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Full Moon: Liberation Manipulations


Full moon of October 9, 2022:

The moon of willpower wakes up. The maze of manipulation still traps many, but the misty exit clears. Through clear perception one sees right through the illusion. Your intuition becomes stronger and the maze of confusion dissolves.


A dominant will arises when you are sucked away from your own core. You look for a way in which the other person becomes the filling of your emptiness. Be careful not to go astray and end up in a vicious circle, because the maze of manipulation then becomes a fact.


The blessing chariot is symbolic of the balance and the power that you are allowed to drive. The horses symbolize the steering and your horsepower, to make the journey in consciousness. Driving the horses or your horsepower ensures that the blessing chariot continues to drive on the right track. Properly directing the energy will make the journey prosperous and blessed.


When the blessing chariot is imposed by the laws of earthly society, the horses can prance. The terrestrial program that is imposed will disrupt your horsepower. The natural system becomes overloaded and derailed, causing the car to lean. The Divine Power given to you is blocked and it blinds your vision.


The price of material possessions has run amok and provokes a lot of aggression. The trick is to keep looking at the future from a positive perspective. Deploy your own horsepower and dream about peace. Do you have a beautiful dream that you want to manifest, get started, because the time of manifestation is now approaching.


The sense of injustice is rising and no one accepts any form of unreason anymore. This moon is the start of a new period, the willpower is used for many purposes. There will be a great need to get one's own blessing chariot to safety, because those who are affected by the new political solutions are often the ones who suffer from it.


The lunar energy that will flow from the Divine unity strengthens the loving intentions. The chaos that those in power spread forms the web of confusion and the threads stick where manipulations and lies are proclaimed. They become entangled in their own web of confusion and so it is important that you control your own blessing chariot and bring it to safety. Don't go along with the destructive thoughts that bring you down. Make a distinction between what you really want and what is imposed on you.

We Repeat Again:

Enter the silence and listen to your inner voice.

This true voice speaks from love and not from damnation. Continue to enjoy the beautiful nature, so that you stay in touch with your true nature. The inner truth will emerge naturally as you immerse yourself in real life. It will help you embrace nature. Meditate, pray, go into silence, dance, be creative and connect with the animals and nature. They all speak through the voice of oneness. There is no confusion or chaos there, that is where the Divine Harmony is.


Let go of the guilt and focus on your own vehicle of: 'Your body, your mind and your own blessing chariot'. Go on a journey with it and make the most beautiful journeys through the layers of Divine Creation. When you focus on the inner experience and the heavenly gate, protection comes and the great confusion will not touch you. From the Quantum energy, open this new layer and connect to it (see previous post about the Quantum ability).

Receive the Divine knowledge and pass it on to your children, family and friends: Do not convince them, but move from freedom and create new possibilities. Take them with you in your stories about nature and the sun. Tell them about the light that is about to shine and about the clouds of manipulation that cause confusion in the mind.

The mind looks for the depth of logic, but does not find it in the plain words of government.


The forces of manipulation are trying to invade your mind and steal your dreams. Every person has unique dreams with their own symbolism, these are very personal and are connected to the psyche. The psyche is a kind of scale and ensures the balance of a healthy mind.


The ideal image of the world is a one-sided dream image that is controlled by manipulation. Your imagination and therefore also your dreams are controlled via the images of advertising or media. Become aware of this path of manipulation and choose a different route. Follow your own journey and map out the route that suits you. Let go of the manipulation images and give it as little attention as possible.

Stand up when your human rights are violated, together you are much stronger.


Getting angry isn't bad, but don't dwell on it too long. Happiness and joy belong to you, because when you feel good about yourself, you can help others better. Pull each other out of the pit, but don't let yourself be pulled into the pit. Try to be an example from simplicity and love.


Manipulation has no chance of success if you and many others say 'no' en masse to imbalance in politics. The (very) rich people are not going to give up their comfortable life, they just want the masses to think it is. When this becomes apparent, many wake up.


A new development is going to be created that runs parallel to the Great Reset. From a totally different concept this manifestation of peace will be followed and thus the flow of Divine unity can be born. It is not a religion, it is not a dream or a fantasy, but a beautiful reality. The old world is still in your system, and only when the new movement begins to manifest and flow through your minds can the renewal be articulated in your mind. It starts small, but it will soon fertilize the whole earth.

This is the task of the new man on earth.

I salute the Light in your heart

Adonai Ashtar

October 9, 2022

This post may be shared in its entirety and with reference to the source: © Arthura Hector All rights reserved.


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