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Highly Intelligent & Paranormal Therapist

This is a somewhat older article. Some things I'd like to update, but it's still very informative and that's why I'm posting this.


5.1 Introduction

What can a psychic therapist do for a highly intelligent child with problems? Provided that he has knowledge of highly intelligent, how will the psychic therapist approach children with problems? Because a gifted child has different thinking structures, problems often arise. The child usually feels misunderstood by the environment. Frustrations cause various problems. How the child deals with these frustrations and how they express themselves depends on the child itself. It is known that gifted girls are more likely to express themselves through withdrawal resulting in a feeling of loneliness, while boys are more likely to express themselves through expressive behavior such as hyperactivity and rowdyness. Of course every person is different and so is the environment.

When we speak of a highly intelligent child who shows characteristics of ADHD, we do not yet know which and how many characteristics we mean. If a child has a combination of giftedness with, for example, the ADHD disorder, or which combination we can think of, then we are outside the scope of this thesis. It is assumed that the disorder has then been diagnosed by a specialist by means of available and reliable tests. Of course, the therapist can also offer help here, but these subjects will not be discussed further in the following. This thesis is based on children who are gifted and therefore experience problems that can manifest themselves in symptoms of disorders.

5.2 Detection of the highly intelligent

As we have already read, it is not always self-evident that gifted people are also found to be gifted. The 'problem' are often children for whom the cause has not (yet) been identified. The most reliable way to diagnose giftedness is to have the child tested.

However, it is possible that the problems that the highly intelligent child has are of such a nature that the test cannot always provide a definitive answer. When a child with the characteristics/phenomena of giftedness comes to the psychic therapist, he will in any case be able to think of giftedness on the basis of his paranormal observations and his psychological and psychiatric knowledge, assuming that the psychic therapist is familiar with the theory of highly intelligent. If the psychic therapist thinks/expects that the child is highly intelligent and this seems plausible through conversations with the child and the parents, the paranormal therapist will always advise that a test be taken (by a professional and specialized psychologist).

When a child is tested and turns out to be highly intelligent, just explaining to the child that it is highly intelligent and what this means in the child's way of thinking can have a very positive effect. Even if there are no other problems, the highly intelligent child will most likely have wondered whether/why it is different from others. When there are problems, by explaining why and when things go 'wrong' in communication with others, the child can already feel supported.

It can also be explained on the basis of this result why the child will underperform, has a fear of failure and/or shows other/several negative characteristics. However, if the problems are of such a nature that it is expected, or if it appears, that the test cannot yet provide a definitive answer, then the stability and sensitivity of the child must first be worked on.

-27- highly intelligent children

When the stability is very disturbed, it can be difficult for the psychic therapist to get to the cause of the problems, as the aura will turn out to be a mess, the energies do not have the right structure. Etheric body Astral body Mental body Spirit body (soul) Angelo, 2000: p 55

5.3 Guidance in the process of recognition by the highly intelligent self

When a child has a lot of problems and is found to be highly intelligent, the process of recognizing the child itself has yet to begin. It is not enough for every child to know what is the cause of, for example, the 'restlessness' that the child experiences. It is a very important step, which is generally taken by the specialized psychologist who has tested the child. Even if, for example, the child can get into a very good guidance circuit with this psychologist, the results of which will certainly be visible, additional guidance may be necessary. The child is confronted with the fact that, for example, the problems that the child has caused, and for which it may have been called upon a lot, have a different cause than the child had come up with himself.

For example; the child had long since realized that it was different, that it thought differently from others, could not follow the rules (even if it really wanted to), sometimes went mad in anger. For example, in his/her 'wisdom' the child had long since 'established', and perhaps even accepted, that he/she was 'not quite right'. Suddenly the child turns out not to be 'crazy', but rather 'smart'. The child can be tossed around in the 'old' self-image and accepting the correct self-image. Through psycho-education and magnetization, the psychic therapist can help and guide the child in the process of recognition. By magnetizing the child, the flow of energy in the aura can be optimized.

