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Supermoon: Activation Intelligence Codes  



During this full supermoon of August 12, 2022, the waves of consciousness are getting higher and higher. They wash away all veils and dissolve the blockages. The waves from the cosmos open the intelligence of the lost codes during this full supermoon. The divine gift of universal communication becomes active again. The universal man is born from the old recovery codes of the moon.


Deep inside you carry a special knowledge, but can you already summarize and propagate this inner knowledge in words? An emotional block can bring the creative intelligence to a standstill, this can be the cause of many obstacles in your life. When the creative intelligence in the DNA is activated, you become whole again.


The Higher self is connected to a higher gift, in the physical brain lies the genetic material of the original (intelligence) codes and when this is activated by the divine, you can develop your super powers again.


The waves of the new consciousness are entering your system, you feel the swell going back and forth. Especially in the head and the pineal gland, images can arise that you do not yet understand. Where do they come from? It can be a bit confusing and overwhelming, just let it happen. These are the signals that lead you to the secret knowledge of Atlantis. Atlantis was swallowed by the waves of the water and lulled into a deep sleep. The loss of a special civilization lies deep in your heart. This civilization carried the knowledge of a higher consciousness.

Everything is bubbling up again and this knowledge wants to come to the surface. Know that everything is different now. The memory will only appear as a kind of dream, because man can now focus on the new earth!


Have you ever, dear human being, had a wonderful experience in this present life and were you shocked? Have you hidden these powers and kept them hidden? These were the signals from an ancient time. These forces want to open up in you again, for this is who you really are. Many carry special talents in the original DNA.

This talent only opens up when you work on the new earth in love. From beautiful thoughts, creative intelligence, physical strength and constructive intentions. This is the time slot that protects this new dimension. Multiple intelligences will never be abused again.


Natural intelligence is one of the great forces within man's ability, and it opens up. Working with nature, communicating with the other spheres of the forest or the cosmos, it is already present, but people can now consciously experience this again.


The feminine intelligence flows to you through the higher collective. Fears are connected to that and block a part of your female intelligence. Always feel each wave of new energy moving through you. The man can become anxious, but the woman can also be afraid of her own strength and so they step away from this conversion together.

Mother Mary's love can heal them. Ask her for help and she will appear with her White Blue Silver Circle of Lilies. The intelligent heart is immediately activated by her pure nectar.

Each wave brings you closer to your true self. The higher the consciousness becomes, the more you activate the original DNA. Do not be afraid, because this natural process is supported at the same time by the earth flower. She takes you along in this swaying movement of the new birth.


Some people do not move completely and stand partially still. This standstill indicates that they are afraid to move forward. They jump like a frog to another leaf, but do not get any further. They cannot let go of the willpower of 'I determine'. Following a higher force is too fraught for them. Again and again on another leaf the sign of redemption appears and they say: 'Yes, I want redemption, just not in that way'. And then they stand still again.


If you keep repeating the movement and do not want to delve into the surrender, you will remain in this state. Sometimes you freeze, sometimes you run away or you hide under another leaf.

Move according to the rhythm of the natural heart, this will get you where you need to be. Fears are there to be converted so that your movement continues to move forward. Every day brings a new beginning. Keep going and don't give up. Just start again and become aware of who you are.

A higher Divine power of unity gives the signs, the route you are allowed to walk during the great transformation then becomes clear. The signs appear naturally in your path, sometimes illogically and not according to the system you have learned. Trust these signals, it is the path, the common thread that will guide you safely through the chaos.


Humanity is on the eve of an economic, but above all a psychological crisis. This revolution turns everything upside down. The loss of profit or property will wake up many, the layer of the material realms was never touched.

There is going to be a major shift in the energy layers. The rich become 'poor' and this is not meant as a punishment, but to wake them up and break them free from the old dogma. Ordinary people receive the abundance where they need it. Just where it is not expected, a great portal of consciousness opens.

The great waves of consciousness are spinning everything and taking everyone along in this upheaval. When you go along with the reversal and rely on the big picture, you move smoothly with the rotation of the axis. The wave that engulfs you does not wipe everything away, but cleanses your soul. Literally, the water will wash everything clean through the downpours that bring everything back into balance after the heat. The shortage of water is replenished, it can even flow over the banks.


Surrender is the answer, but with much resistance to keep the old, this upheaval will become a difficult period: 'A battle with the ego.'


'Set your focus on the Divine love and you will be carried. The greater your confidence, the more you can be in the surrender and receive the abundance of the transition.'

I salute the Light in your heart,

Adonai Ashtar

August 13, 2022

This post may be shared in its entirety citing the source: © Arthura Hector www.ashtar-rose All rights reserved.


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