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Holy Mary: Healing Magnetic Fields 



A very strong energy will enter the earth via the second 6-6-6 portal on June 24, 2022. A large magnetic field will be placed on it via this portal, containing the forces of the cosmic marriage. On this day the cosmic forces are very active in the conversion and from that moment on you will start to move and feel very different.

Stay as close to yourself as possible and go in, look at this field, see what it says to you. With a great force, the magnetic field from the cosmos through the Maria energy will expand and settle during the coming period.


From the summer solstice, the solar flares are even more active than before, this energy will spread over the coming months. A great field of revelation will take place. The sun continually reactivates the electromagnetic particles around you.

The electrically charged particles, such as the photons, have already formed a large electric field before, but more will arise. Now another force opens up, because of the solar flares magnetic particles start to appear in the dark matter and they form a magnetic field. The receiving energy of Mary has become so enormous that she will manifest itself interactively with the electric field. The Power of Love will arise. This is going to be a very great phenomenon, which will have an impact on Earth.


Many codes are now opening in the core of your heart. The portal opens and where the knowledge of the unit is they come out. It is up to man to deal well with this knowledge, because the future of the new earth lies here. The memories of a cosmic war of an advanced civilization will come again, now to be redeemed forever.


During Corona, complaints were discussed where the taste and smell disappeared, the taste buds are a direct connection with the smell. The taste and smell bring you back to a deeper memory. There is nothing as strong as a scent associated with a particular situation. It is stored deep in the psyche, with the brain associated with these senses becoming active upon recognizing this taste or smell. It opens gates into the deep roots of being you. The old memories will resurface, if there is a blockage for you, get started with it.


The spike protein found in the Covid-19 virus is a symbolic reference to the nails with which Jesus was nailed to the cross. This memory is connected to a very large collective memory. It forms in the psyche a memory of this time. Symbolically, it also represents a psychological fear of the death of the Christ. Subconsciously many terms have been used to create confusion through many periods, including now. The original meaning has faded. The Christ consciousness is not a religion, but refers to the unity consciousness that resides in every human being. This will take on a different shape through the illusion of fear. The actual memory is overwritten in memory. So that a new masquerade arises and you can no longer get to the original memory. The light that now opens restores everything, ask for it, it is your free choice.

Speak to yourself and say: 'All that is veiled in me, let it resurface (in steps) so that the original memories can be seen and felt again.'


The living fire in the photons lifts the earth extra in its strength and the magnetic water can now come together again in the core of everything that lives, an opening is now created where the secret knowledge is stored. The water flows freely and purifies the lie and unlocks the secret. These may now become visible and the mask lifts itself and behold, a completely different world emerges.


The cosmic war ended in an artificial matrix that has continued to work on Earth in the mind of man. All this will dissolve and people will feel, know, hear and smell clearly again.

Unconsciously, this war is still being waged between the different fields and powers. Often in a psychological way that is expressed in certain media and advertisements. The distorted image is going to lose its power. The original memory opens up on every level. The creative minds become very conscious, the fantasy and dream fields lose their veils, the truth can sometimes feel naked for a while. You are looking for a new cover but don't know where or how yet. For a moment it seems that your memory is getting worse, but in fact it makes way for a completely different deep memory that is triggered by smell, image, sound and feeling. Release yourself from this violent past, in which many are still unconsciously trapped.


The best attitude in the coming chaos, the realization that you live in the NOW and that the situation is very different. The starting point has changed and now you can stand up independently in your passion and the mission that you feel arise in you. Hang no longer in the past of servility and suffering. Get up and create a new life. When both force fields open in you, you will automatically be connected to the new electric-magnetic field of the earth and now you can dream and manifest again, from a deeper feeling.

These two force fields will merge in the coming period and work through you from love. A new period is dawning and man is getting closer and closer to the intense feeling of: 'Letting go of the old and admitting love.' This power is new. The inner world of the original Earth is getting closer.

The reflection from politics and manipulative powers can discourage and confuse you, hold on and feel what is really going on.

Adonai Ashtar

I salute the light in your heart

June 24, 2022

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