-28- highly intelligent children

With a better flow, the child will not only feel calmer and more comfortable, but will also be much better protected against external influences. This combination with magnetization means that because the child starts to feel more comfortable, the child is also more accessible for psycho-education. By understanding and accepting that the child is gifted and therefore thinks and registers in a different way, it will be easier for the child to deal with certain situations. This will also give the child insight into its own actions.

5.4 Guidance in the process of recognition by the environment

When a child turns out to be highly intelligent, it is especially important that the environment of the child, parents, school and friends, recognize this. As noted earlier, we still live in a society that apparently finds it difficult to digest that someone is gifted. The cause of this is often sought in jealousy (I want that too, that's interesting), fear (I'm dumber), ignorance (what is that and what does it mean) and in particular the Dutch attitude 'just do it, then do it. you crazy enough already' seems to be often used for gifted people.

Parents often find it difficult to accept that their child turns out to be gifted. It often gives an uncomfortable feeling; like you want to be special with your child. Despite the fact that people know and realize that a highly intelligent child is just a child who may encounter many more problems in life, the acceptance process remains a difficult thing. Unfortunately, the environment also contributes a lot to this. You do not chat for a while about your gifted child as you do about small things and, moreover, when you talk about your child, you also talk about things that the child is very good at. Or maybe about the problems your child is experiencing, that's only whining when you start complaining about a child who is so intelligent! Regardless of the environment, it takes a certain amount of confidence and self-esteem to feel comfortable recognizing your highly intelligent child.

It is clear that this is essential, children simply sense how your feelings are towards them. If you, as a parent, feel uncomfortable with the fact that your child is highly intelligent , it may be that the child sees this as a negative emotion towards the child itself. For example, this will make the child feel very lonely. The risk that the child no longer sends signals is then very high. So if I, as a psychic therapist, have a gifted child in practice, not only the treatment of the child is of high priority, but also the psycho-education of the parents in the process of recognizing and accepting the fact that the child is gifted. The parents will still need their self-confidence and assertiveness about this in our society.

In addition, in this way they can learn to communicate better with the child. Understanding the fact that the child thinks 'differently', registers things in several steps, has a very positive effect on communication within the family. After all, the parent also has the task of trying to achieve recognition for the child in the environment, for example at school. A certain degree of knowledge of the subject matter and of the child's way of reasoning is important here.

-29- Highly intelligent children

5.5 Treatment for various problem areas

Often a problem or several problems are indicated that appear to be caused by a negative self-image of the child. As a psychic therapist it is of course important to treat the problems, but in the first instance it is important to 'show' what the cause of the problems is. Clients often do not or no longer realize where the core of the problems lies.

A child who becomes rowdy out of boredom will realize that it is becoming rowdy, and can often indicate in which situations this arises. In conversations, it will eventually come out that the child becomes irritated, for example, when it feels insecure or threatened. But even then you are not at the cause, it is an effect. When boredom (with highly intelligent) has been going on for much longer and the child has already received a lot of comments and criticism as a result, the child can become insecure and develop fear of failure.

The child then gets a negative self-image and will start to express this, for example through wantonness, so the wantonness is a result of a negative self-image which is a result of (reactions to) boredom which is a result of being gifted. Thus, it may be that many of the negative characteristics we discussed in Chapter 3 result from giftedness. As a psychic therapist I therefore have the advantage of certain gifts that allow me to 'see' these kinds of things, for example.

Since there is still no recognition and/or acknowledgment, the psychological part of the treatment, psycho-education and psychotherapy, has the highest priority. Psycho-education is aimed at learning to deal with, and providing knowledge and insight into, the characteristics and properties of giftedness. By applying psychotherapy, in particular client-centered therapy1, the child will become aware of its own processes. The aim of this therapy is that the client gains insight into his own problems and learns to interpret his own behaviour.

