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Vampirism: The Essence of Fear 


The Divine Light in the heart dispels all dark forms of despair. Enter the enlightened heart. Vampirism is a sucking energy and it forms fog layers. They live in fear and want to increase this fog. Clusters of chaos arise and confusion in the psyche creates a haze and the true reality is clouded. Humans may become aware of this downward spiral.


The surrender to the Divine Light gives clarity. The meeting of the inner strength will lead to a clear mind. In this way, the collective consciousness can become powerful again in love and banish fear. Like-minded souls arise and gather in the silence of the heart. 'The inner sacred path' will be opened by the Divine Seal. Intuition develops its own language through silence. The recognition of this Aquarian energy will dispel the fear. Awareness will arise in many layers in which people are active.


In the coming month of December of the year 2021, a great Light will reach the earth. This great Light will illuminate many hearts and in 2022 this will be expressed in many ways. Vampirism will shrivel in this light. The fogs of fear are dimmed by the illumination in the hearts. In the eyes of man the chaos will be reflected and the fear will be revealed more and more. Many will come to support the truth and stand up to resist these fears. The manipulation of fear will be destroyed and overcome by an individual inner force.


The individual inner strength of man becomes very important in this psychological battle. Free will will be veiled through a suggestive influence to hide the truth.

The vampirism is made visible and their way of working is viewed with horror. The human being will look around in terror and realize what has happened. This creates a separation of energy. A new energy will arise. Within a very short time (2022) this new energy spreads all over the earth. Many points have already arisen and they will soon connect.

Manipulative powers want to come to you through a personal approach, because victory comes through the individual heart. Every person, even every child, has the potential to lighten the heart.

The Divine heart is the main protection

Vampirism tries to evade the Divine Light by creating a fog through many disturbances. For the enlightenment in the heart of man means the demise of vampirism and they know this. They have sown their fears in the memory of man and want to open an explosion of fear. Many memories will then surface, but their heaviness can now be relieved. The game doesn't go the way they want.


Make a Divine light connection and restore the traumas through the inner heart, so that free will is focused on peace. The vampirism wants to invade the collective consciousness, to expand their empire of disease. They want to affect the Divine Light and the crucial turning point that will arise. Their inner fear is very great and they spread their despair all over the world. This fear is not in humans, but in their weak system of bluff. They want to talk you into these fears so that the sunlight is veiled by dark thoughts.

Dear one, get out of the thoughts of deception and move to the new earth, for this Light is sacred and meant for those who want to live in love. Be creative and dream yourself free. Deep in the heart is the memory of a UTOPIA OF LOVE, go to that core and spread these thoughts through dance, music, visual arts, words or a kind gesture. The collective consciousness may slowly open in the light of renewal. Every positive and loving thought is one and counts. Train yourself in realizing healing images. Your thoughts play a major role in this showdown of psychological violence. Transpose it together, for the crystalline field will take it up and send it to those who are still asleep.


The digital world is an outlet for many emotions, but the Divine Light touches the hearts and brings change. Via the virtual world, this layer will also be filled with sacred impulses of peace. The virtual world is just a neutral zone which can be influenced by many minds. The virtual becomes an important zone. The fear that has settled in the psyche worldwide can be converted immediately. Vampirism lives on these fears, they suck the fear in through the fog and thus form psychic clusters of slavery. It is a new form of power that they have developed to bypass the Divine Light.


The Divine implosion will take place in 2022 and a new consciousness will emerge. A special reaction chain will arise between all living beings on the earth via the sacred heart.



The proton-proton reaction chain was passed on to me as a (symbolic) example, in reality this implosion will occur in miniature. Your heart becomes a star. It has to do with the living particle of light that makes everything grow and implode the heart. The enlightened heart is born and lights the other. The stars will resonate from your heart with many other light particles from the sun.


"The proton-proton pathway is one of two major classes of nuclear fusion reactions in fainter stars , such as the Sun. In the proton-proton pathway, four hydrogen nuclei (protons) are converted into a helium-4 nucleus (alpha particle) in several steps. ".


There will be several explosions of light in the sun, feeding the earth in its energy. All this comes in waves and these light explosions follow each other very quickly. The first acceleration of light has now arisen, as a result of which many light particles cause an accelerated growth in everything that lives on earth. These high frequencies of light clear the negative thoughts of fear and open the sacred heart.


Man need not be afraid, because this is a natural phenomenon and it is attuned to the living consciousness of the earth. Those who pass into the beyond have chosen this of their own free will and will ascend into the Divine Light. The transposition will be transposed in the midst of the chaos, but those who stand in their light power will not be affected. Make a pure choice, because in the chaos that arises the choices and deceptions are abundant, be alert. The underlying aggression of the manipulators becomes great. Reverse the aggressive triggers that hit you.

Each Individual Action Has Great Effect

Do you doubt every now and then? Go within and open the heart of love. Surround yourself with beautiful thoughts so that you attract like-minded spirits. These thoughts of love align with the crystalline grid. The Circles of Light will be beamed in by the Crystalline Light opening. Every individual action has a great effect, realize that. However small you are, your action will have a major impact, it nourishes the crystalline energy.

Get out of the bondage of fear

Let love live again

Adonai Sananda

I salute the Light in your heart

December 9, 2021

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