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Dual 4-4-4 Portals: Activation DNA Plasma Light


The 4-4-4 Portals on Feb. 29 and March 1, 2024 are opened back-to-back and this brings about a major shift in your frequency, allowing for a beautiful ballancing in your energy body. One shift immediately follows another and this brings everything into a higher vibration.

During these days there is a great light activation that is long lasting. The energy that is released will transcend everything, a great opportunity for each person to go along with this and further release the shadow parts. The shadow parts continue to ascend in a higher frequency to the Light, where they are finally dismantled.

Everything dissolves into the Light

The year 2024 consists of shifts in the paradigm. These shifts are taking place through the 4-4-4 portals and these are creating beautiful light on Earth. The heart is going to resonate in the love light.


The sun plays a major role in the shift of consciousness. This is not negative, but positive. The earth is rising in frequency and this is called, "EVOLUTION."


Scientists want to artificially shield sunlight to keep the earth cool, but then everything gets out of balance. This is a very negative way to stop the high frequency. The climate gets confused and so do the Earth's magnetic fields.

When the sunlight can no longer transmit its waves of light to the earth, its Ascension process will be hindered. Man's higher consciousness will be disrupted and the transition from material to an etheric body will be delayed.


The ones who want to disrupt this are the ones who want to maintain control over you. In an artificial way, they want to start using humans in a cyber world of artificiality. The creativity of each human being is then magnified and filtered out, deployed for a new artificial world.

Many films about future worlds are born from fantasy, this opens up consciousness.

Elements from truth and light are woven into them, but unfortunately the lower thoughts of accumulating possessions, war and power also appear. These are not proper examples of a higher Light world, unconditional love or a harmonious society. All of this is put down to influence man into what could be the otherworldly. Distinguish light and darkness in everything you see.

Darkness comes from a 3d illusion and that is where this is and nowhere else. Outside the 3 or 4d there is only love and light.

Man's imagination is awakened to make an imagination of other worlds in the future. These are the fantasies from a duality mixed with the new. Keep the intentions pure in your dream world and manifest from love.

For Eons, higher consciousness in man is being thwarted. Man's consciousness is being orchestrated and the "invisible war" between lower and higher octaves is becoming more and more apparent. Follow the sense of harmony in everything and create your own loving society, deep down you know what it looks like.


Rise to a natural new world where your consciousness resonates with the photons of the cosmos and the healing plasma field of the sun, there where the great creative light of love, the God of Creation embraces your imaginal mind. Awaken all this and allow the inner heart to speak.

Train yourself in natural consciousness, where telepathy and thought power become the instruments of higher communication and Ascension. Allow the senses to be opened in a higher octave, so that clear knowing, clear seeing, clear feeling and the clear smells begin to be noticed.

DNA Codes and the Plasma Light

The plasma fields wave through everything, they are everywhere and healing everything within you and around you. Tune in and communicate with this field and you will activate your own plasma field. DNA contains plasma light. The negative and positive ions work together in the plasma field.


Earth becomes part of the starlight and higher light dimensions again. The energetic shifts put the planet in the right position so that it can continue to ascend with all its inhabitants to a new location in the universe. This happens incrementally, so that every living being can Ascend with it.

Each has his or her own choice.

The split is becoming more and more apparent, many choose the love that leads to higher consciousness. That is why the light beings are around you, they help you. It is important for every living being to chart the new path, so that your thoughts will create a new future from its own manifestation.

In every human being the Ascension code is stored in the DNA and it is being activated further and further through the photon light. The healing plasma field helps you stay in balance. The higher the frequency, the higher the activation. From the sun, waves of light are sent to the earth that open the DNA and activate the photons. Each path of Ascension is unique and goes through an inner process. Create your own Ascension path and feel....

Where does your Heart go?

Arthura Hector

March 1, 2024

This post may be shared in its entirety and respectfully, citing the source: © Arthura Hector All rights reserved.


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