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Light Acceleration and Politics



During the coming light acceleration in the fall of 2021, many inner processes are being accelerated. Certain physical experiences and emotions can therefore be experienced very intensely. Think of this as a switch from the old consciousness to a higher vibration, in which the crystalline cells are born from a higher consciousness.

The frequency you are in now is going to change. Many light particles can open on the waves of the moon, causing the consciousness to change. The *three moons that will become fully round during the fall will amplify the upload. This acceleration will touch everyone, which means that every person on earth will come a step higher in frequency. Love on earth is growing and gaining ground.

There are many kinds of frequencies on Earth and this acceleration brings everything into a higher sphere. This will lead to a major turnaround in broadening the vision. Your eyes will perceive differently and see through the veils. During this upload it becomes increasingly clear where the turning point of good and evil lies. The emotional life of the human being becomes stronger and the intuition more intense. Untruths are immediately cleared up and dealt with.


Political consciousness can now no longer proceed from the old. Formations that want to rule from an old principle will fail. In the Netherlands this means: that the political concept may be renewed. The arduous battle to start a coalition has therefore not yet been reached. They will be more successful in 2022, when the acceleration has taken place. The acceleration of energy ensures that there is a different vision, this will be the turning point to a humane and spiritual society.

However, things will still be difficult here and there, because the old processes have not completely disappeared. Entering into a new concept does not seem to be able to spread all over the world yet. This will partly lead to a delay in setting up new political programmes. Opposite this are new waves in the restructuring of society. These countries, areas or groups will break away from the old regime and this will lead to a different form of rule.

During and after the light acceleration, many new ideas are born. It breaks open old structures. The uploads continue despite everything and the old system may experience this. There will be many mass demonstrations all over the world. Reimagining old fear programs won't work anymore, because they become much too transparent. Positive thoughts to take a new approach from politics do form a good basis. Once this is understood, it can flow. On a smaller level, this will be increasingly successful, so that it can become the basis for a larger approach.


Feel what your heart says and work from love and empathy. Protect yourself and know that a deep intuitive knowledge opens up through this higher vibration. This natural knowing indicates the right direction and it signals through the dream. Your cosmic clock is reset and that becomes noticeable. The cosmic forces will help people to maintain the balance. A smile is worth more than a sullen look, realize this and apply this. You will see that the increased vibration amplifies the positive in you.

The opposing forces acting on those who become confused and anxious create imbalance in their system. They will leave this earth or, after a deep process of being sick, will rise again. In 2022, the energy will become calmer.


1) The phase before the light acceleration, the summer: "The collection and storage of sunlight in your entire system, this to make you strong for the dark (winter) months. It forms a wonderful buffer and a safe basis to integrate."

2) The phase during the light acceleration, the autumn: "Originated from the great light transformation, the cells are now filled with sunlight and now an upload comes into your system via the acceleration. The particles of ethereal light accelerate the process on earth and in your consciousness. The elevation of the energy body gets a great conversion in your total frequency."

3) The phase after the acceleration, the winter: This period brings peace to stabilize all light frequencies. Everything is now working and you will notice this. The energy wave comes to rest, but a lot is still happening in you. Trust your natural process in your body and mind, go through it with surrender.

During the winter solstice, the light frequency is anchored.

Provide peace and love during all phases, so that disturbances and unrest cannot catch you. Don't fall into the trap of fear. Get rid of it in time through silent processes, meditations, being in nature, prayer to God, connecting with the Divine flow of love, movement and relaxation give you the protection one needs.

Tune in during each full moon and see what She tells you. Boost your energy.


In this phase, spring begins to sprout on earth and the new birth becomes visible. From this point on comes a great reversal in recognizing the truth and seeing who you really are. From now on, a great Light Gate will slowly open which will continue to work on a global level. Light accelerations will become more common after 2021 and humans can handle this better and better. Clear choices can be made to the path you want to walk. Changes happen quickly and follow each other immediately, be flexible and let go on time.

Holding onto the fear causes delay and more suffering. The more you go with the natural movement of the earth, the finer the Aquarius energy flows through you.

Keep your head cool and your heart warm,

Adonai Ashtar

I salute the peace in your heart

August 29, 2021

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