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Full Moon: 2024 Political Revolution Emerges

Ashtar: Revolution of the Heart

During the Full Moon of January 25, 2024, a revolutionary wave of discontent will awaken. The rebellious consciousness seeks a way out of duality. This can go two ways, from cooperation or from opposition.


The year 2024 will be a very important year and in this year earth-shattering revelations are going to come out. These follow in quick succession, the media may temporarily shut down because information is released from (a closed group) of high-ranking persons. This can lead to a crisis.


A political change can open up old wounds. A sense of fear of the ultra right or left threaten to rise. This can temporarily lead to religious unrest.


A fear of losing the old secure base arises, encroachment on old norms and values can lead to psychological problems. Depressive feelings about the future increase. Give the younger generation a hopeful image and tell them about the new earth.

Wars cause much hunger, little prosperity reaches Western countries as they are bombarded with millions of refugees. In 2024, the facts surface about this form of hidden slavery. This information is leaked through unknown sources, with the waters of the Holy Grail purifying the shadows.

Hidden Slavery

The new agenda is keeping parts secret about migration and a hidden slavery, this is going to become visible at an accelerated rate and then there will be a great upheaval in the political field, both internally and externally. The hearts of the Western countries are deeply touched in confidence, they feel cheated and cornered. After the shock, they rise up en masse and take matters into their own hands. This new information is released in the portal in which the white lion emerges.


Politics and government will assert their powers from the European Union and intrude into provincial politics, but this is not easily accepted. A great revolutionary energy slowly begins to open in 2024 and this leads to great distrust towards the superpowers.


From the EU, governments are driven to implement certain laws. Eyes go wide open, when once again hefty budget cuts start to take place in municipalities, so they do have to allow migration to receive additional financial support.

The government is going to impose migration in this way and in addition they support the multinationals that make very large profits. Senselessness and selfishness prevail in this circuit. This will go against everyone's grain.

Realize that your fellow man is not the real enemy, but part of a cunning game. Look at all this from the heart and dare to look at what is really going on.


Eventually, several groups begin to form and join hands to fight this unexpected opposition. Ordinary people become the victims of a new oppression from above. Within politics, eyes also open and from this a total new revolutionary movement emerges. Politics splits and a new global revolution is born.

Not everything will be worked out in 2024, that will take years, but the hidden agenda of migration is coming to the surface now and this will be the start of a great upheaval, frustrations and other secrets are accelerating to the surface. In the economic and political strata a major clean-up is taking place.


The many wars in the background play a misleading role, a totally different world picture is being painted than people think, and when the truth opens up this shocking picture will bring many people together. They are going to make a clenched fist against the new oppressors. From then on, the hidden agenda will become visible and clear, the plans will be rolled out.

Man will take a new direction, from now until 2030 all this will start to emerge and come to life. The chaos will bring a great turmoil, the wrong image that was presented to mankind will dissolve and the true hidden plan will shake all the earth.

A small portion of the total world population will go along with the new hidden agenda, which includes migration and artificial intelligence. This will lead to the disintegration of the current society as it functions today.


When the present society falls apart, a totally new society will be born. The world splits apart and those who step out of oppression find new ways to survive.

They will build a new earth together, in many forms and from many variations. Creativity will underlie this and they will embrace nature. This natural world will grow from a humanistic form into a new future civilization.


The new human will arise and it will focus on the earth and the cosmos. Cooperation with many other dimensions will become a reality. They will be aided by the light dimensions and starlight beings. Entirely by free will, they will receive new advanced techniques that will help them form the new earth. There will be no more poverty, but abundance. Much knowledge will be shared.

First there will be chaos and this is necessary to make the transition to a totally different consciousness. Therefore, make the right choices to navigate through this chaos, use your feelings and intuition. Help each other where you can and keep your heart beating warmly.

This Tilt becomes a Fact

Photon light is going to flood the earth and from the 4-4-4 portals the Angelic Light will be activated. Let this light embrace your heart and open your inner power.

Arthura Hector

January 26, 2024

This post may be shared in its entirety and respectfully, citing the source: © Arthura Hector all rights reserved. Starlight Connection.


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