Client-centered therapy focuses primarily on the client's current behaviors and attitudes, assuming that the client knows best what is and isn't good for him. The therapist's main task in client-centered therapy is to create an atmosphere in which the client can develop to the fullest; that is, in which the client can be himself and maintain his self-esteem. In this way I can make the child aware of the phases it has gone through before it has reached the 'consequence' stage (in the example wantonness). I can lead the child to the root of the problems.

Because the psycho-education and psychotherapy in this phase is mainly aimed at developing the child's positive self-image, the child will be able to develop as it really is. This is the process of self-actualization or self-realization. To quote our example; because the child is aware of its own processes, the following will happen. We have seen that because the child is gifted, the child gets bored. In our example, this gave the necessary negative reactions, resulting in a negative self-image, resulting in rowdiness.

-30- Highly intelligent children

When the child is aware of why he is bored, this gives the child an opportunity to indicate that he is bored. Assuming that the environment responds well to this, the chain is broken and further negative consequences will not be possible. Even if the environment does not react well to it, the child will not immediately develop a negative self-image when he realizes that he is getting negative reactions to the fact that he is bored.

The psychic therapist takes a holistic approach. This means that not only the psychological aspects and the physical aspects (mechanistic approach) are looked at, but the whole. The spiritual (spiritual) and social aspects also come to the fore here. The paranormal therapist then “works” with the aura and the (7 main) chakras.

By magnetizing, the psychic therapist can activate the self-healing ability. When confronted with unpleasant or distressing things, we try to ignore or circumvent such a problem, trying to minimize the impact it has on us. of this must be stored in the subtle bodies, especially in the chakras. For example, everything that happens on the mental or emotional plane has an energetic influence on the etheric body (Angelo, 2000). This in turn affects the physical body.

Most of us are only aware of a change on the physical level and have no idea that this can be the symptom of a cause in the subtle and disembodied bodies. If the process of storing negative energies in a chakra is not noticed, those energies accumulate there and inhibit the function of the chakra.

Over time, the chakra can become completely blocked and stop functioning. This has a progressive effect on the energy system, as other chakras try to compensate for the lack of activity of the blocked center. This puts extra strain on the system elsewhere. This effect can manifest as either an emotional or mental disorder, or as a physical ailment. Because the energy system is always trying to restore balance and bring us into a state of harmony, it sends us signals to draw our attention to the problem. At the physical level, this usually occurs in the form of pain or the initial symptoms of some ailment or disease.

With highly intelligent we often see this in the form of the problems described in chapter 3. -31- Gifted children

In the case of gifted individuals, the psychic therapist will focus in particular on those chakras that are associated with the problems. (1997)

As can be seen from the table, the excessive features and the deficient features in a person are related to a particular chakra. When we look at the problems that the highly intelligent can experience, and the phenomena that arise from them, we see that they correspond to certain chakras. The psychic therapist who is not only familiar with the theory of auras and chakras will therefore also be able to observe certain blockages in these chakras. Example: gifted children often appear to have hyperactivity (ADHD symptoms).

Chakra 1 will not function optimally, the child is not stable (grounded).

Chakra 3 will also be blocked causing the child to express itself hyperactively. In general, this child also has concentration problems in which

Chakra 6 plays an important role.

-32- Highly intelligent children

By concentrating on these chakras during the treatment, the child will become a lot more stable, calmer and more concentrated. Of course the psychic therapist will not limit himself to these 3 chakras. Expressing hyperactivity will bring about other consequences related to other chakras. Also because the other chakras try to compensate for the lack of activity, it is especially important to treat the 'whole'. For example, the psychic therapist can unblock the chakras in the child by treating the child, thereby achieving a good flow of energies. Combined with this, with the help of psychoeducation and psychotherapy, the child can be brought to a level where he can function properly and well in his environment again.

5.6 Summary

The most important thing for the highly intelligent child is that it is established that the child is highly intelligent. The cause of the problem must first be investigated, after which the consequence can be explained.

