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Spring Equinox: The Grand Assembly


During the spring equinox of March 20, 2023, the Great Assembly is speaking of the effects of the great reversal that have been carried through from the divine light.


The solar power will increase. The movement towards the new consciousness will soon arise and from the spring energy a large dose of photon light will gradually enter the earth. In the summer of 2022, the photon light has prepared the earth for the arrival of a large light that will be started in 2023.


Spring starts quietly with occasional warm days in a row that are suddenly alternated with cold (rainy) days, so that cooling will also occur. The weather is hard to predict, be prepared for all kinds of seasons.


The tilt in the collective consciousness is now slowly starting, a tilt in consciousness is also taking place in the individual person. The energy of the earth will go through a change and you will notice this, there will be a changing temperature. This special phenomenon is going to have a deep impact on the emotional intelligence of humans.


In the last few months a reversal has taken place from the light and it will now develop further in an enhanced form. Especially the head can feel different, parts of the brain are activated that were inactive for a long time. A beautiful movement in the human layers of consciousness is reflected in the energy. The light will shine brighter and many healings suddenly arise within your energy system, in which the shadow side is further filtered out and converted.


The heat of the sun creates very warm and languid days, body and mind are brought into a kind of deep relaxation. A feeling of trance or drowsiness overtakes you, so that the new in your system can be activated.

Apathy (resignation) can arise with a great overload, the emotions are frozen. For some, the overstimulation of the light plays a role, bringing up deep emotions and unrest. Take a lot of rest in the coming time and don't exhaust yourself too much. Distance yourself from situations where there is a lot of strife or when things don't turn out the way you want them to.

The cooler days, often with rain, ensure that you can act actively and clearly again. These are the days where the new power becomes noticeable, the standstill can now be caught up. Despite all the chaos, the acceleration of light continues to increase. The decision of the great Central Sun is certain: "The light is going to intensify, so that the earth can evolve into a star." This is not possible immediately and life on earth will be prepared from a layer to make the transition to a higher frequency.


The lightships in the sky cause a lot of activity in the airspace, causing special phenomena to take place. These are the light ships that work from a higher frequency into the energy of the earth. These air activities are new to the firmament, the great acceleration of light can temporarily unbalance the balance of the earth, causing the climate to fluctuate with extreme outliers here and there.


Opening new light portals is necessary to increase the interaction between the light dimensions and the earth. These are special actions from the Divine light dimensions, as the Angels, the Ashtar Command, Galactic Federation of Light and the representative of the Central Suns meet in large gatherings to discuss the state of affairs regularly. Many others such as the Interplanetary and Intergalactic Sacred Councils are also involved in this transition. The Grand Assembly of March 20, 2023 is part of that, spring is a new starting point to make changes and this is being discussed.


The Lemurian Council and the Atla-Ra represent the inner Earth and Earth in general. They are very close to man and observe all life on earth, they report on everything and pass it on to the universal great councils.

Many of them (Lemuria) come to people at night to show the way in this new consciousness, through the unconscious they can speak from loving codes and images. First of all, you are reassured and they tell you what is going to happen, so that you are prepared for what is to come. They will never intrude and dissolve when fear arises, for they cannot live in a fear vibration. They do try to remove and solve the fears together with you. Fears are shadow clouds and some of them can be easily disconnected. How deeply are you attached to an old pattern? Instruct your own system to loosen the lines.


At bedtime you can ask for help out loud or go in quietly and ask for the fears to be released. This way your aura becomes a bit softer and the reception of new information can now come in better. The choice is yours, you unlock the lock of your system.


All this has to do with trust, can you open up to the light? Can you let go of the strings and realize that holding on to control is also connected to fear, because within it lives the fear of distrust. You can convert WAN-marriage back to VER-marriage, this can be a beautiful healing step in the liberation of your inner light. The light in your heart may shine again. The more trust, the more love, the more healing arises and the more light may flow through you.


Some areas are near or directly below the equator and there the differences between the seasons are much smaller than in Europe. However, drought and rainfall, such as during the monsoon season, can lead to extremes.

Everywhere on Earth the Weather Extremes will be Showing

If you are in good contact with your intuition and inner voice these can help you, when these speak clearly the fears are addressed and you can follow the inner warnings and guarantee your own safety. Train this and make it a pure talent.


You can choose to place everything that is not good outside yourself and send a negative charge to the outside world, but what really matters is your inner balance. Extreme anger directed outward says something about yourself and this can eventually lead to overheating of the brain. The acceleration of light causes the brain waves to be brought into a higher frequency. If you remain stuck in an old emotion and your life goes wrong, realize in time that this is not the right way and change it.


Deep emotions come to the surface and that has to do with a healing release process. When you are hypersensitive and the many conversions lead to overstimulation, focus on healing the balance. In the coming time the light will be everywhere and they will receive every call in love. You don't have to do it alone. Call upon the Divine Light of love and they will appear by your side.

The Power of the Light In and Around you become Enormously Strong

This requires a lot of effort from your energy body, feel good what you can and cannot handle and give in to it. Listen carefully to your body and work on a preventive plan B of balance. Call in the help of a specialist in time if your entire system locks up, because sometimes you need physical or mental help.


If you are an (alternative) helper or lightworker, there may also be periods when you have to 'mark the place'. Take time to rest and make sure you don't fall into a serious depression or become overburdened, work on the prevention plan B and back-ups in time. Additional uploads and conversions will take effect within this group, requiring additional rest. This is necessary for the new information to sink in and to be propagated again. They may take care of the many others that may continue to grow..


Many wonderful experiences will cross your path, they enlighten the soul. Embrace these gifts of light and continue on the new path. These are the signs of the true Divine light and they work with you to balance the acceleration of your inner light so that you become a free and loving human being.

Vernal Equinox: The sun is perpendicular to the equator and the day and night are of equal length on March 20, 2023, the Vernal Equinox (Northern Hemisphere) is at 10:24 PM. This night is a healing gift for beautiful prayers.

Arthura Hector (Original Dutch

March 20, 2023


My posts are shared very nicely on different websites and I really appreciate that. Still, I occasionally hear that my texts are being adjusted, I don't mean a single typing error here, because I sometimes make those. Unfortunately, translating whole sentences differently is not allowed. The websites linked to my posts may also differ from the original Ashtar Rose, please correct.

My thanks are great. Arthura

This message may be passed on in its entirety and only in this way, citing the source: ©Arthura Hector All rights reserved.


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