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Violet Moon & Aquantum Power


The full moon of May 5, 2023 will be all about the Violet Flame. An extra high wave of violet light is created. The electromagnetic field resonates higher and higher and during this moon the violet light will be activated. The Earth will make its first Quantum Leap in the summer of 2023.


In the coming summer everything will come together in the light of Divine love, the wave that arises is enormously powerful. It will be a gathering of like souls.


A very high frequency photon light is sent from the cosmos to the earth, when it arrives at the core crystal the violet ray will be activated.

In the heart of the earth, the violet light resonates from the full moon, this light will heal your heart.

During the violet moon, the tone is renewed in pure sounds. The crystals in your house will sing along during this moon of May 5, 2023. The Christ consciousness is now emerging, the first step towards unity will be achieved.

This higher vibration will fill your heart from the power of Divine love. Many dark shadows are dissolved in the collective consciousness, so that you can manifest clear thoughts again. Confusion, dizziness and light-headedness may occur, but this is only temporary. If the complaints last too long, visit a specialist. The physical body can sometimes not process the conversion properly and then you get stuck in old patterns. The pain comes from this old connection.


When you encounter a barricade in your path and your growth is stunted, this invisible obstacle can block your way. Because the mind is numb with doubt and fear, this blockage can no longer be perceived. Be lifted by the violet light of Saint Germain and take a small quantum leap from unconditional love. This violet light will protect and heal you, so that everything will flow again.

Don't show off Another's Feathers!

Stop hiding behind someone else's plumage, but show your own color. Show yourself as you are and break through the ego barricade.

The old Matrix of Illusion is coming to an End

Be aware of the major change that will now become visible. The quantum power in the brain is shuffled and rearranged again. This can sometimes feel strange and even cause some confusion, as the horizon shifts.


The cells in the body can be restructured by the influence of this high violet light, whereby the crystalline light penetrates deep into the cell. This reconnects the DNA to the higher light.

'A Particular Transmutation Takes Place'.


The Quantum ability is linked to the crystalline consciousness. The crystalline cells are activated by the violet quantum light.


The violet light of this full moon will move strongly back and forth, awakening the spiritual being in you. Many are starting to remember why all this is happening. The care for nature and the earth opens up to them. In the beginning this will give some sway, but eventually everything will settle down and any panic will make way for a new loving mission.

Many changes are also taking place deep in your system. Live today and try not to be too much in the head, thinking hinders the healing process, even if you don't understand everything: 'Understanding will come later and then everything will fall into place' .


Your best dreams come true when you ride the high wave of change, breaking through the illusion is sometimes a bit unreal. It can feel strange and maybe a little different, because your horizons are expanding. When the acceleration shows itself on the horizon, many special color nuances appear. Follow the heart and inspire each other. Let go of the block and enjoy this change.


During the summer of 2023, special connections are created and unconditional love is first introduced to Earth in the human mind. Nature and animals have carried this with them for a long time, but now people can experience what is meant by 'unconditionality'.

Until 2033, the explosions of unconditional love will be sent to earth from the cosmos, because Divine love will form the basis for the new earth.

Arthura Hector

May 1, 2023

This message may only be shared in the above manner, out of respect and with reference to the website and source: © Arthura Hector Copyrights: All rights Reserved.


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