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Full Moon: Politics In NL, The Turning Point

Ashtar: Detoxification & Transmutation in the Material World

The full moon of November 27, 2023 is called the moon of detoxification, a building energy has now come to a solid form and is detoxifying both the energetic and physical body, these preparations are necessary to integrate the new energy.


The sensitivity of the physical body increases as the nervous system becomes increasingly fine-tuned. A great sensitivity can arise as a result and the senses become sharper, causing many to wake up in a different resonance.

The fine tuning (sharpening) of the nervous system becomes a reality and this is what everyone starts to notice and see.


Consciousness opens further and the heart brain begins to resonate with the inner light. From a pure voice it can now begin to speak. The inner child is detoxified and given an important voice. Not only is the wounded inner child being healed, the children and youth who are now hidden behind the Internet are waking up. Many are rising up and choosing a different course. This group will lead to a fierce political discussion because the suffering is going to become poignantly visible. Children and youth may start to be seen.


Politics in the Netherlands is going to announce a new route from this full moon, the political labyrinth will choose a different entrance both at the national and international levels. The fears of the people prevail and become evident. Duality is a fact and it is now being displayed in whimsical forms. It is time to bring the underlying fears to the surface so that they can be resolved. The negative sounds that were shrouded in the fog emerge and are detoxified. These fears may be filtered and recalibrated into what is truly needed and land in positive power in your heart. Too much influence from different nationalities was building a political imbalance that was slowly tilting.


Discontent was not taken into account for many years, which created many fears in the heart. This silent fear grew on and an unsafe feeling was born The seeds of fear were placed and nurtured by the previous government. In the election of 2023, this has been expressed and on this plane a detoxification may begin to take place so that everything can be brought back into a new balance.

The outcome of this election will touch many hearts in different ways and that makes many alert and awake.


Both in the small and in the large, the imbalance will be allowed to be restored, but before that happens, the damage that has been done may first emerge from the fog and be mapped out. Do not place everything outside yourself but whole yourself, whole your heart and see if you can contribute something in your environment to prevent polarization.

Everything Can Be Settled

The Dutchman was pushed further and further into a corner and felt overruled by a skewed politics that could not properly manage the flow of refugees and they used this imbalance precisely for their own gain. Exploitation of both sides became a fact, every human being needs a dignified existence, but not at the expense of the other. There were many losers on both sides. The coming year will see a great challenge in this area. The negative portrayal of certain groups is not pure; it is based on skewed politics. Discontent may well be given a voice to turn this cry for help and prevent worse.

Dissatisfaction is a Signal

Dissatisfaction is the signal that something is breeding under the skin, don't let it become a lump that can pop open. This reversal can cause a solid detoxification and temporary chaos, but realize that it is necessary to regain balance.


Cleaning a street full of accumulated dirt can lead to blockage if it is washed away too quickly. Where the blockage arises may be looked at properly in terms of human suffering. Empathy may become greater and each person's voice may be heard. Be realistic, not every part can be solved immediately. That which shows itself the most, that may be the first to be swept through. Don't be afraid if your part is pushed back for a while, it won't take long because everything will eventually be addressed.

This is the new era!

Think of it as renovating an old house, where hidden defects have appeared. Which part do you tackle first? Specialists should be called in and in this case the architect will be allowed to give his opinion. The basics will have to be addressed first, otherwise everything will collapse.


The quality of life has deteriorated for many, the collective consciousness has received and transmitted a signal, it has arrived. The first necessities of life which a human being needs have been affected and the voice of the people has spoken. This voice will now wake everyone up and make them realize where the bottlenecks are.


A cooperation of different parties, where there may be room for the understanding of the other. Otherwise, the people will rise again. This awareness has been opened and is getting stronger. The photon light will become even stronger in the coming years and cause even more reversal. Use this power in a positive and constructive way, then you will experience success. Sweep your own path in time and purify your thoughts with healing intentions.

Aquarius Embraces Everyone, Be Welcome....

Arthura Hector

November 23, 2023

This post may be shared respectfully and in its entirety, crediting the source: © Arthura Hector all rights reserved


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