be allowed to be restored, but before that happens, the damage that has been done may first emerge from the fog and be mapped out. Do not place everything outside yourself but whole yourself, whole your heart and see if you can contribute something in your environment to prevent polarization. Everything Can Be Settled The Dutchman was pushed further and further into a corner and felt overruled by a skewed politics that could not properly manage the flow of refugees and they used this imbalance precisely for their own gain. Exploitation of both sides became a fact, every human being needs a dignified existence, but not at the expense of the other. There were many losers on both sides. The coming year will see a great challenge in this area. The negative portrayal of certain groups is not pure; it is based on skewed politics. Discontent may well be given a voice to turn this cry for help and prevent worse. Dissatisfaction is a Signal Dissatisfaction is the signal that something is breeding under the skin, don't let it become a lump that can pop open. This reversal can cause a solid detoxification and temporary chaos, but realize that it is necessary to regain balance. DETOXIFICATION IS THE PURIFICATION OF THE OLD Cleaning a street full of accumulated dirt can lead to blockage if it is washed away too quickly. Where the blockage arises may be looked at properly in terms of human suffering. Empathy may become greater and each person's voice may be heard. Be realistic, not every part can be solved immediately. That which shows itself the most, that may be the first to be swept through. Don't be afraid if your part is pushed back for a while, it won't take long because everything will eventually be addressed. This is the new era! Think of it as renovating an old house, where hidden defects have appeared. Which part do you tackle first? Specialists should be called in and in this case the architect will be allowed to give his opinion. The basics will have to be addressed first, otherwise everything will collapse. LIVELIHOOD FIRST The quality of life has deteriorated for many, the collective consciousness has received and transmitted a signal, it has arrived. The first necessities of life which a human being needs have been affected and the voice of the people has spoken. This voice will now wake everyone up and make them realize where the bottlenecks are. COOPERATION A cooperation of different parties, where there may be room for the understanding of the other. Otherwise, the people will rise again. This awareness has been opened and is getting stronger. The photon light will become even stronger in the coming years and cause even more reversal. Use this power in a positive and constructive way, then you will experience success. Sweep your own path in time and purify your thoughts with healing intentions. Aquarius Embraces Everyone, Be Welcome.... Arthura Hector November 23, 2023 This post may be shared respectfully and in its entirety, crediting the source: © Arthura Hector all rights reserved

  • Dutch Elections 2023: The Fog is slowly Dissolving

    ASHTAR FINAL BATTLE: FORGOTTEN CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE? WAVES OF AWARENESS During these elections, the flame of the right choice will continue to grow, making the end result very special. Whoever is chosen as the largest party will be allowed to lead the country from the middle, all in collaboration with a new political ideology. YOUNG PEOPLE The children and young people must not be forgotten and will emerge from the mist during this coming government. UNEXPECTED TWIST The unexpected twist will ultimately bring out the side that the people choose, even as you continue to be tossed and thrown off balance by all kinds of tricks that leave many in doubt. The media influences a lot, but the consciousness of the voter is no longer the same as four years ago, it has clearly changed. This game is guided and shaped from the higher circles. Yet the Dutch people will be more conscious than ever about the choices they make. The result will be astonishing and every voter will choose more consciously than ever. COOPERATION The outcome from a completely unexpected side will surprise everyone. Everything is shaken up and rolled out again. AFTER THE ELECTIONS After the elections, it will be possible to work from a clean slate, and those who cannot cope with this new policy will leave sooner than expected. The strong ones stay and continue, they will usher in the new direction. A confused start with an outcome that no one can guess. OBSTACLES ARE BECOMING SMALLER Awareness continues to rise and this will influence politics, also because the people are demanding this. The emphasis has shifted to a different level, the searching eye will ultimately lead to a new outcome and after about one year the new direction becomes clear. Ultimately there will be peace and we will be amazed at how politics will now prove itself. The new waves of consciousness will hit the earth again and this will bring everything into a higher frequency. Every person's vision is renewed again and again. The route in the labyrinth of Dutch politics starts from a different entrance and that brings a lot of change, but also some chaos. INNOVATION IN THE CHAOS It takes time to bring many new ideas to fruition, and chaos will arise during the rollout of the new plans. Dissatisfaction will not be completely resolved immediately. Many new plans are put forward by ordinary citizens. Those who have experience and can point out the problems will make their voices heard. Many whistleblowers stand up to expose the weaknesses that are shrouded in mist. Particular attention should be paid to children and young people. YOUNG PEOPLE IN NEED The next government will be confronted with the problems of young people. The bottlenecks are becoming increasingly clear and these are emphasized by many distressing cases that appear in the media. This means that young people finally become visible and get a voice. They will demand a lot of attention after the elections. The youth and young adults are finally standing up. Solutions falter, because decisions have to be made quickly. The strongest solutions remain intact and form the new basis for moving in a different direction to really provide the help that is needed. Emergencies will arise. INTERNATIONAL World politics enters a turbulent change and this affects everything and everyone. The wars may be stopped and the low point is almost here. HEALTHCARE Health will come first and from this angle everything will appear in a new light. The collective consciousness may be fed with new ideologies, so that the new healthy world can be born. The creative power increases and everything is tackled more quickly. New possibilities arise, but are they immediately welcomed or do they have to be 'victims' first? The Light World helps to restore balance and open the heart where knots and discussions arise. The new age of creation becomes a fact and this produces new results. The rainbow connects everything and everyone, all colors appear in it and they work together on the path of equality. THE TRUTH EMERGES The truth emerges, the fog dissipates. Deeper and deeper, layers that hid the suffering are emerging, politics can no longer ignore it. This will arise nationally and internationally (COVID PERIOD). This makes it clear that every person and every child counts. Acknowledging and recognizing the problems and abuses is the first step, but these must also be solved practically. People, children and young people have been pushed into a corner during the COVID period. This needs to be healed. Where the lie is told the fog dissolves. The political parties that only used their talk to win before the 2023 election will fail. This time it is not about the perfect election picture, but rather about representing the right intention. The warm heart who can admit his own mistakes and speaks with an honest tone will appeal to the voter. From the dense fog, a completely different outcome will emerge. Choose consciously and from the heart. Arthura Hector November 22, 2023 This message may be shared out of respect and with reference to the source: © Arthura Hector All rights reserved (Do not cut or take parts of this message).

