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Full Moon: Shift Paradigm


The full moon of December 9, 2022 causes a shift in consciousness.

Old and new fields change, which means that different realities can become intertwined. Stay true to yourself and take a distance from the confusion around you, such as in politics.

The energetic switch is happening in phases and the shifting of timelines brings some instability. Both in the mind and in the body, this gives a fluctuating effect on the aura and in the energy fields of your system. Visualize your balance and take a rest in time.


Dizziness, headache, facial complaints, pain in the neck and shoulders, pressure on the head, stomach complaints, itching and especially complaints of the nose (nose is connected to the dream chakra) are the first signs that a shift is taking place.

Pay close attention, when the body ends up in too much heat or cold (fever), the body fights to restore balance. Communicate with your body and see what your inner light has an answer, becoming aware of this imbalance can stimulate the self-healing ability to get through this low point. (In case of sudden strange or prolonged complaints, consult a doctor).

The natural elements that exert an invisible influence such as magnetic fields, air movement high and low (which suddenly cause cold and heat), the earth resonances that increase due to the cosmic rays, are the fields that can have a great influence on your system and influence the shift in your perception.


Different energy fields provide a special movement, old fields are, as it were, pushed aside by the new photon field. This happens in phases and from an undulating movement such as during ebb and flow. The sun will play a very important role in the new age. The power of the sun becomes stronger and stronger, so that your inner light also becomes more powerful. Your inner truth becomes clear and sharp. Communication with the dream consciousness opens.

Lumen Internum

The inner light is an important given in the new age of Aquarius. Aquarius is called the new age of Light. Open your Lumus Internum (inner light) and connect it to the great primal source of love. Everything consists of energy and everything is born of energy. You too.

Physical matter consist of carbon compounds, but the new age reflects the light through the crystalline energy. This creates other connections and forms of energy, the appearance of which varies greatly. Pure light can now reside on earth and transform itself into a fine material body. The ethereal life forms are often translucent in nature and carry certain shades of color.


Man is also transitioning into an ethereal form, at first the change will be temporary as it goes on and off. The fine material form that will arise first arises from the plasma body. Plasma can absorb many forms and be converted within the photon light to a solid form or to pure energy (visa versa).

In addition, the sunlight in the plasma body reflects the light, (as you see with a reflection of the sun in the spectrum where rainbows appear) plasma fields refract the sunlight in a soft way, which makes special colors *fractels appear. Through this fractal formation, the new world can be created from a completely different matter.


The etheric life forms consist of subtle bodies of light and crystals.

When the shift starts, many life forms on Earth are first moved from the gross body to a higher vibration during sleep, allowing the carbon body to slowly adjust.

Photons resonate faster in the higher frequencies and a pleasant stimulating energy that people can experience on the skin or elsewhere in the body can arise, the special color play that is present also becomes visible. The fractals are the sacred geometric shapes and can become visible in the higher frequencies.

Other sensations can also be observed or experienced. A higher energy feels light and tingling. As if there is suddenly much more breathing space and the energetic body can take up more space and expand, a feeling of freedom will then be experienced. The aura expands and takes on bright colors. At those moments one transcends the shadow and in this higher layer man can see himself as a higher being, whereby the perception of other dimensions will arise.


The experience of a higher frequency is accompanied by a certain cheerfulness and a satisfied feeling. The inner light increases and shines through the entire body. When you wake up and experience this, you have made contact with a higher dimension.

You are going to make contact with this field and now you are connecting the heart with the higher consciousness, connecting with like-minded people in this vibration. All this brings peace. The connections that arise in the group consciousness lead to a very great light. The creative consciousness opens and the dreamtime reflects the truth.


Communication goes through the heart and this enlightened experience is located where the light photons are active. The inner light resonates faster, because the higher the frequency, the faster the love energy moves. The 'manna' opens.


The sun is and will be the true center of this new world shift. Light explosions from the cosmos hit the inner light, so that this becomes a very powerful element. The dreamer emerges and they can finally do what they came for. Dreaming and imagining the new earth.

Many others change course and start from a new form. They experience the new part as a liberation, in which their hidden talents can be used. In this world you can finally be yourself and the reduction of your self-esteem ceases to exist.


Now the dreamers can start dreaming to create the new world. Imagining the dream in the many imaginal worlds slowly starts to move and cause an even greater shift. The choice: "what kind of world you want to live in" can now slowly come to life through this shift. Believe in what you really want to achieve and the old is flooded by new images and other realities. Find your way through the inner light and open the new (cosmic) world in your heart.


Not everything can arise right away, but this is the starting point of manifestation to open the dreamtime again. Everything will accelerate, separating the fantasy from the lie. Everything vibrates...

The winter solstice on December 21, 2022 provides an extra charge of energy. Solar storms will start moving again and this will create higher waves of light.


Every living being is affected by the shift of the new paradigm, perceptions of intense beauty evoke many deep emotions. This gives people new courage and, above all, great strength to see through all this chaos. The inner light is opening more and more. Tune in and feel this energy entering you.

Fill your inner light with the starlight of the sun.

Adonai Ashtar

I salute the light in your heart

December 6, 2022

This message may be shared in its entirety and with reference to the source:

©Arthura Hectorwww.ashtar-rose.comAll rights reserved.

Explanation Fractal


I have gained my own experience of the etheric dimensions, where I have been given an explanation from these dimensions over the years about energy. Perceiving a beautiful energy in the form of fluorescent colors and beautiful formal language, miniscule particles woven together in sacred geometric language, lace-like and yet not. Difficult to describe, but through the explanation of the fractal I get a little closer.

All this has also come to me with detours and images. Then I 'accidentally' made digital paintings, in which all this was an enlargement of what I had seen. My journey of discovery of all this is not over yet, it continues to grow. Just spontaneous and not necessarily purposeful. In the end, everything seems to come together in a story or answer. In one point.

Fractal: Rose of Healing Portal 1

Because I am guided by my intuition and feeling, I often travel through the dream consciousness into the cosmos, usually guided by the Ashtar consciousness. A psychedelic and often ethereal adventure, but real and often very profound. This turns things around in my life, sometimes even upside down. Often I am not understood and I understand that too. So here is a part of my explanation of my experience. Now with a geometric earthly explanation and that's nice and maybe you will understand me better now?


A fractal is a geometric figure that is self-similar, that is, it is made up of parts that are more or less similar to the figure itself. Fractals have an infinite amount of detail, and some fractals have motifs that repeat on an increasingly smaller scale. Usually, fractals can be generated by repeatedly applying a certain operation. The term fractal was introduced in 1975 by Benoît Mandelbrot and is derived from the Latin fractus (broken).

Mathematical objects with fractal properties were discovered in the late 19th and early 20th centuries by mathematicians such as Karl Weierstrass, Helge von Koch, Georg Cantor, Henri Poincaré and Gaston Julia. Fractal geometry is the branch of mathematics that deals with the properties of fractals. It complements classical geometry, with applications in science, technology and computer arts. The most famous fractals are the Mandelbrot set and the Julia set.

Kind regards Arthura

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