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Holy Mary: Origine, Mother of All Children 

Holy Mary: 'This Summer I Will Open Your Living Origin'. (Part 2)

I am Holy Mary, the Mother of all children in the universe and my power of love is healing. This summer my love will come over you like an invisible cloak, protecting you from all the unrest that arises.

Also, my love energy will watch over your soul, the origin soul is the seat of the Living Light. The Divine spark in the heart is connected with the living Universal light and the living water of the Holy Grail. Here lie the creative powers of man and they are activated in the etheric light.


I come there, where great shadows have arisen to transform everything and help man as a true Mother. I will send you love when the need is great, tune in to my energy and my cloak of love will be draped around you. This power is enormous and available to everyone, because my heart is enormously driven to embrace and comfort you, dear person. I protect all weak and lost souls, where it is necessary on Earth and where they pass to the Other Side.

Where there is war my healing power of love will also descend. Especially the children will be lifted by me. Some of them have passed away and are being transferred directly through my Blue Ray of Light to Children's Heaven. There they are received by the Rainbow Light to heal. They will be transformed there into the Rainbow Angels, who will lovingly support the loved one left behind to light their path on Earth.

Much suffering has arisen and the earth feels so sad, the earth is the mother of man and We work together to strengthen the earth's core. The female original creative power is attacked and debunked several times. Those who manipulate still want to implement changes from an artificial field: 'They do not want cooperation between the female and male creative power'. What they want is to subject this power to a system that artificially grows without sun or love light. The true light of life has been sucked out and replaced by the artificial light. An artificial god they control so that they can store and manage 'profits' in their own vault. This possession is an illusion.


The earth is a living consciousness with its own original power, its will is connected with the will of the Divine Intention. She will never allow the artificiality to rule her. She wants to come together in harmony and bring forth life from wholeness and balance. She embraces the masculine energy of the sun and expresses these creations on her skin, but also in her core of the earth flower.

This earth energy will support me and all my fellow sisters from the cosmos, the universal origin and the Divine life force. Nothing will be lost that may be born in the etheric light. If you dear human wish to open your etheric power, now is the time to become aware of it.


My white lily symbolizes the purity and clarity on your path. I will send this scent of origin energy to you to surround you with purity. The love that is then released is great and soft at the same time. The feminine power will come to itself again, containing the masculine energy that will lovingly support her in this process.

It touches both origin parts. This is not a war against the feminine, but the freedom of the merging of the total whole and that touches both origins in duality.


The masculine force will resonate with the original state of being. The man has been led as far away from home as the woman. So in everything, including in the natural formulas, there has been imbalance and confusion. Science will be allowed to go back to the pure forms to understand the new creation.

Abuses will not occur on the etheric earth and will be rectified immediately.

The etheric field can only cooperate with the original principles to bring about the renewals. Your energy will be rebuilt, layer by layer. Remember your original state of being and a healing will take place. Step by step I propagate the clarity so that insight and memories resurface from the original state. You are an original human being created from the Divine.


Confusion and chaos hold back this insight, at least that is the intention. I work through the inner experience, so tune in to that. Your inner world is protected by the divine spark. There lie the worlds of love and Divine creation. These are pure and lovingly present in the DNA of every human being. Remember your cells and their original structure, understand again what lies deeper within the light cells. There are the beautiful new original building blocks for the new person. Aeons ago these were placed and kept hidden for the moment when man was allowed to know again.

The moment of knowledge transfer has already started, do not be distracted by hatred and powerlessness. Everything is hidden inside you, you just need to open it. When the chaos becomes too much in your outer domain, leave it alone for a while and focus your thoughts on your own body: Your temple of Creation. Let the clarity guide you and rediscover who you are.

When the struggle takes place outside of you, focus on the peace in the heart.

There are many paths and each path will be unique, so do not judge the other. This will be the new way and it will be accessible to everyone. The road to it is very diverse and sometimes incomprehensible to the human mind. Expand your mind through the empathy of the heart and let go of the other.


The new earth has a natural entrance and this code is connected with the love in the heart and the intention of the empathic thoughts. The recording goes without saying, because those who don't want to stay where they want to be. See it as a natural movement, undulating like the sea, as ebb and flow arise, the coming and going of thoughts and intentions.

What you need stays with you and what's left washes away.

The vibration you are in is the code of where you are going. This can only be done through the heart and the intentions become original again. There is no stern gatekeeper guarding this portal, but a loving rapture asking permission from both sides.

It runs smoothly, like when you dive into the waves of the sea. Sometimes you are above the water and sometimes below the water. Both parts of consciousness may go along with this new whole. You create your own world and from there you walk the path of the new earth. That way you reach this new dimension. Nothing is manipulated, it takes the path of recovery, breaking free from the manipulation.

This is Where Man Is Now

The love vibration approaches and opens the heart and more and more often you will want to dwell in this. It is your will that makes the choice. Where do you want to be and how do you train yourself? Often through terrible experiences that make your mind realize: 'No, this can't be true, I don't want this.' In addition, wonderful experiences arise and you increasingly get homesick for this loving atmosphere of peace, harmony and joy. The original paradise is in your heart. From there it can take shape in your outside world, often with like-minded people.

Your own vehicle with all the senses, physical or energetic, will create paradise on earth. From its own power this will become reality, supported by my maternal energy and all other cosmic and Divine powers. Inner and outer then work together to create a new paradise.


For now, the artificial field will also continue to represent their way, but it will be imposed from outside. There is no interplay between your inner and outer desire, there will be an artificial structure that will give the human being the impression that there is something to put in. Only a few will be allowed the power of creation in a particular defined structure, as an artificial field may also be formed from a creative mind. These creative slaves are highly sought after, without them there would be no artificial world.

Natural Field of Creation

In the natural flower of creation the spider spins its sacred geometry from the dreamtime, the dreamtime can only be reached by those who voluntarily carry this flower of life and are aware of the creation process, having released the fear of the spider. This is the original creation process.

For example, many fears have been placed in the manipulation field that are used through the archetypes and dream symbolism to keep you far away from the creative power. But if one overcomes these fears and receives the true knowledge, a portal will open to universal liberation. Breaking free from fear and embracing the power of creation is liberation from the prison that you often maintain yourself. It is a mechanism in the illusion and it is the greatest obstacle in its liberation.

The resistance to letting go of this mechanism is very great in many cases. As a result, the forces of manipulation can still penetrate you and affect your brain, even if you don't want to. Recognizing these patterns in the manipulation field often takes a lot of energy. Many drop out because the work becomes too heavy. The manipulation field has arisen to offer humans an easy chair, so that the great thinking is done for you, not with you. It discourages you from centering yourself.

Have you given up your freedom of your own free will, but have you forgotten it? For that reason, my healing energy will lead you to your own original bleuprint. A clarity comes into your mind and now you can see through the illusion, to the true path of the manifestation.

The chaos is only there to distract you. Don't be afraid of the spider in the web, it is part of your creative power and can be used again in the way you want to shape it. Through the original power of co-creation with Divine Love.

Find your own original power again and put it back into action out of love and in a renewed form. So that the manipulative forces can no longer perceive you, then you become invisible, because the new field is unreachable and elusive for them. That's where their fear lies, they're losing their grip on you.

Adonai Holy Mary, the mother of all children

I salute the love in your heart

June - 21 - 2022

This post may be shared in its entirety and citing the source: © Arthura Hector All rights reserved.


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