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Blue SuperMoon and Politics: 'Call of the Deer'

Akura Kumara: The Path of the Deer is covered with soft leaves, muffling the sound of the footsteps. The call of the DEER allows the sounds to penetrate deep into the HEART, this is the living sound of passion. It brings forth life..


The blue full supermoon of August 31, 2023, joins the call of the deer powerfully. Her blue energy amplifies all this and the water consciousness becomes active. The softness of the deer is like the water. Be like the deer and move like the water: 'Clear, soft and calm. The call of the deer flows smoothly through everything, be aware of all the chaos that ensues.' There is a lot to happen and the DEER is calling you to keep calm. Flexibility and sensitivity open your passion from a beautiful intention, unless you stubbornly persevere and get stuck in your petty resistance.

The Codes of Aquarius are opening and these are moving you into Rapture


Where the water consciousness begins, the old path of heaviness ends. Carbon compounds are converted by the crystalline formulas. The essence of the water works from the softness and adapts as it gently flows along the bank. It is the forbearance of the female component. The introverted atmosphere is serene and the call of the deer in the fall lets you know where this trail is. Let the CALL of the DEER guide you.


Chaos and confusion can cross your path and tempt your soul to a muddy crossing. There you have to be careful not to slip, it can get slippery. Many smooth tongues claim a lot, but leave the ship stranded in an ocean of emotions. Here the water gets high and dangerous, it floods everything. Are you still standing?


In the unseen part lies the solution! Expand your vision... and see where you've never looked before...

But the deception deliberately goes under and hides where the plans can safely be hatched and during the spring they unexpectedly emerge. Many kinds of creatures work in the hidden layers so they don't stand out too much. What is their intention? Positive or negative...

The Innovators rise and move into the open. They may be well protected when they become the target of evil tongues. The tug-of-war that will arise in the political field will cause a lot of negativity and misinformation. Follow the voice of the DEER and don't let your inner pain cloud this softness.

Nothing is Good and Everything is Bad?

A damaged soul can no longer believe in a renewal of the soul and the resistance they carry stems from an inner deep pain. They carry a great sadness and are disappointed in the feeling of love, which has often left them out in the cold.

A critical attitude is good and if you sense that something is not right, listen to it, but not if it spills over into extreme disgust:

'Continue to see the human in man, because demonizing is counterproductive. Just one thought with one beautiful intention works 1000 times stronger and has a healing effect on the whole.'


The ancestors play a big and important role in your current life. The wisdom they possess can be enlightening and healing. Some carry an old karmic pain and pass it down through generations. This disturbance prevents the enlightenment of the soul. The DNA may have become compromised or disrupted, preventing this soul group from ascending all the way. Parts rise and parts linger in a heavier layer. Do you have questions about your life or do you not know where to start? Then start a new Quest using the energy of the DEER.


Start this QUEST from the deer to the past where the family lines open your origins. Many departed rise to the light and want to protect and help their descendants. Unfortunately, this world is no longer taken seriously or perceived and a lot of ignorance arises. Restoring and understanding this old energy gives inner resilience, in this way an old wisdom can open again and the karmic wheel can be broken. This also means lifting an old deep pain, thereby releasing a protection from a layer of love that you desperately need.


Your talents and gifts that are hidden in the cosmic DNA may now come to light, focus on your own temperament and see how you can use it to make the earth more beautiful. When you do this, you become strong and stay balanced during this chaos, your turmoil is then transformed into love for your own colorful life.

For what purpose did you come to earth?

If the soul assignment is not achieved, then it is passed on to the next generation. The task of the ancestors is to achieve this soul assignment, they are happy to help you and they can observe from a greater light and carry the overview.

Nothing is separate, everything is connected.

In the division, almost everything has been disconnected and the veils have descended over the memory of an ancient wisdom that sometimes goes way back. These are wonderful discoveries, when you can open this during this special QUEST, a lot of light is released.


Shadow parts, quarrels, feuds and all imbalance may be converted into this new light on earth that allows you to dismantle these negative parts, embrace them with love. "Activate the unseen parts in your blueprint that you could never perceive."

Then.. you remember who you are and where you come you can move and manifest in the fullness of life again.


When the veils are lifted your spiritual intelligences and gifts can flow again. Many are brought into ignorance so that they can no longer function properly. They walk around half stunned.

That will come to an end, because the power of this blue full supermoon has a cooling effect on all pain and heals old wounds. Which makes everything milder and allows you to take a clear look at the events around you.

The more positive your vision becomes, the better everything goes in your life. Embrace the energy of the deer, because only from love can we build the new world together. And if you look closely, a glimpse of paradise appears on the horizon.

Red Moon and Red Sun:

The day before the full blue moon, the sun and moon turned red (Netherlands). The archetypal explanation for this: 'Red is the Blood that is shed and Red is also the color of the Passion in Love.'

This is characteristic of the energy of the coming period. The opposite parts are both present in everything, the question is: Which do you see and which do you choose? "Do you follow in the footsteps of the gentle deer or go to war and demonize those who reflect the pain in your heart?"

August 31, 2023

©Arthura Hector

This message may be shared in its entirety, out of love and respect. In the way it is set out here, citing the source: © Arthura Hector / All rights reserved:


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