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Dutch Elections 2023: The Fog is slowly Dissolving



During these elections, the flame of the right choice will continue to grow, making the end result very special. Whoever is chosen as the largest party will be allowed to lead the country from the middle, all in collaboration with a new political ideology.


The children and young people must not be forgotten and will emerge from the mist during this coming government.


The unexpected twist will ultimately bring out the side that the people choose, even as you continue to be tossed and thrown off balance by all kinds of tricks that leave many in doubt. The media influences a lot, but the consciousness of the voter is no longer the same as four years ago, it has clearly changed.

This game is guided and shaped from the higher circles. Yet the Dutch people will be more conscious than ever about the choices they make. The result will be astonishing and every voter will choose more consciously than ever.


The outcome from a completely unexpected side will surprise everyone. Everything is shaken up and rolled out again.


After the elections, it will be possible to work from a clean slate, and those who cannot cope with this new policy will leave sooner than expected. The strong ones stay and continue, they will usher in the new direction. A confused start with an outcome that no one can guess.


Awareness continues to rise and this will influence politics, also because the people are demanding this. The emphasis has shifted to a different level, the searching eye will ultimately lead to a new outcome and after about one year the new direction becomes clear.

Ultimately there will be peace and we will be amazed at how politics will now prove itself.

The new waves of consciousness will hit the earth again and this will bring everything into a higher frequency. Every person's vision is renewed again and again. The route in the labyrinth of Dutch politics starts from a different entrance and that brings a lot of change, but also some chaos.


It takes time to bring many new ideas to fruition, and chaos will arise during the rollout of the new plans. Dissatisfaction will not be completely resolved immediately. Many new plans are put forward by ordinary citizens.

Those who have experience and can point out the problems will make their voices heard. Many whistleblowers stand up to expose the weaknesses that are shrouded in mist. Particular attention should be paid to children and young people.


The next government will be confronted with the problems of young people. The bottlenecks are becoming increasingly clear and these are emphasized by many distressing cases that appear in the media. This means that young people finally become visible and get a voice. They will demand a lot of attention after the elections. The youth and young adults are finally standing up. Solutions falter, because decisions have to be made quickly. The strongest solutions remain intact and form the new basis for moving in a different direction to really provide the help that is needed. Emergencies will arise.


World politics enters a turbulent change and this affects everything and everyone. The wars may be stopped and the low point is almost here.


Health will come first and from this angle everything will appear in a new light. The collective consciousness may be fed with new ideologies, so that the new healthy world can be born. The creative power increases and everything is tackled more quickly. New possibilities arise, but are they immediately welcomed or do they have to be 'victims' first?

The Light World helps to restore balance and open the heart where knots and discussions arise. The new age of creation becomes a fact and this produces new results. The rainbow connects everything and everyone, all colors appear in it and they work together on the path of equality.


The truth emerges, the fog dissipates. Deeper and deeper, layers that hid the suffering are emerging, politics can no longer ignore it. This will arise nationally and internationally (COVID PERIOD). This makes it clear that every person and every child counts. Acknowledging and recognizing the problems and abuses is the first step, but these must also be solved practically. People, children and young people have been pushed into a corner during the COVID period. This needs to be healed.

Where the lie is told the fog dissolves. The political parties that only used their talk to win before the 2023 election will fail. This time it is not about the perfect election picture, but rather about representing the right intention. The warm heart who can admit his own mistakes and speaks with an honest tone will appeal to the voter.

From the dense fog, a completely different outcome will emerge. Choose consciously and from the heart.

Arthura Hector

November 22, 2023

This message may be shared out of respect and with reference to the source: © Arthura Hector All rights reserved (Do not cut or take parts of this message).


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