When (the cause) highly intelligent is suspected, the psychic therapist will advise an intelligence test, through such a test this can be confirmed, which is important for the child and the environment in the process of recognition. The psychic therapist will have to guide the child, but also the environment, with the process of recognition. The treatment plan will look like this: • The cause of the problem has not yet been identified; stabilization of the child through magnetization. If the child is more stable, the child will become more easily accessible to the psychic therapist. It will then be possible to establish that the child is gifted. • The cause of the problem has been established, the child is highly intelligent: Psycho-education; provide insight and knowledge of the theory/problems of giftedness. psychotherapy; client-centered therapy; that the client gains insight into his own problems and learns to interpret his own behaviour. magnetize; unblock the chakras whereby a good flow of the energies is achieved.

Arthura: What can and cannot be tested

Tests do not always work well, because the child who is highly intelligent in other areas may be highly intelligent. Especially living from the feeling, emotional intelligence, intuition and creative processes cannot be tested. Seeing the solution ahead or accelerated as a visual thinker but also through the feeling, actually many layers at the same time, cannot be tested and are therefore not recognized. If an entire family is highly intelligent , this can cause problems and lack of understanding in the current care. Parents are misjudged by the social services and often the child too, the parent sees and knows this and is subsequently labeled as a meddling parent who cannot let go. The therapy is being used in the wrong way. This is harmful to the bond between parent and child. Removal actually causes more trauma. As a result, assistance often 'removes' the parent from the therapy. Especially because the regular therapist does not treat this.

13 Chakra treatments

I can read and see the energy lines, blockages in color, shape and sound. Restore and give energy where needed. Is it seeing clearly, hearing clearly or feeling clearly? This letter above contains a lot of good information, but it is from 1997, now there are new additions to this letter. Tests can actually work against you. There is still much room for research, but by whom? This may be done by the highly intelligent Person himself.

Like-minded people can find each other and how? So that they can see each other and also be able to translate their problems into the world. Get recognition for who they are. They speak the same language, but especially in which they excel, they can inform and especially wake up other HBs. That is the most important, so that they do not become socially lonely and are considered crazy.

High Sensitivity

HSP (High Sensitive Person) form a larger group and as much as 20% of humanity, they are often the first to arrive, this is often the first recognition of who they are allowed to be. Yet on a certain level they are isolated again, because high sensitivity is only part of giftedness.

The world is changing drastically and that's why these highly intelligent people appear. And they are going to shape the new world and bring forth new ideas. So that the big picture comes back into balance. My language is not understood by everyone, but by those who feel it too. And that's how we find each other. More and more attention is being paid to HSP and HB, also in the regular system. being too smart is not a problem for the other 97%. But not everyone is that child prodigy who goes through everything without difficulty.

In addition, the HB may continue to attune to the world that is not HB. Learning again and again to communicate with the world around you, training yourself in this can also be a challenge. Find the solution! They usually do that too, except when a lot of trauma plays a role and also when assistance puts them on the wrong track. It is then quite a job for children or young adults, who want to belong to something and be normal, and then turn it around. Repairing them is a chore, but they are quick when they are understood. Even if they want to accept this themselves.

I work with the 13 chakras. Other parts of the brain are then turned on. and further develop. About 3% of humanity is gifted and less than half a percent is hyper-gifted.

The term highly intelligent came to me at a later age and this brought a lot of insight. The combination with high sensitivity, spirituality and paranormal awareness also brought clarity to me. Still, I didn't fit in anywhere. Now I know why and that gives me peace of mind. I'm happy to be like this. Even though the world around me often seems to work and live in a completely different layer. I often adapt, but also because I then distance myself and look for and find a solution in the background based on self-respect. after that i explain it .. but that's not all. It is very tiring for the other. Don't lose yourself because you think or are different. Take yourself seriously and don't get lost in an addiction or depression.

Welcome to this world Aquarius Human, you are needed.

Create your own path.



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