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2024: 4-4-4 Portal, Sun & Plasma Healing

RA: The Healing Power of the Sun & the Plasma Field

The power of four opens in 2024 and this is the stabilizer of all imbalance. In addition, many Angel portals open and these activate the codes of recovery. The Angelic Portal 4-4-4 consists of plasma energy created from the power of the sun. Around the days of the 4-4-4 portals, this can be experienced intensely. In January, the 4-4-4 portals are: Jan. 3, Jan. 12, Jan. 21 and Jan. 30, 2024.

In the first three months of this year, the energy goes up in a rapid movement. This acceleration of energy can be experienced as a solid turnaround in reality awareness.


During the foggy days the old soaks loose and this will manifest in the physical and emotional layers. A major cleansing such as viruses passing helps you embrace the new light. A somewhat unreal feeling may overwhelm you, but this will pass. As solar power increases, more and more harmony will emerge.


The sun consists of several layers of very hot plasma, and the inner core is so incredibly hot and dense that nuclear fusion results from this. Nuclear fusion is the fusion of different forces that can be symbolized as negative and positive. You can also describe the nucleus as unity energy, the point where everything comes together.

In this point of high light, energetic life forms of very high intelligence come together. They travel through wormholes of high light to the cores of the celestial suns, hence the name Angelic Portals.

Visible Light and Consciousness

Visible light is the light that humans can perceive from the refraction of light like the colors of a rainbow. This light is healing and can be absorbed through the eyes and transmitted to the pineal gland in the brain.

Invisible light: Beyond the rainbow colors, there are even higher frequencies of light that humans cannot perceive with the physical eye, such as the color magenta. The highly sensitive among you with a very special nervous system can open their consciousness and begin to perceive the invisible. Because many plasma waves are coming to Earth, man will begin to awaken to a special layer where the unconscious secret knowledge, becomes conscious.

The electro-magnetic field is also present in the formation of plasma. In the emission of solar flares, they fire their arrows into the cosmos and not only the Earth is included in this conversion, but the entire solar system is now in the photon belt.

Many Forces Open

When the photons enter Earth with a force, it can affect Earth's magnetic field. So can the consciousness of everything on it. It will be a very special time of great transformation. Sometimes even with shock waves.


Great fears arise in many about the new movement in politics. This may trigger mass hysteria, but through the healing power of the 4-4-4 portals this will be softened and reversed. The renewal allows memories and old wounds to emerge and these are now allowed to heal. This may begin to create a very emotional trend through the media to the outside world.

Plasma is Healing

Plasma clouds are a healing force that restore the balance of energy. Miraculous healings can occur, especially if one can let go of the old fear of loss. Everything you have experienced so far that was negative will now be transformed and restored. What matters is what you believe in and what your intentions are. The right thoughts are important, use them well and healing will come your way.


The old energy moving forward in a lower haze can cause a lot of turmoil and anxiety, know that these are the convulsions from a distant past, where these experiences can be purified. Try to turn all this around and realize, "It's over! Let go and embrace the new.

Enter the New Path

Through the higher frequency you can ascend to the 4-4-4 portal and here the new Angelic codes open up. Old pain may be transformed again and this will resonate more and more quickly and intensely with the truth of the heart. The Angels from the high light and the many heavenly suns will assist you.

Arthura Hector

January 14, 2024

This post may be shared to read, respectfully and in its entirety citing the source: © Arthura Hector all rights reserved.


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