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Winter Solstice 2023: Shifting Dimensions & Dark Matter



A new creative power is born during this winter solstice of December 22, 2023. The Black Madonna awakens this power and she will open the creative power in your heart and with great love she will protect you.

The Black Madonna will guide you to a higher consciousness.


This winter season frames a very special time and it is important to stay well with yourself now and approach the world around you with love. Rest and gentleness can protect you from too much spiritual turmoil. Purges become deep now and some people get caught between the lines when they need help on a psychological level but cannot find it.

Possession and matter were put above human well-being for decades and see the consequences here, but rest assured help is coming from the Light. You are not alone.


First heal your own shadow part, release the fears and embrace it with much love and light. Do not be afraid to look at it, for beneath it lies the fear of the inner child. Give it attention, love and warmth. The (inner) child is going to assert itself and ask itself? What went wrong and what may be restored? No longer be distracted by fear and uncertainty, but look further into who you really are:

You are a Beautiful Being with a Creative Power

This power has been opposed by illusion and you have learned to hide this gift. Perhaps now you have forgotten where it is. Resurface the creative power, make it visible.This part tells who you really are, an Angel, a Being of Light descended from the stars. The Black Madonna is going to help you with this and open this creative energy, so that you know again where to find it. The dark matter is not darkness but a natural part of the Divine manifestation from which you were created.

The temple within each woman is a cosmos in itself.Where no one can see it, an egg is fertilized.In the silence of separateness, the material world allows the soul to enter, a new human being is created. Souls come to the material world through this Temple.

The Black Madonna is present in the shifting of dimensions so that a proper balance can be restored. She cooperates with the great creative Divine Primal Force, from which all life originated.


Because of the many wars, the lower dimensions are becoming overcrowded and out of balance!They are bursting at the seams and clusters of darkness and negative energy arise, especially in places where many people die at the same time.These great clouds of grief or agony find their way with difficulty to recovery, blockages arise and these violent energies emerge where they can express themselves.

The lower dimensions are already being and eventually this layer will start to fall apart.

Then the great cosmic light will intervene and make provisions, everything will be directed in the right direction and the Black Madonna will use her creative power to create new dimensions from the dark invisible energy.A lot of photon energy is needed for this, which is why the earth is now in a photon belt.


Dark matter is an element that is still unknown and scientists are investigating this enigmatic form of consciousness.It is part of the invisible Divine creative force and it is everywhere.

Science: 'A small part of dark matter is composed of ordinary atoms.These could be extinct dwarf stars, planets adrift, cool and tenuous gas clouds in intergalactic space, small black holes and so on.But the vast majority of dark matter in the universe must consist of unknown elementary particles.Dark energy "is a 'vacuum energy' of empty space, manifesting as a repulsive force.

'This is the feminine creative energy that occurs everywhere, including on Earth.Through this energy one can manifest anything'.


The lost and wandering souls who pass en masse will be taken care of by the Angels of Love, they will comfort them where they can. Some souls do not want to say goodbye and remain glued to the earth because they are confused..... Some do not realize they have died and want to stay with their loved one.They are in shock and need explanations. Show understanding, for eventually they will break free from the illusion and pass into the light.


In the dark night of the soul, many shadow souls will seek a way out. Does a negative feeling and some confusion suddenly overwhelm you?Look for something unknown from the outside, do not panic but disconnect them from love.They are only the echoes of sadness and despair, the energy from the past.Through the collective consciousness, this can be broadcast and enter you. Convert this energy.

Some deceased souls have passed on negatively and their emotions may carry anger and much sadness within them, bitterness and despair may also be part of this. They just want to be saved, they are asking for attention and redemption. If you cannot resolve this yourself, call for help.


In addition to the bright photon light that waves over from the sun to other planets, there are many black holes or dark matter present in the universe.

Where the mysterious black holes reign, new forms of consciousness are dreamt. There no shadows reign there, but Divine love, and through the imaginal dreamtime one can manifest fields of creation. Even if scientists intervene artificially, life can descend only when there is very much love present: ' With the parents, with the unborn soul or both."

During this shift of dimensions, your consciousness also shifts.This may cause certain symptoms. It is a turbulent time, but know that you can always call upon the Angels of Light. Call upon them when you no longer know what to do or when the fear becomes too great. The starlight beings together with the Angels form a beautiful field of Divine Light.

Even when sad souls come to you, you can call upon a special team of Angels, to make the disconnection.These are the Angels of Aquarius.They guide many old and new souls to another layer where they can come to rest.Feel free to ask for a healing from the Aquarian light.Make a beautiful light line from your heart to the Divine Primal Source of "all that is" and ask for release of foreign energies, healing and protection.

At all times you are the master and guardian of your heart and soul.Don't let anything fool you.You are in control. You are creating your own life and humanity is going to experience a tremendous change. Many are going to explore the new path. No one is more or less, tune into the great light that is going to shine brighter and brighter in your heart.

You are a (Star)Light Being

This Star Light needs connection, affirmation, love and warmth. Leave the fear and negativity behind and step into your light body again and again, so that you begin to understand how this new spiritual being is put together.In this time of great change, many are going through a special conversion, which may make your surroundings react differently.Do not take it too personally and step forward, always trying to see the light in others.Do not get lost in the many negative thoughts, which distract you from your creative power.


Do not let your spiritual flower wither, but water it.The living water from the source of creation.Aquarius is a creative force and it will illuminate all your manifestations.

The dark powers are going to forbid you:

'To dance, to connect, to spread healing sounds, to bring color into your life, to make healing movements, to bring forth expression in healing emotions!'

So be creative in every possible form there is.This is the mission your soul has been given to experience the earth in its renewal.


Many young people were shrouded in silence and politics made them invisible, they are being touched by the Black Madonna and it is going to be visible in 2024.

Their voices will become louder and louder.They will become the guardians of the future generation and demand their right.From Aquarius, a new wave of spiritual consciousness will arise through these creative younger people.


In the dark night of the soul, the Black Madonna will touch you and take you into her energy of healing abilities and restoration, your creative power is opened. Step by step your consciousness is expanded and each time you receive more wisdom.


Because of the shifts in the lower dimensions, a new dimensions, a spiritual layer is created through which the high photon light will flow. Do not let the scales of good and evil tip toward fanatical beliefs. Your strength lies in renewal and that means continuing to grow, not standing still. Focus on everything that is new, activate the creative and intuitive capacity.

The color black is not darkness, because darkness is often foggy and gray. Chilly and gray. Unclear, and murky. Black is the night of dream manifestation, where starlight plays a major role.Where the fairy tales are born.

The rainbow is broken into particles from the white light and lo and behold...each color needs each other to exist.

Otherwise, there was no light and where there is no light, there is no night.Colors are formed to denote different dimensions, but not to suppress or exclude others.

Where there is no night, there is no creation....


Unity energy is the merging of the day and the night, from which a new part, a new development or birth can emerge, this is calledTrinity, trinity energy.Let the duality in your heart become one so that the trinity can manifest. The cosmic gate is opened and peace descends.

©Arthura Hector

December 20, 2023

This message may be shared with love and respect, in its entirety and crediting the source: © Arthura all rights reserved.


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