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Ostara: Matrix of Pain Being Transformed


During the spring equinox on March 20, 2024, the sun's Divine Light will align the earth from harmony. These waves of photon-laden particles have strengthened Earth's magnetic field. Sunlight plays an important role in the manifestation of Earth's new birth.


The ancient knowledge from Lu-MU-Ria is opening up and is now being renewed, your DNA is receiving these codes and this wisdom is coming alive in your system. A new reality is emerging. A beautiful reality in which the human being regains her power, as it was once meant to be. These ancient civilizations are surfacing and they will guide anyone who is open to them.


The dreamtime is a reality where everything can take place and from this dreamtime you can now begin to manifest. When the new codes from a very ancient wisdom enter you, all kinds of clairvoyant gifts open up. New parts of your brain are activated, a new layer of consciousness enriches your ability.

The dreamtime is a healing reality that you can connect with now.


The self-healing ability is a living consciousness and it regulates all kinds of energetic and physical impulses. It communicates with the many layers, such as the organs, circulatory system, brain, nervous system, heart, cells, and all the invisible atoms in your body.... Everything that you are made up of, your energy, it connects to that and all the parts also communicate with each other. Everything is moving and flowing.


The inner voice is part of the self-healing ability, when it speaks listen to it or are you still too uncertain and don't know if it is right. Regain confidence in your own power and inner awareness. Train yourself and see what it brings you.

Let everything be reborn in this light of spring and the power of Ostara. I lead you to a new purpose in your life, I rise each year to guide you. Welcome the new year and the new birth within yourself.


The Earth's cosmic clock, restarts each year at the spring equinox. This is the true new year. Spring is the beginning of a new force and at that time each person can begin to manifest again for the whole year, so that your gaze can realize that in what you need. You may then begin to create your abundance together with the earth. The earth is eager to meet your needs, in cooperation with all life that lives above, in and on her.


The ancient calendars do not match the original energy of the earth. Many times other illusions have been placed over the original cosmic calendar, this in order to place everything in the hands of another power, where pain and suffering come from.

The disturbance is clearly visible and it becomes exhausted, the matrix of pain will eventually be dissolved. When the illusion is broken and man will decide for himself which way to go. In cooperation with the earth and in connection with cosmic consciousness.

In this way, the matrix of pain can cease to exist, but beware, there will also be a backlash to disrupt all of this. Many lies are put down, usually wrapped in a particle of truth.

The inflection of truth is that which holds you and puts you back into the maze of pain. Break through this matrix and step out of the illusion, many emotions are stuck in an illusion. This loop keeps enticing you to an exit of despair.

There are many lives you have led and many experiences you have had, in this way you gain great wisdom. Everything in the cosmos consists of gaining experience and growth.


Do not be deceived when people say that you depend on karma from other lives. In this way suffering is put down, your energy is diminished and everything repeats itself from a negative point. Every new experience actually provides wisdom and new knowledge. It enriches your consciousness and soul light. It creates growth so that your light will shine even more.

Negative Influence

Every life is unique and born from the Divine Light, only when the matrix of control encloses your mind does suffering arise. The negative influence comes from another angle, where they want to work against man. The controlling powers do not want man to rise, they work against man in her Ascension for eons.

Think carefully, why should that be?

What beautiful power lies in a single human being, let alone a whole mass? What are they so afraid of and who are they? Go in search of your own original core and awaken who you really are. Your search opens you up and in this way you can disconnect the illusion in your own system.

4-4-4 PORTAL

The March 4-4-4 portals are on March 1 and March 10, 2024. On these days, shifts in consciousness are going to occur again. These Angel portals cause the angle (angle) of the disturbed Angel star on Earth to shift. The cosmic clock is restored in human consciousness.

Arthura Hector

10- 03- 2024

This message may be shared in its entirety and respectfully, citing the source: © Arthura Hector All rights reserved.



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