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Diamond Brain & Reptile Brain


The reptilian brain is active as a kind of warning mechanism for danger, once the lower world of fear is resolved the reptilian brain transmutes.


In the time of the new light, the reptilian brain will eventually lose its function, and when man manifests its pure inner light, the diamond brain will emerge.

At this time many energetic diamonds are placed in the area of the dream chakra, this light activation allows the creation of the crystalline body. Through the crystalline light, the brain waves resonate higher and the crystalline brain becomes a fact. The Diamond Brain is born in the seventh light transformation, when the Earth has evolved into a star.

Reset Reptile Brain

The reptilian brain can be reset through intensive daily training. Everyone can start overwriting their fears through positive thoughts and visualizations.

There's something new on it!

The cosmic waves of light hit the earth deep into its core, but the human brain is also triggered. Your brain activities change due to the high resonances of the light. This intense light from the sun will penetrate everything, the earth will become warmer, so will your heart and the reptilian brain will be placed in a love energy.


Man is taken along in a natural way in the elevation of the earth, the earth's core becomes hotter and it starts to shine like a star. When your inner light is activated, a connection opens with the cosmic light. This transmutation arises in the layers of consciousness and the mind receives a cosmic reset. In the brain the waves change, so that a higher operating system is set in motion, your entire body and mind are taken into the new awareness of the higher light.

The reptilian brain is transformed by the high cosmic light, so that fears and traumas are lived through again, but are quickly released again. When the pineal gland is opened by the light, the entire brain gets a light activation and the heart is filled with love energy. This is a natural reset of the reptilian brain and through meditation a huge beam of light is created. This beam of light resets the entire brain.

Man becomes a Beacon of Light

Visualize your own lifestyle and link it to the new light. The more you place yourself in the great light, the more you are carried by the light. In the past this was impossible and only accessible to a few. Now arise in this light and manifest it your dream.


You may still experience many fears around you, the world you live in seems to be stuck in a lower field. Look through this and see how nature reacts to the cosmic light. Receive the light and spread it around you. Imagine it in art, through music, share it through words, meditation, express it in a dance or sing about it, that's how you can change the world around you. You are not alone, many are touched by the great light which is increasing in strength. This is rising worldwide and many hearts are opening.


Cardiac arrhythmias can occur in response to this acceleration of light. Panic attacks come and go. The movement mechanism of the body can sometimes become a bit stiff and painful at the attachments. A reaction can occur anywhere in the body. If you are sensitive to one of these complaints, prepare well in time.

Works mainly preventively and look at your attitude to life and convert the heaviness into light. Your mind power is now stronger than ever. (Don't keep walking too long with complaints and visit a doctor in time).

The illusion field of fear is recreated over and over and the illusion makers are working overtime. They can no longer keep up with the light and are constantly looking for a new metaphor for fear, so that your mind is delayed again.

Choose a moment to stand in the cosmic light. Visualize the light every day and let the ethereal sun come back into your life. Purify the mind with the light of the physical sun, you will see miracles happen.

Even in politics, strange things happen, they have to admit their lies to keep themselves going. Their position is wavering and in the background they work hard to stay standing. It is a miracle that they have not yet fallen, but that is because other powers are involved. Much is still obscured and put in the illusion.

The Impossible becomes Possible

Surrender yourself to the energy of love that opens in the new wave of light.

It comes to you through your dreams, what does it tell you? Ask the dreamtime if you can receive the new colors and symbols, so that your brain recognizes the new universal language. The cosmic consciousness is opening up, this is a milestone.

I salute the Light in your heart

Adonai Ashtar

November 19, 2022

This message may be shared in its entirety and with reference to the source: ©Arthura Hector www.ashtar-rose.comAll rights reserved.

(Translated by wix translator)


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