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Full Supermoon Activation: Sacred, Crystalline WaterCodes

Akura Kumara: Light Activation Grail-Energy


During the full super moon of August 1, 2023, the holy water descends to earth to comfort your tears. It opens the feminine Grail energy and this renewal is activated in a higher vibration, where unconditional love resonates. It will balance everything and calm the energy of the fire.

The heat of the sun is calmed through the water, so that the skin of the earth can recover and man can breathe again.

The full supermoon has a great impact on the unification of the feminine and masculine energy. When the photon particles from the cosmos penetrate the earth, many of them overheat. Chaos arises because of a sudden change. This change will bring about a renewal and when the political powers come to their senses, people will be allowed to order their own thoughts, so that a positive vibration of images will form the future.

The more you get stuck in the fear, the more chaos will ensue. Release the old images of destruction!


The mind is balanced by the holy water and the confusions created by the explosions of light are now calmed down again.


The energy of mother earth is being healed in a natural way, so that she can further evolve in her power of the starlight. She would like to take as many life forms as possible, which originated from her, to a higher dimension. This is the dimension where her light will shine like a star. The human being may now open its own starlight, whereby the cosmic consciousness becomes active.


The Earth's climate is linked to the emotions of the water. In order for Earth to evolve into a star, cosmic waves of light are sent to Earth. When the feminine energy can safely reside in the light, her emotions become soft and loving, like a mother embracing her child.

The large light waves from the cosmos bring the earth into a higher frequency. Excessive light explosions from the sun stoke the fire in the emotions and can lead to madness, jealousy and imbalance. Unless man can calm himself down and realize that the living water from heaven brings everything back into the lee. In this way, emotions can be used as a force.

Man may see the earth as a living being with which communication can take place. Some souls have developed this gift and can pass it on, lifting a corner of the veil and the activation can take place.


The veils are mainly in the mind, where the seat of wisdom is governed. When the high light touches it, confusion may arise for a moment. Always follow your intuition, then you will ensure a good balance in your life. Every person is responsible for the joy in life and when you are distracted, doubt and uncertainty arise. Fears surface and become immensely large. Panic attacks can lead to madness and these may be rested in time.


The earth sends her living water energy to you to calm the spirit during this elevation (a physical fever can also occur). Let yourself be touched by the drops of the rain, the sky has opened to put your head and heart to rest.

Too many stimuli can lead to overload

In the heat the movements are slowed and stopped, but when the drops fall from the sky you all move again. The rhythm of the rain makes everything alive, the new knowledge has been sent in abundance from the light to your minds and hearts. Now everything can be opened and arranged so that you understand what is meant.



The energy of the living water opens the knowledge from the light in the rhythm of the rain and washes away all blockages. Space will come to stabilize the new energy on Earth and to take you to a new layer of renewal.

This is the living water with which your grail is filled in the female part, those are the moments when your heart overflows with love. It heals the earth and man when the soul is renewed.


The renewal of all that is old and the abolition of the abuse slowly penetrates the collective mind. Clear thoughts from the heart pass by and the cloudy part is washed clean.


When everything is washed clean, the aura will shine and the soul will twinkle like a crystal. The crystals in the holy water will cleanse your heart and the wind will blow your head clean.

The holy water is velvety soft and will nourish the spirit with a Divine Magic, ask Mary if you can receive this holy water. The wind will caress the water and cause ripples. These wrinkles are the wrinkles in the forehead, when one wonders: Is this right?


The crystalline age will rise from the water and the new earth will be born, these crystals will bring forth the new rhythm and form the basis for your new dreams.

The code of the new paradise will embrace the feminine energy and will no longer suppress or inhibit it. She will be invited and her crystalline energy will flow over the earth. She will increase this energy until balance is restored.

Women are equal to men and many lies have been spread to belittle her in her mysterious powers of divine love. The era of fighting from a masculine energy is coming to an end. Death and destruction will give way to the living energy of growth and unity.


The stars in the sky will reflect the twinkle in the crystalline cells of the new man. The higher vibration carries a special sound, this is the sound of rebirth. Listen carefully to your inner sound, there you can hear this innovative crystalline sound. This one leads you to the new paradise of creation.

August 1, 2023

Arthura Hector,

This message may be shared in the right way, in its entirety and out of respect and love. Citing the source: © Arthura Hector All rights reserved, copyrights.


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