  • Autumn Equinox: The Sacred Moment

    ASHTAR: THE SACRAL MOMENT ON EARTH AUTUMN EQUINOX AND THE SACRAL MOMENT During the autumnal equinox of September 23, 2023, the gate of the sacred moment will open. The sacred moment comes into your life through a deep experience. This moment of sacred silence will bring about a lot of movement in your system. It is the beginning of awakening to unity and it brings balance to duality. The Sacred Child wakes up and starts to stir. During the autumnal equinox, the sun is directly above the Equator and the day and night are of equal length. In this moment of unity, everything will become silent and perhaps you will sleep and believe this moment in dreamtime. You have sometimes felt this moment of silence before, but rather as a distant memory. Perhaps your mind was elsewhere at that moment and you wandered, but you will never forget this feeling of sacred unity, even if only for a second. Sacred Moment This sacred moment now emerges on earth and a deep memory of a beautiful paradise emerges in your memory. The vibration of your consciousness then becomes one with all that is divine. At some point the entire earth will be immersed in this sacred moment, you will experience this consciously or otherwise. Some are already being prepared and can pass on this Sacral energy. The new earth is about love and unity, the battle in duality continues until it is no longer possible and ceases to exist. Many are now saying goodbye to the struggling warrior on the path of inequality. SOFTENING HARDENING The hardened souls will make their shield. Because they are no longer afraid, they will put down this shield. The struggle of the old does not belong to the new earth. The person who idealizes only one side will automatically distance himself from the person who wants to live from the sacred. They are multidimensionally immersed. NEW VULNERABILITY Yet there is still a lot of confusion, the hypersensitivity that awakens in you comes from a subtle world of light. All senses are on alert. Protect yourself from sudden panic in a conflict: 'Withdraw in time and manage this overstimulation. Relaxing is the only solution: 'Take your time and sleep on it. Do not judge too quickly. Let go of everything and come back to your own core. You can put down your hardened shield again and go into battle, but this new vulnerability will require different protection. Are you deeply hurt? When you are deeply hurt, then look carefully at the boundaries of your system, is it outdated and no longer suits you? The sacred moment provides a new feeling of freedom and unity. In this loving energy you want to be open to everyone from your passion, but know that there are still many seeking souls and from a combative layer they will knock you down and hit you with their poisonous arrows. You now awaken the other through the love you radiate. Their hard shell melts and that can cause fear. This is a different way of waking up. You no longer stand opposite someone, but next to them, out of compassion. ALLERGY TO LOVE ENERGY Those who are hardened do not know any better and act from an old impulse. The old pain in their system has hardened and they attack anything that sounds different. GENTLE WARRIOR OF LOVE Step away from the hardened person when you have reached the sacred moment, when the pain becomes too much. Maybe you are not ready to stand next to them to embrace them in peace and love. Then first soften yourself.. PATH OF THE DEER What is the path of softening?Let us discover the sacred path in different layers so that we can remain stable. This could also be due to instability. You cannot yet stay firmly in the light, but keep falling back into the lower emotions. Advice: Walk the deer's path with tenderness. (See previous post: 'Call of the Deer'). The Sacred Moment will guide you to a gentle and higher frequency, which is very subtle. Some souls go back and forth, one moment they end up in the loving feeling and are taken into a softening, but when they are attacked, their old boundaries of hardening emerge again. They still have to learn to convert this old shield into a new protection of light. WAKE UP IN STAGES Waking up occurs in waves and phases. It can make you combative or even angry. You go to war against these souls who sleep or deceive you. Know that your trauma can play a role in this feeling of anger towards the outside world. You become offended when others do not treat you well or react 'wrongly'. Know that you are part of duality and probably cannot see everything yet. Forgive Yourself Waking up in the next phase: Your perspective increases as you realize how duality works and especially who you are and how it works within you. Continuing to grow in the awakening process is only possible if you are open to innovation and change within yourself. Many Remain Stuck in a Limited Awakening Process. This means that you keep moving in the warrior mentality and always keep kicking at the outside world in a one-sided way. This is an adrenaline rush and is addictive. You are more concerned with the outside world than