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The Devine Seal

Sananda: Wholeness in All Layers

The Divine Seal When chaos ensues, wholeness cannot yet fully rise. Every part on earth that is inhabited by man will first be embraced by peace. When areas of the earth groan with pain, there can be no joy and wholeness there. The earth is a living being and every part that is out of balance she wants to heal. This is her job as the mother of all living beings on Earth. In another time when I was born on the earth as the man Jesus, I could perceive the pain. As a human being, I was born in the flesh and felt all the dual sensations. The Divine Light has spoken to me from a very young age. Even when I could not yet understand the spoken word, I already felt all this in my heart. I grew up in a loving environment, but I saw the pain in the other person's eyes. To feel this pain as a human being I knew that as the Divine Seal was missing, my heart wept. I grew up in the many phases of awareness. I perceived in the physical, but through my consciousness I moved like an eagle above the earth. Many visions from the Light of the shadow came to me and I made everything whole. To finally as a Light of peace visit the one who was in pain. Many who cried for help I heard deep in my heart and my heart was guided by the Divine impulse. When many on earth live in peace, the sadness of the other can still be felt. Every living thing influences the world you live in, because there is a connection between everything that lives. The awakened ones will begin to form the circles of peace and send out this energetic message. You are supported by so many, but the sleeping ones do not realize this. Instead of burying one's head in the sand to avoid feeling the pain, everyone can focus their antennae on the Divine Source of love. Planetary the earth sends out her signal to all the Holy Heavens who live in peace. The signal of pain is received and they guide this message into the highest realms of Divine knowledge. YOU ARE HEARD Only when every living being has attained the consciousness to start living from empathy and compassion, then peace arises. Any awake spirit can be born into the light of peace and inhabit the new paradise. The waves are flooding the earth with many kinds of intentions. Many sensations that I once perceived will now be seen by many to reach higher consciousness. The sacred memories imprisoned in the old days are going to come to you now. In many kinds of waves, the living memories that already inhabit the earth arise. The earth releases these, so that the denouement can take place. But if man closes his eyes and allows the heart to become petrified by greed or selfishness, then there can be no wholeness.

Why did I come?

Long ago I came, to prepare and usher in this time. So that people would understand in time what great turning point is about to take place. So that many could follow my path of grace. In my footsteps there is only unity, peace and understanding for the other. This path of consciousness has been expressed, transmitted and also distorted by many in word and image. The real truth is felt only in the heart. Even without words, this path can be followed and also by any religion. In every religion there is a core of unity, in which everything comes together. There is a core of passion in every group and everything comes together in this too. Find the similarities and don't focus on the differences. Let not the obsessive perfection of the lower man taint your pure intent. THE SEAL OF RENEWAL The pure conviction of the mind and the pure intention of the heart will be decisive to enter the new world. Look within and learn from every moment. Whoever has contact with the real truth of the Divine will receive the Seal. The Divine Seal of the new earth leads you to a Divine Portal with new codes. The codes of the Seal are the entrance to the knowledge of an earthly paradise, the Utopia of Love.

Don't judge the Other

Anyone who wants to walk on this path of renewal is welcome, no distinction is made from where you come from. Because what is behind you is past and no longer important. Man has become accustomed to see the other as inferior and to condemn his origin. Form a neutral attitude towards everyone you meet and see the other as your Divine image. Develop your vision from the heart. No one can judge who has access to the new earth, leave this to the Divine Source.

REFLECT YOURSELF AGAIN AND AGAIN During the time I lived on the physical earth I became more and more aware and the Divine Intentions told me not to judge. I reflected my human feelings again and again, to arrive at a pure perception. This is the path of reflection. The reflection of who you really are may become a pure reflection of the Divine part that dwells within you. The eyes are opened and the view expands the mind, so that you begin to perceive the Divine in the other. Know that everyone else is a part of the Divine Oneness. No one can perfect himself without the missing part. To condemn is to weaken yourself. Let your wholeness reflect in every living part. The Divine particles then reach the total unity, even in the physical plane. Pointing to the other distracts you from your own path. Unless it is a lesson given from the Divine Intent. In this way, the other person can be helped to gain insight. The proper discernment can then be developed. The new Divine Seal will be the initiation of many activations given by the Higher Light of love. These open spontaneously or are delivered guided. Adonai Sananda I salute the awakening light in your hearts November 30, 2021 This post may be shared in its entirety and citing the source: © Arthura Hector All rights reserved.


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