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Full Moon: Natural Wisdom & Dark Vibration

GAIA: Hear My Voice and Listen...

The Full Moon of December 27, 2023:

Opposite movement occurs in the depths of the psyche, it can shake you back and forth like a powerful tornado. Confusing? Yes indeed.

Deep inside, the inner light implodes and wants to radiate from love and harmony. The outside world enters you in a direct way and seems to shroud itself in despair, which can block the inner light.


Your inner compass knows there is another path hidden in your subconscious brain. Find the right connections and purify the mind.


Peace on Earth seems further away than ever, but in reality it is only the images from an illusion. The media emphasizes very dark things and all of this affects your mind. This creates connections of fear, which can create a connection to your shadow world.

The shadow world magnifies the negative self-image, this negative self-image is a survival mechanism and acts as an artificial buffer to protect your heart from pain. Beware of an overdose of negativity, which activates your shadow.



As the photon light grows stronger, many are confused by dark impulses. A new illusion overwhelms them and negative self-image is reinforced. From this can arise depression. This form of depression is artificially put down from the dark external world.

The more impulses the mind has to deal with about a bad world, the more despondent a person becomes.

The sensations that come to you from the external world have to be filtered. Make the outside influence smaller instead of larger. Behind everything lies a deeper layer that revolves around profit and even more ratings. More and more. Mega-sales and mass products. Woven into this is a subtle layer connected to negative self-image and the psyche.

You are now creating your own illusion of shadows, whereas man is born from the light and can manifest from the higher mind.


It may seem impossible, but there is only one single solution to reverse this and that is to engage the opposite: by inviting the small, simple and easy into your daily life. Reject everything that you don't understand and that doesn't make sense. Start each day with a simple contact with nature. Go back to the basics of what it came from.

Provide a simple ritual such as: " Open your window and let the fresh air flow in and breathe it in, stay connected to it and feel what it really does to you. Close your eyes and connect with your inner light and the ether".

'Open this light now and let it radiate, then it will flow through you and everywhere. Let yourself be guided by this light. The encounters from this energy are going to help you feel better about yourself. You will begin to receive the wisdom of Mother Earth, GAIA.'


Always stay on the path of simplicity and choose a humane life, take good care of yourself and also of your fellow man. If your life becomes too complicated, clean up. Aquarius is a pure heart energy of love and can be received by any human being.

Clarity and transparency are beautiful words that are often misused in politics. Aquarius carries a special power that now opens up, words are not just words..... just listen with your heart.

Words filled with lies do not carry the power of Aquarius. Speak with conviction and with the right intention. Those who use many words to stand out and sensationalize fall through, for they are playing a psychological game.


Feelings can be transmitted through words and images, know what you feel before you speak. Be aware of who you really are and what you want to achieve. If you get caught up in unpleasant conversations or unexpected negative situations, be alert and turn your attention inward. Then feel what you need to do, step out of the circle of negativity and protect yourself with light. Allow your heart to open and radiate love.

When the mind absorbs too much darkness, it can lead to self-destruction. So take care of yourself and don't get involved in things you can't handle. You must first stand strong to take the next step in the spiritual process and in saving the world.


A field of psychopathic energy is opening up and it is increasingly appearing in films and subtle influences. They contain the atmosphere of a sinister world, where sick spirits hold power, and so you make contact with a new shadow world.

Guard the youth from it.

Stand firmly with both feet on the earth and remain spiritually healthy, following the natural path of simplicity. GAIA helps you.

Spiritual Simplicity


GAIA gives you back the wisdom of the earth, it is time to stand up for the earth, but from the natural consciousness and what you feel safe with. Keeping the mind healthy is now the main issue, in addition you may provide a safe environment, where you can come to rest. It sounds simple and certainly not sensational, but this is necessary to survive in the psychic chaos that is about to rise.

Chaos becomes a Psychological Game


Make space in your heart and be aware that dark souls are often trapped by the fear of powerlessness. They can no longer oversee the situation and become despondent because the world is so bad. The real enemy is not outside you, but comes in through your negative self-image, once you can see that you can overcome anything.

The darkness is presented as a person, a power that overcomes everything, but it is a psychic influence. The darkness wants you to think that you are powerless and that is a lie, Because the illusion is the deception.

The negative self-image was created from the emptiness and love that you missed so much, once you restore your self-image, the vision changes.

You are the Boss of Yourself

Direct a positive intention toward yourself and overpower the accumulated negativity, freeing your heart. Make yourself light and be joyful, have no guilt. In the moments when it becomes too much for you, step away from the manipulation and dwell in soothing silence to recover. You may straighten out the twists and turns of confusion so that you can once again see where you really are.


The heaviness of the outside world and the fears from the collective consciousness come to you, put this to rest in time.

Aquarius nurtures Light and Harmony in the new world. Do not be deceived by your own shadow. The trap is the deception of the shadow part, because that is where your weak point lies. Everything "other" comes to the surface and will be dissolved and go down with the fog that obscured it. Some warriors are too consumed by the terrible suffering that evil brings, the "Pandora's Box" can drag you into a whole other layer of destruction. Be wise and follow the voice of Mother Earth, she is love.

Start with yourself and listen to what the negative self-image is telling you, look at it and disconnect the lies. Make yourself powerful and become a pillar of light, because together you create the light on earth.

A special force of light is building and has started from the winter solstice of December 22. The explosion of this light, implodes within you. The earth will embrace you, you need the energy of the GAIA to take this next step. Do not see this as a showdown or victory, but as an evolution that keeps evolving and opening into a natural light. This natural transformer is sent to you from the Great Creative Source. Be that light.

Aquarius is on your side.

Arthura Hector

December 27, 2023

This post may be shared in its entirety and respectfully, citing the source: © Arthura Hector, All rights reserved.


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