with your own life. Go within and look again and again at who you really are. This never ends and don't be too quick to think that you already know everything. Old Wounds Open, Due to the Situation in the Outside World. This autumn the deer can guide you to a new experience of softness, follow the path of subtlety and train yourself to look with wonder. The sacred child will make you open your eyes, sometimes with many tears and pain. MULTIDIMENSIONAL Some of you carry a cosmic code of light in your DNA and can travel in the light, make contact and communicate multidimensionally. This gives a completely different view on certain situations. When this is opened in the higher frequency for you, you may continue to grow as a Sacral being and experience a transcendent experience. Star children come to earth from a multi-dimensional world and carry this memory in their hearts. Give them the opportunity to express this through imagination As a multidimensional being, you can become frustrated with others because you are not understood. Your intelligence responds differently to dual matters and your brain is wired differently. It doesn't just make other connections, it connects everything. You function in a completely different way and those with cosmic gifts have a sacred connection with the world of light. When this awareness opens up (also in children), it can cause confusion if the environment blocks it. The memories from the light of what it could be like make you rebellious or depressed. Do not get confused with the dual earthly laws and the laws from the higher light world, these are completely different. Keep these well separated, accept how duality works and realize how higher light can be experienced in this duality. You can do more than you think, you can ascend and work together with the light. TRANSCEDENT POWER The ability of a transcendent person is present from an early age and these children or adults often have transcendent experiences on a regular basis.Some are treated incorrectly by their teacher, psychiatrist or counselor. They are given labels that are incorrect and then they are taught to make connections with the lower worlds. The parents of these children also become confused by the world in which they have to raise these children or have become very hardened because they live in the matrix of illusion.When this person unlearns how to work with their transcendent abilities on earth, they can end up in a downward spiral, in which suicide becomes their 'last wish'. The desire to be in the light becomes an obsession. Let it go and try to do good deeds on earth. Help others, create art or music, that is healing. SACRAL AND TRANSCEDENT The sacred moment will reach these people in the higher part of their consciousness and they will remember how this works. They rise to open like-minded souls in a multi-dimensional, sacred and transcendent experience. They carry this DNA with light codes in their genes and in their higher consciousness. The earthly and the light will then come together and become one. Transcedent is living from a subtle layer in which softness, peace, silence and joy are present. In addition, the human part also experiences emotions and duality and this is very difficult for them. They are often not heard, understood or seen in their higher state. When they withdraw and build their own 'temple' or community, they can be themselves in peace. Aggression, a lot of anger, harsh words or being treated in a harsh way destroys their sacred energy, to protect themselves they can lash out and become completely upset. Hysteria can serve as a release valve when they become overstimulated, because nothing else is possible. When more and more blockages arise and they cannot spread their transcendent wings, they become psychologically confused and alienated from themselves until... They Will Ascend and Release Themselves from Duality. POLITICS In politics, the sacred moment will lead to special outcomes and cause many shifts in the old power struggle. It will remain that way for a while. These are the preparations for a new wave based on compassion. It strengthens the political soul searching for another way that now goes up and down in waves. A new circle of awareness and compassion is emerging. It takes time, but keep faith in a new world and try to move your sacred thoughts to a higher level and carry the sacred thoughts to the point of pain or dissatisfaction. Your thoughts are the beginning of a peaceful world, every moment it opens a new beginning. AWAKING Waking up can sometimes come in a intense wave, some need to be firmly shaken awake, the hard layer in which they find themselves in is a stubborn stubbornness. This breaking through will happen with great force. There is always a new dimension behind the veils of ignorance and what has been opened is not always visible. Arthura Hector September 22, 2023 This message may be shared as it is written here, out of respect and love, citing the source and website: © Arthura Hector All Rights Reserved.

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