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Autumn Equinox: The Sacred Moment



During the autumnal equinox of September 23, 2023, the gate of the sacred moment will open. The sacred moment comes into your life through a deep experience. This moment of sacred silence will bring about a lot of movement in your system. It is the beginning of awakening to unity and it brings balance to duality. The Sacred Child wakes up and starts to stir.

During the autumnal equinox, the sun is directly above the Equator and the day and night are of equal length. In this moment of unity, everything will become silent and perhaps you will sleep and believe this moment in dreamtime. You have sometimes felt this moment of silence before, but rather as a distant memory. Perhaps your mind was elsewhere at that moment and you wandered, but you will never forget this feeling of sacred unity, even if only for a second.

Sacred Moment

This sacred moment now emerges on earth and a deep memory of a beautiful paradise emerges in your memory. The vibration of your consciousness then becomes one with all that is divine. At some point the entire earth will be immersed in this sacred moment, you will experience this consciously or otherwise. Some are already being prepared and can pass on this Sacral energy. The new earth is about love and unity, the battle in duality continues until it is no longer possible and ceases to exist. Many are now saying goodbye to the struggling warrior on the path of inequality.


The hardened souls will make their shield. Because they are no longer afraid, they will put down this shield. The struggle of the old does not belong to the new earth. The person who idealizes only one side will automatically distance himself from the person who wants to live from the sacred. They are multidimensionally immersed.


Yet there is still a lot of confusion, the hypersensitivity that awakens in you comes from a subtle world of light. All senses are on alert. Protect yourself from sudden panic in a conflict: 'Withdraw in time and manage this overstimulation. Relaxing is the only solution: 'Take your time and sleep on it. Do not judge too quickly. Let go of everything and come back to your own core. You can put down your hardened shield again and go into battle, but this new vulnerability will require different protection.

Are you deeply hurt?

When you are deeply hurt, then look carefully at the boundaries of your system, is it outdated and no longer suits you? The sacred moment provides a new feeling of freedom and unity. In this loving energy you want to be open to everyone from your passion, but know that there are still many seeking souls and from a combative layer they will knock you down and hit you with their poisonous arrows.

You now awaken the other through the love you radiate. Their hard shell melts and that can cause fear. This is a different way of waking up. You no longer stand opposite someone, but next to them, out of compassion.


Those who are hardened do not know any better and act from an old impulse. The old pain in their system has hardened and they attack anything that sounds different.


Step away from the hardened person when you have reached the sacred moment, when the pain becomes too much. Maybe you are not ready to stand next to them to embrace them in peace and love. Then first soften yourself..


What is the path of softening?Let us discover the sacred path in different layers so that we can remain stable. This could also be due to instability. You cannot yet stay firmly in the light, but keep falling back into the lower emotions. Advice: Walk the deer's path with tenderness. (See previous post: 'Call of the Deer').

The Sacred Moment will guide you to a gentle and higher frequency, which is very subtle. Some souls go back and forth, one moment they end up in the loving feeling and are taken into a softening, but when they are attacked, their old boundaries of hardening emerge again. They still have to learn to convert this old shield into a new protection of light.


Waking up occurs in waves and phases. It can make you combative or even angry. You go to war against these souls who sleep or deceive you. Know that your trauma can play a role in this feeling of anger towards the outside world. You become offended when others do not treat you well or react 'wrongly'. Know that you are part of duality and probably cannot see everything yet.

Forgive Yourself

Waking up in the next phase: Your perspective increases as you realize how duality works and especially who you are and how it works within you. Continuing to grow in the awakening process is only possible if you are open to innovation and change within yourself.

Many Remain Stuck in a Limited Awakening Process.

This means that you keep moving in the warrior mentality and always keep kicking at the outside world in a one-sided way. This is an adrenaline rush and is addictive. You are more concerned with the outside world than with your own life. Go within and look again and again at who you really are. This never ends and don't be too quick to think that you already know everything.

Old Wounds Open, Due to the Situation in the Outside World.

This autumn the deer can guide you to a new experience of softness, follow the path of subtlety and train yourself to look with wonder. The sacred child will make you open your eyes, sometimes with many tears and pain.


Some of you carry a cosmic code of light in your DNA and can travel in the light, make contact and communicate multidimensionally. This gives a completely different view on certain situations. When this is opened in the higher frequency for you, you may continue to grow as a Sacral being and experience a transcendent experience. Star children come to earth from a multi-dimensional world and carry this memory in their hearts. Give them the opportunity to express this through imagination

As a multidimensional being, you can become frustrated with others because you are not understood. Your intelligence responds differently to dual matters and your brain is wired differently. It doesn't just make other connections, it connects everything. You function in a completely different way and those with cosmic gifts have a sacred connection with the world of light.

When this awareness opens up (also in children), it can cause confusion if the environment blocks it. The memories from the light of what it could be like make you rebellious or depressed.

Do not get confused with the dual earthly laws and the laws from the higher light world, these are completely different. Keep these well separated, accept how duality works and realize how higher light can be experienced in this duality. You can do more than you think, you can ascend and work together with the light.


The ability of a transcendent person is present from an early age and these children or adults often have transcendent experiences on a regular basis.Some are treated incorrectly by their teacher, psychiatrist or counselor. They are given labels that are incorrect and then they are taught to make connections with the lower worlds.

The parents of these children also become confused by the world in which they have to raise these children or have become very hardened because they live in the matrix of illusion.When this person unlearns how to work with their transcendent abilities on earth, they can end up in a downward spiral, in which suicide becomes their 'last wish'. The desire to be in the light becomes an obsession. Let it go and try to do good deeds on earth. Help others, create art or music, that is healing.


The sacred moment will reach these people in the higher part of their consciousness and they will remember how this works. They rise to open like-minded souls in a multi-dimensional, sacred and transcendent experience. They carry this DNA with light codes in their genes and in their higher consciousness. The earthly and the light will then come together and become one.

Transcedent is living from a subtle layer in which softness, peace, silence and joy are present. In addition, the human part also experiences emotions and duality and this is very difficult for them. They are often not heard, understood or seen in their higher state. When they withdraw and build their own 'temple' or community, they can be themselves in peace.

Aggression, a lot of anger, harsh words or being treated in a harsh way destroys their sacred energy, to protect themselves they can lash out and become completely upset. Hysteria can serve as a release valve when they become overstimulated, because nothing else is possible.

When more and more blockages arise and they cannot spread their transcendent wings, they become psychologically confused and alienated from themselves until...

They Will Ascend and Release Themselves from Duality.


In politics, the sacred moment will lead to special outcomes and cause many shifts in the old power struggle. It will remain that way for a while. These are the preparations for a new wave based on compassion. It strengthens the political soul searching for another way that now goes up and down in waves. A new circle of awareness and compassion is emerging. It takes time, but keep faith in a new world and try to move your sacred thoughts to a higher level and carry the sacred thoughts to the point of pain or dissatisfaction.

Your thoughts are the beginning of a peaceful world, every moment it opens a new beginning.


Waking up can sometimes come in a intense wave, some need to be firmly shaken awake, the hard layer in which they find themselves in is a stubborn stubbornness. This breaking through will happen with great force.

There is always a new dimension behind the veils of ignorance and what has been opened is not always visible.

Arthura Hector

September 22, 2023

This message may be shared as it is written here, out of respect and love, citing the source and website: © Arthura Hector All Rights Reserved.


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