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Bombing of Fear, Help Comes 



The bombardments of fear have now been put down. The fear virus that was spread via Covid-19 has suddenly come to an end and see the next fear is coming. The rulers weakened to such an extent that their masks fell off and the true nature emerged. Many felt: 'something was not right' and this was always confirmed. To veil all this again, a new global fear has been set up.

The blow has fallen

This is a psychologically very sophisticated game. It is the survival of an ancient power that wants to ward off the Light. It is not your fear, it is not your choice and this is not your dream. Go see this. It is the despair of another kind of being on Earth. They are chained in this spiral of power, this power has altered their DNA, corrupted their understanding and increased their gluttony.

A war between great powers. Man has not even experienced a single moment of liberation after the Corona...But know:

This 'War' will be Short-lived, a Upheaval will Take Place

What are those in power so afraid of?


The World of Light has been empowered by Divine Source to protect the Earth in its higher consciousness. When man is deliberately brought into a lower vibration, this is seen as an attack to man and the earth.

We, beings of light, do not fight with your rulers, on the contrary. This is not our way of working. We of the light, work with the power of love. The behavior of selfishness will be purified and a clear energy will flow. The game that those in power play is the game of despair in which they want to immerse the whole world. In doing so, they use your energy, your thoughts, your strength, but do you voluntarily give it up?


The World of Light is sending help to your world. We will soon carry out our assignment from the Divine world. We will intervene where the victims fall. From the Divine Light our love will flow through everything. The photon belt consists of a great beacon of many Light impulses, this beam of light is sent from the depths of the universe. This phenomenon of light is becoming more and more powerful and in your future lies the proof. We starlight beings come from the future and bring you this information.


The task of the lightworkers can help the world by clearing the collective consciousness. Through great pillars of light, a great explosion of love can descend into the collective consciousness. These light explosions hit the photon belt, manifesting even more light. Keep doing this, even on a small scale. From that energy a lot of love can be spread immediately. The Light that then opens is immensely powerful.

Not sure what to do?

Follow your heart and through your dreams the new knowledge will come to you.

Starlight workers will arise around you and inspire their fellow man. Many are activated.

Get Inspired by the Light

The Angels and the Starlight come to your aid. Be open to it and let the Aquarius energy flow. This power is enormous, do not give up. Don't step into the bubble of fear, but try to stay out of the bubble of fear. How do you do that? Meditate every day, go to your inner stillness and rebalance your energy through nature, from your creations and inspirations. Nature and the animals carry the silent energy of unity in their field. Surround yourself with this and step into the energy of the Divine Light. Seize the day.


Know that the fears of the outside world affect the collective consciousness and you are connected with that as well. This can enter you and penetrate into your (inner) world. You have power over your inner world and environment. You can tackle this. View the fear from a distance, recognize it and convert it. That way you can convert the fear that comes from outside, so that you don't get stuck in the bubble of manipulated fear. Free yourself in this way and then step on into the light. Open your inner light power. Place a column of light around you and shine like a sun.


What has Corona brought? Corona is the garland of Light around the sun, visualize it and be that sun. You are the beacon of light, the sun on earth. The sun is also a star. You radiate starlight and can thus reduce the fear around you. Feed yourself with positivity and inspire yourself. Know that help is passed on from the Divine Light and placed on Earth. Many now hear the call from their hearts and join in.


In certain cases we are allowed to intervene, the negativity then becomes too great on earth. Likewise in this 'war', which has been provoked.

No matter who or how this war was caused, don't get caught up in it. Save your energy and focus your thoughts on the light that opens. The play of perpetrator and victim absorbs all energy worldwide. Your power of thought is used for that. This energy is used as energetic and psychological ammunition. Stay in your individuality and in your power.


Difficult moments can arise, because people are traumatized by the many lives on earth. These will surface again, but your inner child can also react violently. Many children and young people are protesting. The starlight opens up to them through the Aquarius energy.


The burden of this 'war' is set up in such a way that the outcome is placed on you, by means of sky-high energy charges and impairment of your zest for life. The old economy is coming to an end, but in what way? Your economy has been faltering for quite some time, but humans don't know everything and it will come.

A universal memory opens

First, the temptation is wrapped in all kinds of presents. Gifts that aren't really gifts. Gifts given to ease the pain and keep people sweet. These gifts are already yours, they have come out of oppression. Man has twice as much right to this 'profit'. Especially energetically. This prosperity will be remembered from you.

Create your own Prosperity


Those who do not yet see through this game, because they have been hit by a heavy blow, eventually come back to their positive. It sometimes takes some time to understand this game. Those who see through this may suffer the most. I want to say to them: 'The World of Light is right behind you, we catch you and reset your energy during your sleep and sometimes even during the day. This is going to happen more and more. Remember this, a gate of Light is opening. We've come to help you.'


The lessons of duality come to you. This is the game and this is played out everywhere. In small and large, see all this as a mirror from which you can learn a lot. From your inner world and from the outer world. If they are the perpetrators, are you the victim? You are one or the other and what keeps clouding it?

There is a completely different path

Look at your own little world and what is your position in it? Who do you play: 'The perpetrator, the victim or the judgement?' Duality is made up of opposing parts, how do you bring them back together? You may gain more and more insight into your own share and we from the starlight are ready to increase your energy. Where you point, we, Beings of Light, will untie the knot. We stand ready, the Ashtar Command and many other Light worlds are supporting humanity.

Aquarius is Unity

The Inner Light will open and Your Third Eye will Shine

I salute the Light in your heart

Adonai Asthar

February 25, 2022

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