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Portal 7-7-7: The Seventh Jump



Every human being now gets the chance to make the seventh leap to the seventh heaven. The frequency of the seventh jump lifts you up and leads you through the seventh portal.

Seven Seven Seven

Once again the energy of the 7-7-7 vibration comes to the earth, this is the vibration of the reversal. The number 21 is reflected in the hanged man tarot card. The hanged man sees everything upside down and gets a completely different view of the world. The question is: "Do your eyes see reality as it is?"


The view of the world is going to change. New impulses from the Seventh Heaven enter you and lead you to a heart full of peace. The number 21 also contains the three of creation. The Trinity is the energy of man and woman from which a new birth can take place. This is the new male-female energy in you! Trinity: From the Seventh Heaven new creations are born.

The position of the inverted horizon is not a pleasant experience for everyone. For some, the physical body starts playing up and this pain is expressed through various physical complaints. The world turned upside down can make the head wobble, also psychologically.

Every disease has a certain frequency and vibration. When you make an attunement to this vibration, things become clear. It is good to deepen yourself during this period. Respect the other truth, everything is allowed to settle down and then a completely different horizon rises, the horizon of unity and then everything becomes stable again.


You can literally stand on your head to continue an (old) truth, but it is advisable to look at the experience of, "The world turned upside down", differently. First go and experience what it brings. Be creative and non-judgmental: "Instead of putting yourself upside down, you can also turn the world around. How does that feel? Are you standing firm now?

This is how the new path feels!


A new insight is usually opened by difficult situations. The Seventh Heaven opens up through the portal of the 7-7-7 and your situation immediately changes. The peace and unity flow in your heart and now the inner eyes are opened. Do you dare to look at the Seventh Heaven in your heart? Yes, this is you.. The Angel from the Seventh Heaven.


The masculine and feminine energies are coming together and here too complicated concepts are transformed into a simple outcome. Those who are dissatisfied with their bodies and are looking for another form come to the conclusion that the problem is not the physical body, but the inner, spiritual and psychic battle.



For many, the combination makes sense as a male energy is born in a male body. While there are also men who experience this differently, for some the unrest is so great that the male body gets in the way. It leads to a lot of confusion. The question: "Who am I", is a spiritual Quest, to travel through the feminine and masculine part.

Most relationships fail because the inner balance of woman-man is disturbed.


A feminine energy in a feminine body? For many this is the natural creation of being a woman, but nature sometimes dictates otherwise. A male energy can descend into a female body and vice versa. Here too, unrest and dissatisfaction may first be investigated through the energetic and spiritual path. There are more ways to reach a conclusion before going down a road of pills, amputations and other physical interventions. Feel who you really are..

Spiritual Feminine or Masculine Energy?

In duality, the divine unity is divided into two parts: "The male and female part". The balance lies in the coming together of these two: physical or energetic... The spiritual lines of connection have become tangled, causing confusion and traumas to intertwine.

In the physical world, the masculine and feminine energies are often disconnected, creating much unrest in the collective consciousness. The science is too limited to support your emotional experience of male or female. The physical body is just a vehicle for moving around in the material world. There is so much more..

Know that this physical body was created by a divine touch and this naturally formed you into an earthly being. Each cell contains the Divine code of this body. For nine months this creature has taken shape in the belly of the mother, this cannot simply be erased. This creation did not just arise, it has its own vibration and is built to function in the here and now.

The imbalance arises because other dimensions play a role in the consciousness of man. The physical body can be experienced differently through a spiritual way. The search that is only sought in matter can block one's own wholeness, which can cause even more sadness. Why is this so?


Natural and Artificial Solutions:

Before you change or adjust your body in the physical form, you can naturally investigate and resolve the pain and dissatisfaction. Artificial adjustments can lead to an even greater imbalance. Each cell stores the DNA of the life form of who you are. Your genes carry the codes of the building blocks from which you were formed. This is the light of the Divine Source that flows through you, but also the outcome of an earthly consciousness. Fitting in the big picture, in which memories have been stored for generations.

Linked to the Akashic records.

The knowledge to connect the feminine and masculine energy can be done in many ways, but beware of the artificial plan. The healing of all pain may happen in the different energy layers, because they contain a different consciousness: "Mental, astral and emotional". This healing leads you to a new part of yourself. Each chakra has its own color of vibration, it speaks through you.

The Androgynous Creature

For generations, the female and male parts have been disrupted. Which can cause an extreme desire for a different or own sex. You can't ignore the feeling, be honest about what you feel and what you miss. How are the relationships in the male-female consciousness in your soul experience? Let the female and male bodies express themselves through creativity. It's about accepting who you are in whatever form. You are okay and on the move!


Man is a being from the earth, but energetically and spiritually you are much more. You carry the entire cosmos in your heart. The imbalance between the masculine and feminine energy can also come from the memory of an Androgynous Blueprint.

This soul carries the blueprint of unity, where man and woman are united in one being. We were once androgynous. Unfortunately, this cannot be expressed in physical form on Earth, which creates a great loss that is very realistic. Unfortunately, there is no knowledge available about these forms of life, which causes many to look for a 3d manifestation of science, where the spiritual or cosmic part male and female is insufficiently understood.

These androgynous beings live in a dimension of light close to God, where the parts of man and woman have not yet been divided, they come together in one body, these ancient life forms are in oneness with themselves, with each other and with the Divine Creation .

On earth they are allowed to live in half a body and that causes them great suffering. They unconsciously want to restore all this, but in matter that is physically impossible. Unless this is done in an energetic and spiritual way. Then there is a lot of insight and acceptance. They can reconnect with their old higher Androgynous selves. Peace can now come to the heart.


When these people are born as a boy, they miss the girl in them and want to express this (or vice versa). It actually makes a lot of sense. The urge to carry both parts within and to show them is no longer possible. The human body can only show 1 part in the outer form, male or female. Inner and spiritual unity can be achieved, when this succeeds they will become a very great healing Divine Light on earth.


At the time of Atlantis there were two kinds of civilizations, one was a very old civilization and lived from a great intuitive wisdom, in which a deep spiritual experience was expressed. They brought unity back into the dual earth. Through a magical connection with nature in which both parts of male and female energy came together. They could rise to a very high light frequency via the sexual life energy (kundalini) and communicated with their higher (Androgynous) divine part, traveling to the stars was a logical connection.

Many became mentally confused at that time, as a result of which the 'Lightship Atlantis' perished. Some of these beings have left for other planets and stars to return later. Those who wanted to protect the sacred knowledge are also back. They reappear.


The portal of the Seventh Jump brings the knowledge of the Seventh Heaven back to Earth. This is the knowledge of the Sacred Unity of the male and female part and can lead to a connection with the old androgynous form. This may now be healed again to realize the new earth. Many have incarnated on Earth from Atlantis to open these sacred codes. These are the ancient guardians of MU and Lumuria, and they are going to lift the trauma of Atlantis.

The memory of Atlantis can now be healed in this layer, through the higher vibration of the photons and the higher (sun) light. Paradise reappears in your memory. These dream images come to you through the silence such as meditations, visualizations and visions. They are the drops from the Holy Grail, they let the holy water descend again into the spirit of man.


The assignment is to set your path to a Sacred Quest: "Establish wholeness in all layers of consciousness and bring balance back to Earth. So far as you can realize this, because every little drop is already a beautiful movement. Let it blossom in your mind and create new solutions in matter and send forth visions of the new earth."


Man is part of nature on earth, natural consciousness may rise again. Ecological consequences arise to restore balance and not to destroy man.


©Arthura Hector

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