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Full Moon: Frequency & Shift

Ashtar: Dealing with Opposite Resonances


The Full Moon of Feb. 24, 2024 allows opposing emotions to open up.

Dual experiences consist of positive and negative perceptions, and when disturbances arise from fear, they can begin to escalate.

It is up to you how you deal with it: 'Are you overwhelmed by the many fears or do you surf along on the light waves of power?


When you don't have balance, your emotions go up and down. You travel through many layers and the negative fields are also touched. When attacked by lower energies, you act as a mirror in which the other person's fears are reflected.

When you absorb all the aggression and take this personally, you aggravate the energy and go head over heels. Always try to look at setbacks in a different way. Position yourself differently and be prepared for the next wave. When your heart resonates purely with love, the Divine Source of Creation, this wave of light carries you to a point of oneness.


The dark moments prove to hold the best lessons in retrospect. The depths of the shadow can be very exhausting and you may be temporarily unable to function. You sink down to enter the depths, and in the depths of the depths comes a point of revelation.

Like a light in the night, a new door is opened. This is the effect of the many photons on fears. The shadow part can consist of fears and they loom over and over again. Look through them and break through your own shadow field. Most fears are created by illusion and kept "alive" by the codes of suppression.


The dark moments are a convergence of certain energies and are created from dark thoughts and the fear plays the leading role in the choices you make, but what will you do with it?

Don't get caught up in the War

Healthy fears resolve themselves, but the fears from illusion make you feel completely confused. You feel powerless, weak and alone. In true reality you are in contact with your original self, this is connected to your inner light force and it is located in your heart. You can open it at any time. These are the lessons from the photon light: ' find yourself again.'

The more you are distracted, the more susceptible you are to all the chaos around you.


Working out many breakdowns allows you to gain knowledge of the underlying, unconscious layer. The knowledge that is still invisible to you, but does permeate everything you do. Do not flee from it, but dare to look at this invisible energy. Embrace and welcome the possibility of coming back into your center.


Heal yourself and cast off the heavy blanket. You are a wondrous being of love. These fears are an automatism, projecting negatives images into your mind, sending you into a vicious cycle of disruption again and again. Apparently there are still fears operating in your system, because the photon light wants to heal everything. Resolve it and turn it around.

It is very hard work, but each time you have made another breakthrough a harmonious feeling arises. See the darkness only as an illusion, another world of artificiality that you as a human being can overcome through the Divine power in your heart.

When you look a mortal fear in the eye, your situation becomes very dire. But in the dark depths lies salvation. You determine whether you flip the switch or not. Eventually you come to understand that Ascension is not born only from the light, but it is the shadow that you must fathom and transcend.

Divine Portal

This natural process purifies the mind, thoughts and heart. All of this is needed to function properly again in a higher frequency. This year gates are opening that are sacred. When this moment arrives, the Divine energy is going to activate the earth directly and you are being prepared for that now.

A great portal is going to open in the summer and this will have a huge impact on everything that lives. This is going to be a huge shift in your system.

4-4-4 Portal

In the first three months of 2024, the energy of the 4-4-4 portals is experienced as very intense, these protals cause a small shift each time. Your system reacts violently to this as the fear codes are transformed. These are the preparations that make you firm for what is to come. Let yourself be guided by the 4-4--4 portals that place you step by step into a healing frequency.

In February, the 4-4-4 portals are on Feb. 2, Feb. 11, Feb. 20 and Feb. 29, 2024. Around these portal days, a new layer shifts in your system. These shifts take place in every atom and cell, but especially in your DNA.

Divine Sparkling

Every being has a Divine spark. Open this Divine sparkling and connect it to the universe: "the Divine Source of Creation. You are part of a loving cosmic energy that is always flowing through you. Everything that happens in the cosmos also happens in you. The great waves of light create an enlightened state of being, but the black holes play a very large role of introspection in this. Connect with these waves of higher consciousness.

Stay firm on your energetic surfboard so that many new waves are overcome. Sometimes you falter and capsize. Find the flow of the high frequencies and start anew. Nourish yourself with love and strengthen your aura with pure colors.


Manifestation arise and you will be amazed how this works, take the first step toward enlightenment and the forces from the cosmos suddenly start working with you. The resonances are recognized and nourished by everything living. The "Manna" that is everywhere will now begin to communicate with your energy.

It is like a dance of joy!


Arthura Hector

This post may be shared out of love and respect, in its entirety and crediting the source: © Arthura Hector all rights reserved.

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