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Sirius Portal: Higher Magic & Holy Lion Power 


As the Sirius portal opens, a tremendous power will be released in the collective consciousness. The sacred knowledge that now becomes visible is injected into the collective memory. This radiation will come together with the power of the solar storms and the photons that vibrate very high and they cause an influx of sacred energy from the diamond light.


Sacred knowledge and higher magic arise from the archetype of the feline, such as the lion. The intuitive ability is going to make great leaps and connects with all that is divine. Open your divine spark and let it flow in. Gentle and loving, the lion may also occasionally pull out its claws in defense, righteousness, and protection.

Dire situations will arise and some can no longer bear the injustice. From that vision, things are very clearly explained: 'Whoever manipulates will perish'.


In addition, the power of eight will allow infinite energy to flow. The lemniscate is recoded from the deep awareness. This is the key to the redemption and the knowledge of the unity consciousness, such as the Christ consciousness.

Through the dream a connection can be made with the collective memory, so that the unity light will shine in your past time lines, this light will be activated. The shadow cloud that is now being withdrawn lets the knowledge of the sacred light shine forth.

All of this illuminates the many timelines connected to your consciousness, running from the past to all the other lifelines you have ever lived through. This gear is snappy and sometimes you can get confused for a while. So much is then vibrated, dissolved and touched that a kind of disturbance in perception temporarily takes place. You can literally lose your balance or figuratively see the horizon tilt.


Anything that opens up in the physical brain will also affect the gut. The nervous system sends out signals and therefore it seems as if your physical health is also out of balance for a while. Consciousness can also wander for a while and it seems as if you get a little outside of yourself. Sleeping a lot brings you to the dream time, you can then get very close to the higher energy. The sacred knowledge is then shown to you and opened as a book of wisdom. This book of sacred wisdom is going to appear visibly to you. If this comes to you through a dream, try to remember it or ask for a repetition so that you understand it better.


It is not so much about all kinds of symbols, but rather about the new feeling that arises. Symbols or images help you to remember this more easily, they lead you to the meaning hidden behind the dream. The new feeling is often unknown and difficult to comprehend or explain.


It is important to learn to read the dream language. The translation will sink in more and more, so that the feeling can be transferred to the physical world. The manifestation of the dream becomes reality. The boundaries fade at some point, make sure you stay well connected to the core of Mother Earth at all times. Connect youre chakraslines of your feet with the inner core of the earth. You should not wander between the physical world and the dream world.


The knowledge of Sirius is connected with the power of the Higher Magic. After the fall of Atlantis this portal has been closed for a long time. This for security to prevent abuse of the powers, as is known the holy powers were abused for the wrong purposes. Pay close attention to the manipulation techniques that were used then, recognize them and convert them. The old pitfall may be muted.


The rainbow light will appear in the heart, so that all colors can be embraced and the empathy is increased. Much warmth and love will arise during this summer through the Holy Mary Energy. The passion and compassion may come together in freedom and resonate from connection in the many groups that live from the heart.

Her loving energy will be felt.


Out of love and unity, one can treat each other with respect, especially when one heals someone, regular or alternative. In alternative healing, one may adopt a wait-and-see attitude until someone has a request for help. When a fellow human being gets stuck, but cannot see his own blockage. Then ask if you can help them. Start a conversation and see what is possible. Don't manipulate, but protect yourself.


A closed aura should not just be broken open. Your abilities will become stronger, that does not mean that you can work on your own. You cannot just invade the other without permission, this is inappropriate and is seen as manipulation, violation of free will. Even remotely, the higher self may first be asked whether this person gives permission. It is not about what you want to heal, no matter how good you are, but about what the other needs and can receive. In addition, the higher Divine light may support the healer, so that he receives and transmits the correct information through a higher vision.


Pure information comes from a higher layer and not from the alter ego. Watch for this as the shift of energy takes place in your system. Take a break or ask for extra guidance from the higher loving dimensions and the Divine Light. If you are temporarily unable to connect to the Light, your system may be updated, which takes time and energy from your own resources. At that moment you need all the energy for yourself, take a time out.


In emergencies, there are other rules of respect. When a life-threatening situation arises, you are guided from the higher field: 'You are in the right place and at the right time, to support and guide this needy person to a safe state'. Do not be overconfident and, if necessary, call in extra help via an emergency center.


Your inner powers can greatly increase, especially when the blocks are lifted. Or would you rather not step further and stay stuck in your old form? Which can. You choose. Know that now the time has come to join in a special transformation, so that the real inner strength arises to strengthen your talents. These are deployed from a deep connection with the Light World and the Divine Source. If you choose, choose a clear path and not the one of doubt. Don't feel guilty about the choice you make.

Many will be touched by the light of love and they will rise to connect with the Star Dimensions and the Light Worlds, to open the Divine in man.

The inner world will manifested the dream.

I salute the Light in your heart,

Adonai Ashtar

August 8, 2022

This post may be shared in its entirety citing the source: ©Arthura Hector All rights reserved.


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