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Frequency Boost: The Diamond Light 


A deep longing opens in your heart: 'You want to step on to a higher field of love.

Do you want to go to the higher frequency of the new earth? Then it is now time to prepare for a frequency increase of the diamond light.

The preparations have been started and they come to you at a wondrous moment of awakening. Focus your attention on this phenomenon and it will come to you.

A field of high diamond light is created and this field opens a great spiritual portal to the fifth dimension. Those who want to join the field of higher love can step on board. Let's join our energies together and continue the spiritual journey to the new earth, it will be a special adventure.


From simplicity man will be surrounded with joy. Through a simple question, you direct your heart's energy to the Divine Love and ask if you may be included in the field of the diamond light. This pure and powerful light flows from the primal source where she was born, it will be infinite and abundant on earth. It is already present in the core crystal of the earth.


The Holy Mother Mary has prepared all this and through the Holy Grail the energy is going to vibrate higher and higher on earth. Human consciousness is being expanded and the etheric vehicle is being perfected. With this light body you can travel in different dimensions. The many diamond lightships, including mine, Ashtar, and the Ashtar Command will welcome you. The Light Chambers on our starships are open to those we guide in them. The healings will be profound and cleanse the aura of all negative charges by ionizing the imbalance.

Meeting other life forms is not so far away from you anymore

Your frequency is usually increased during sleep so that you don't get overstimulated. In this way you learn step by step to make a connection with the higher field of transmutation, so that the Aquarius information can be absorbed in a natural way. The diamond light chambers play a role in this.

Contact with other civilizations from the Light Dimensions will soon increase. Don't be afraid and ask if it can go smoothly. Ask for a sign of love and harmony, so that the fear dissolves and your eyes can begin to perceive the Divine connection.


During this reset, a psychological interaction can take place in the brain. The brain looks for recognition where it can place this experience in your psychological memory. It opens the hidden layers in the psychic field of the dreamtime and the heart. These experiences are unique and personal. Everyone has their own talent and language. The heart is connected to the symbolisms of the dreamtime, but also to your DNA and blueprint.


Every blueprint has a different tone, every person carries a unique code. This code can only be accessed by free will. Remember who you are or have you forgotten how it works? You can ask for help, but know that your permission is needed to retrieve the memory. Many have traumas in this area, by deception the code has been placed in the illusion. To restore all this, you can ask for a healing reset. First, surround yourself with the Divine diamond light and ask your inner portal of the heart to reset your blueprint to its original state of being.


When you ask for a reset of your original blueprint, a new connection opens with old light lines. The connections with your cosmic star brothers and sisters are being touched, they will hear your call. After all, you are part of a cosmic circle of light that works from the big picture. They are eager to help and support you, for you are the lost link in this cosmic circle, which has been extinguished and sedated. Your starlight may shine again.

The cosmic connections are like energetic strings that run through the cosmos, like the strings of a musical instrument and they respond to your thought waves. Your cosmic family is standing next to you and from the Divine love light they will answer the questions through thoughts. You were born from a Divine Creation, along with the circle of light. You are never alone.


When you enter the field of the diamond light, you experience a great power. During this reset, a deep conversion is made, in which emotions can also start to move.

Thoughts and images come along and sometimes you receive a download, this download contains knowledge that belongs to you and has arisen from many lives. This is who you really are, the memory comes up of what your original state of being is and you perceive the circles of light that belong to you again.

The truth comes out on all levels

and this one opens where you focus your attention


Man comes to see the truth in everything. If you turn your attention to politics, you will see the truths unfold there. Or do you focus on duality and chaos, the truth opens up here too.


If you focus your energy on the diamond light, the truth of the light will open. The book of truth will begin to connect with your energy and your divine spark. You don't have to make big moves to make a change somewhere. Share your beliefs with like-minded people. Open the other's eyes, so that this seed will grow. See the gaps and solve them together.


Pass on the new insights, which have been formed by the Light, and talk about them from simplicity. Share these with each other and observe the solutions. Once this is set in motion, a new spiritual energy starts flowing into the hearts of people.

Concrete plans arise from this knowledge and somewhere in the silence, in the background, a new basis is formed. As soon as the spiritual Divine Light in you has further awakened, you will be connected to this invisible field. This special field will work together with your etheric energy body.


The frequency of this invisible field is high and loving, everything will flow naturally. Many circuits are made into one whole before your eyes. These seem like miracles.

Don't be discouraged if a lower vibration rises right next to you and distracts you. Certain unpleasant situations are also included in the conversion. Follow your heart, in what you can or may not do. Protect yourself well, because everyone has their own responsibility.

Charity is beautiful and good to propagate, we support this from the loving starlight. But there are exceptions, when the situation becomes too dangerous and your own safety comes under pressure, get yourself to safety. In difficult moments, ask for the help of your Light brothers and sisters, so that your safety is guaranteed.


Difficult times are coming and many are coming under pressure. Despite all the influences and opinions you feel coming in, stay true to yourself and provide a safe base.

Stay in a relaxed atmosphere as much as possible and nurture the compassion in your heart.

The groups that have been involved in the fall of the earth want to continue in their own way to carry out the artificial plan. They cannot fight the high Divine light from an artificiality, the reflection of the diamond will blind their eyes and they will become rudderless....

Adonai Ashtar

I salute the Light in your heart

July 22, 2022

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