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Adama: Waking Up from a Renewed Crystalline Core


The renewed form of awakening occurs when the new crystalline fields activate your inner knowledge, releasing new crystalline information. This new knowledge comes in through the thought world of the collective consciousness and from your heart. Waking up from 2020 will look very different.


The experience of the pain can be experienced differently from this new impulse. This renewed awakening will open a process that connects family lines. This ancient process lifts your powerlessness. Together with the earth a renewed perception appears. Many have undergone an upbringing that was set up out of incomprehension and struggle, which resulted in powerlessness. This powerless feeling may be lifted, the old patterns will be vibrated through the crystal core because a higher frequency enters the earth.

Man is set Free

Everyone has made great strides in his or her own way and many old patterns have already been broken. What else does it take to wake up further?

It has to do with the renewed crystalline field of the earth. The crystalline field is going to manifest in different layers of human consciousness. These layers will be activated in the next 13 full moons of the year 2020. The activation of this field affects people deeply in the family lines. This gives an acceleration of frequency and therefore more insight is created. The heart opens faster. To start living completely from the heart, waves of awareness may arise. Many have the vision to take care of the earth. Deep down this is felt and it has an impact on your whole world. The earth is calling to restore love and the lack of love becomes apparent. Accepting each other does not mean that the other has to adopt your vision. Stay true to yourself without being stubborn. Karma is an old timeline that needs to be lifted, along with powerlessness. It no longer applies in the new world, as manifestation power arises.


Hidden deep within you and fully protected lies the seed of the new age. The fear of letting this star seed grow into a new age talent makes you insecure. However, you have to lift this protective layer to activate fertilization via the crystalline field. You may lift the old Atlantean barrier.


The preparations are over and a new world is emerging, partly visible in the physical plane and much more present in the etheric plane. The etheric layer becomes visible to those who dare to embrace it. Fear holds back a lot and closes the gates in your system. You are the key bearer, no one else can do this for you. Unless you don't remember where that key went? Then look for help, that way you give permission to retrieve this key. In doing so, ask for protection from the Divine Source. This Divine unity energy will guide you to the one that suits you.


Collecting information outside of yourself has been a good thing until now, this served to wake you up. Many woke up and there was joy, but some also struggled. The belief in a new world grew and this was necessary to get to the point where we are now with each other. We of the inner earth and our star brothers and sisters have longed for this moment. We were looking forward to this phase where the crystalline field was activated. It was a true experience to witness this and to see the glow in your eyes as the etheric field unfolds in your world.


A complete surrender of trust is what it takes. The confidence that there will be a new world full of love and not one of fear and damnation. The old gross world will continue to exist for a while, to wake up those who need a little more time. Eventually it will disappear before the physical eyes, at least that is the intent of the new change. There are multiple life forms involved in all of this.


The planet earth is changing and in a certain layer the fear will be stirred up. To what extent do you allow this fear to enter or does it reflect a fear from within? When the etheric field becomes stronger in its crystalline form, a lot of love is released, right through all layers. Be open to that. This world of Aquarius is getting so close to you, it's going to embrace you. Distinguish the dual sense of contradiction and do not place the two opposite each other, but connect them in your heart. Strange as this may sound, this is the only solution to solve the ancient battle.


The knowledge to connect everything lies in the heart brain. It is important to open the heart in all layers. The family lines represent the trauma and the pain that results from it touches you most deeply. Opening this layer is not always easy. Connecting these family lines in crystalline consciousness takes a lot of time and energy. The physical layer is a bit slow, so take the space and give it time. Converting is not always without bumps. On the contrary, this year it will be a completely different experience. Continue to embrace the emotions that are released. Love your fellow man and yourself despite the shadows passing by.


Some shadows come from outside and want to lead you away from the Crystalline path. Some shadows come from within and these are the hardest to accept. It is not easy to face that part. Part of that shadow carries aggression, hatred, anger, jealousy and so on, and this one you can embrace? Accept that you are human in a dual world, a human made up of opposite parts. If you deny this truth, you are rejecting a part of yourself. For that reason there is a lot of struggle and powerlessness in this layer of matter, the denial is great. Here begins the path of self-knowledge, there lies a deep core which may be opened. Take it easy and don't be too hard on yourself or others. The conversion is through the lines of connection and you may embrace this energy together.


Making the connection from the etheric field is an entirely different story. It also affects the physical body and matter. The enlightened path is not thinking that you are enlightened, but actually feeling and experiencing this in all parts of being human. Light is not only allowed to flow in the beautiful part of your personality. Also in the reverse and can you bear this? The training is to embrace and accept all parts. The knowledge to activate and understand this lies hidden in this crystalline seed of the new earth. It is a kind of Inner Quest, a search for the truth within yourself. At the same time, you may start to respect the truth of others, so that the outside world is the mirror in which your truth is reflected. These are the lines of connection. As long as there are judgments about others, you cannot fully reach this seed of renewal.


The ego is always fed. The less the ego plays along, the deeper you can get to the knowledge of the new earth. But sometimes you are not aware of the ego, when you go into communication with the ego you can ask if it may shrink. So that a crystalline thought can arise. You can also gently lull the ego to sleep. Especially when it blows up out of its own protection. Just let it go to sleep as much as possible so that the other part of you can wake up in crystalline consciousness.

In this way you do not reject the ego, but you learn to deal with it. In the end, it is no longer necessary to turn on the ego and you will find a new way to solve difficult situations.


A crystalline field is already active in the inner earth, an extra force now opens from the core crystal of the earth. The crystalline network has now been set up and is now being activated in parts. There are 13 full moons in the year 2020, so the 13th nucleus is reached. That means that in the 12th layer a unity energy (Christ consciousness) flows and when it first moves, the rainbow snake is activated. This becomes the signal to planetary consciousness. The cosmos moves and connects the earth with the universal 12th layer, the Divine unity dimension. In this way universal bells start ringing, this tone indicates the height of the vibration. The etheric crystalline earth emerges in the subtle physical field.

What the physical Earth will look like and whether it will last depends on humanity on Earth. Work hard on your own part of inner balance, meet yourself in this, for you need this part. This is your manual for progressing in both the physical and etheric part of the earth. These go together and refer to a mirror, the mirror of the heart.

I, Adama greet you from the crystalline world, where we often meet and you know deep inside: "We are already connected".

Let the knowledge open in freedom and love.


January 23, 2020

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