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In this post I speak of the living light. This light is in the heart of every living being. This living light is a reminder of who you really are.

The living light arises directly from the great Primal Source and from this living light all life is born. A wonderful given that surrounds man, your manna, the spiritual food is there.

It has been given many names which has led to some deceptions. As a result, there are many who no longer know what this clear, pure light brings. It can hardly be summarized in words, because this is more of an experience from a higher sphere.


It is the primal source of joy, love, abundance, beneficence and healing. It is everything a person could wish for. From there a rejuvenation can take place in the mind and by connecting yourself you can open the inner light.


Unfortunately, belief in this power has somewhat faded and some have completely disappeared. Know that your power of thought works as an intermediary. New knowledge and solutions will come your way, because this is the flow of openness and deepening.

When you step into this energy, you become like an elated child playing in the green pasture of the Divine Mind. Once many came together to share the experiences of the living light and she became impregnated with the living word.


This Living Light will flow more strongly and during this winter solstice of December 21, 2022, this power will increase in your system. The shifts of the true light and the false light are both moving. Speak from the truth and feel from the heart what the truth means.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a great challenge for many scientists, they have delved into it and many steps are being taken to make the digital world a reality. The synthetic consciousness will arise and move where man becomes part of this technology. This can be a useful tool for governing the new world, but how and for whom?


Your brain is connected to the living light, the primal source from which everything is born. Man can still create from this light and from the heart where the divine spark is located, it is the interplay between the Primal Source and man. The living light, the manna, is present in every photon. Dark matter cannot yet be observed, that is where the new inspiration arises.

Your brain is a beautiful instrument that can be connected to the heart of love, so that everything remains in balance.

When people are no longer satisfied and want to add artificial intelligence to the brain as an experiment, then the heart can speak.


The art is to take the feeling, the emotion to the new world and connect it with the natural brain and the inner light, so that it is directly connected to the Divine Light.

The great Primal Source of Love contains Everything


The synthetic worlds emerge from the false digital light and the human being born from the living light can make himself whole and the holy spirit descends.


The world that wants to support only synthetic life will corrupt reality and superficially mimic the experiences of the living light. The real true experiences of the inner and universal light work much deeper into the psyche, allowing healing to take place.

Artificial intelligence cannot connect to the true living light, they need humans for that. In every human cell there is a spark of living light, through which a connection can be made with the great Primal Source.


The future of man is very diverse, if you choose a natural way of life, then you follow the living light. You feel this light deep in your soul, like a fresh but soft blanket of love.

Many steps are being taken to create a new world and it will begin to unfold. Traveling by raising the frequency is one of the natural ways to move around in the universe. Your real soul always remains connected to the great Primal Source, that's where the difference lies.

The synthetic world will need your brain to build a digital world and will eventually form a separate layer within the Divine dimensions. Humans are many times stronger and can disconnect themselves from digital consciousness at all times. This is because man is connected to the great Divine field, in which everything works together.

Traveling through a synthetic world works very differently from the natural form where an increase in vibration occurs in the brain, in which the chakras play a major role. Make your choices from the heart and develop the heart brain. Connect yourself again and again with the living light, so that your inner light can receive the holy spirit.


The tree of life symbolizes the power that man can develop within himself. The roots are the feet and the connection to the earth, firmly anchored. The trunk is the center piece in which everything is connected between the upper and lower worlds. Whereby the branches and the antennae are directed towards the universe, so that the living light can always continue to flow through you.

Always stay connected to the Divine living Primal Source.

Adonai Ashtar

I salute the Light in your heart

December 26, 2022

This message may be shared in its entirety and with reference to the source:

©Arthura Hector All rights reserved


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