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The sun will shine in your heart, because the Divine Light can no longer be stopped.

The universal light becomes so powerful that the heart of man immediately changes into a visible connection of unity and balance. Every being will be filled with a great energy of love in which everything will shake with a huge bang. It will vibrate under your feet..


The chaos will avenge itself in another layer where hard blows are dealt and the wars are put on edge. The game and the positions of different countries and political rulers become abundantly clear. They carry the power and the shadow.


The tension in politics will first increase considerably and lead to a true climax, in which the light forces are ready to intervene. With a deep sigh of relief, everything will eventually be toned down again. The aftertaste remains bitter for a while.

In the world of the superpowers, great efforts are being made to create a new disharmony, illusions and dramas are deployed and built up. Everyone can watch in suspense how world politics sells the untruths and enforces many new rules. They call the shots in a way that doesn't benefit anyone but themselves...and then many will wake up and their eyes will open, because what they are about to perceive will never be forgotten. All this works very deep and long in the consciousness.


The tones of the new world can no longer be hidden, the new sound will transcend the noise and touch everything to the core. This new sound cannot be refuted or turned off. This frequency goes through everything, where the very large light wave will crash down and shake everything, especially where the shadow is. The rebound of an impure agenda comes back to those who want to dwell in the illusion or apply it to others.


Nevertheless, it will be a particularly beautiful summer of honest encounters. Be aware of all the layers that are now intertwined, the shadow is filtered out, creating a fresh attitude. People will help and support each other, so that the illusion is broken on important points. The curtain opens and many will pale before what the truth conjures up. Lies surface and some people cannot bear these untruths and collapse (temporarily) or leave the material world.

The movements are violent, but the commotion has a liberating effect. This situation is experienced as a cold shower where the new codes immediately enter consciousness This is a quick reset and it puts you directly outside the illusion, which is not very nice right away, but it will happen and soon you will understand what is meant . Then a deep rest ensues.


The intervention of the great light will now rise firmly and the light forces will nip all aggression in the bud. The completion of this first deep wake up wave will continue to resonate around the world.

All this is being done in a big way and no one can remember where it started. The changes seem to come out of the blue, so bang on everyone. No one is left out and every person will process this in their own unique way. So have respect for everything and everyone. Realize whatever happens, everyone does what they can.

Quarreling and war are not a good outlet in this wake-up wave and it is better to express it through a creative movement, keeping the heart open to every living being. This huge blow, in which consciousness is reset to a higher plane in one go, can come in quite a bit. From that moment on new movements will arise throughout the summer and the effect of this great light wave will have a very long effect.


The whole earth is being lifted into a new frequency of higher light. After months of conversion and preparation that preceded this, there will also be a relief. The energy worked forward and people moved quickly through many types of processes. This in order to receive the large light wave as well as possible. Processing will start after this and will also be tough, but only if you offer too much resistance. Go with it and let yourself be guided by the new unpredictable love light, in which all control systems are converted. Old programmings will be switched off and then a new impulse entered.


Everything goes along with this great movement of light, the climate will also make a different turn and show abnormal temperatures. Everything changes quickly, be prepared for major changes in the weather and changing phenomena in the sky.

Stay confident and protect yourself well. Nature has its own way of dealing with this. Prepare for anything and it will surpass you. Yet it will be a very beautiful summer with wonderful experiences. It's everything at the same time.


This whole event opens up a wonderful power and enormous creativity in you, so that you can put everything into perspective and feel the peace come up when you think it's getting too much. The light world will help you to relax and keep your balance. They come right next to you to lend a helping hand and assist you spiritually. You will receive protection from the highest sphere. Live for today and try to enjoy what is there as much as possible. Stay to yourself and stand firmly with both feet on the earth. Many get new hunches and follow a new course in what really suits them. See what feels good every day and try to help your loved one if you have the space to do so.

The light in everything becomes bigger and more powerful, handle it well and stay in balance.

June 19 2023

Arthura Hector

This message may be shared in this form and with respect, citing the source: © Arthura Hector All rights reserved.


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