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Venus Versus Vaccination

ASHTAR: Feminine Power

Venus is the feminine power of self-healing. She possesses the knowledge about peace and the restoration of dual violence. From the power of Venus, the earth can restore itself in its wholeness. The knowledge from Venus enters the earth and man has the possibility to open this through a natural healing.

When the fear virus continues to rage in your minds, there can be no clarity.

The healing power in man can only be stimulated from love and empathy. Natural consciousness is a gift from God, intuition is part of it. By using the intuition again, the emotional life can get going again. In this way a balance can be created. Bring back the brightness and then see how the game is actually played. The duality you live in has many possibilities. Venus directs the knowledge of the creative ability, so that solutions come your way. You are not at the mercy of confusion, for there are many paths in which man can mirror himself. The cosmos is constantly mirroring your mind to keep you awake. The updates are diverse and it is the human being who is allowed to look in this cosmic mirror. That's where the insights lie.


The feminine power of Venus brings healing and opens the emotional side. The heart begins to speak in the language of love, so that the sacred knowledge opens up. Everything is restored. Why does Venus speak through the coming moon of May? A gate will open which will activate the knowledge of Venus. Do not weaken yourself any longer and get up and look into the cosmic mirror of Venus. Take a look and ask for clarification. Venus makes the connection with Shamballa. A crystal city of the inner Earth, which once harbored the energy of Avalon. The Earthly Paradise.


Many situations have arisen in the past where the feminine medicine power has been abused. Some attacks are very subtle and often hidden. The deceptions were great and they still work in the present. The feminine Venus power is universal. Knowing this can help you broaden this power within yourself again from heart to heart. THE GREAT RESET has been announced and this is an earthly political program to create a new artificial world.


The original inhabitants of the earth have been banned everywhere and their knowledge has been stolen. This knowledge is the real knowledge of natural consciousness. Therein lies the healing power of the Light. The signs of the universal language are rhythmic. This is the language of the heart and the starry sky above you is the Divine playing field. In the artificial program the manipulations around the earth are being prepared.


The medicinal power has been banned and it is almost lost. They have put you to sleep, but now you wake up! A plan also unfolds from the Divine light. It was activated eons ago to open the cosmic consciousness!

The manipulative powers build up layer by layer, to place man in a strange reality. A misleading turn has arisen, which represents the knowledge of a super-rational structure. Explore both sides of duality so that it can no longer mislead you.


The masculine structure protects the feminine water and brings calm to the high waves of emotions. The feminine feeling gives depth to the masculine ratio, so that empathy and understanding arise for the other who is suffering. Both parts are needed. Rejecting one side involves unnecessary struggle.


Artificial drugs and treatments are introduced as a necessity. Humans have forgotten to rely on their own preventive cure and many rely on an artificially produced vaccine. There are other roads, explore these first. So that the choice is made from peace and not from confusion. Perhaps waiting is a better option to better understand the final result.


The earth is feminine and the water flows through everything. The knowledge about the energetic body has been placed in the taboo sphere. This banishment has a reason. It allows the artificial system to occupy this space. Many more periods are needed before this plan is fully rolled out. It is important to hear this now so that you can adjust your direction in time. Not just for yourself, but for generations to come.


Fear can be projected through various layers of a parallel universe. Thoughts of fear are stored (eg traumas) in past time lines. That way all of this is maintained. The artificial program offers a utopian escape to a world of dependence. BUILD BACK BETTER is the term you want to describe your world politics. To change everything from the 'great reset'. This program hinders the growth of evolution.


The future dimensions are very far ahead in their knowledge and want to pass this powerful medicine on to humans. As soon as the earth takes in this new knowledge, it chooses progress. A new movement is emerging all over the world. The denial of a natural leap forward toward Venus will negate the BUILD BACK BETTER program. The planetary consciousness is rising to expose the new illusion.


The choice is yours, what do you believe? Feel the intention behind the explanation. The artificial program creates a numb void and how is it filled? It is suggested that the natural immune system is unreliable. Those who claim this want to convince you and need your input. The more anti-drugs are used, the more power they gain over humans. They make man dependent on this way of life. This is not just about a vaccination, it is about a completely different attitude to life.

Man is a unique being with a very special system of recovery. Watch the body heal itself. The brainwash effect is created by repeating many images, so that they are burned onto the retina. You give away the power over your health and they make sure that you remain dependent in a system that they control. Get out of this and take responsibility for your own life again.


Shamans, herbal women, holy men, medicine women and men transfer their knowledge to the next generation. They possess an active divine DNA! In many, this DNA has become inactive. An artificial language has arisen and man becomes alienated from the light that shines in him or her. The opening of the medicine language goes through the heart. Now that the crystal field on Earth is active, the starlight and natural language can grow again. The starseeds have been planted and can evolve into an Earth Angel.

The trauma that the manipulators create ensures that people only focus on pain and suffering. Attention now turns to a field of suffering, a collective cloud of pain. Nobody wants this, but it happens. That is called manipulation, without your realizing it you are placed in this field. The dominance of many artificial agents that affect your immune system via the intestinal flora, ensure that your immune system no longer works optimally. The intestines lie in the lunar energy of the body and are the reflection of the brain. Where the chi point of your life energy is located, is the connection with the pineal gland. Don't let this power diminish you and protect it. The knowledge that has become hidden may now be retrieved. Just ask for it and it will resurface. You do have a choice!


This beautiful starlight opens and man discovers a creative healing power. The past is now an open book. Clear images now guide you and you see how the game works. The damaged starlight can be restored.

The artificial program continues, so that the past begins to confuse the mind of man. The future starlight is affected through a manipulation of the DNA, this is the new scrambling. The start is now: the new form of vaccination that is now being introduced contains components that support a new illusion. This all has to do with cell division and the signals from the cell to other cells. There lies a special power of impulse and growth. The vaccinations ensure that an extra virus part is introduced into the cell. When the impulses are misled from the cell, by a strange addition, a completely different connection is established. Not a step forward, but back: BUILD BACK BETTER.

They take over the role of God and play with your light power


There will be followers who will embrace these artificial interventions. Those who believe that this will be the new liberation are manipulated and disappointed. Accepting all this means that man undermines the inner talent of self-healing. The signals of feeling are suppressed and fear becomes the new leader in your life. Traumas play a major role, it is cleverly set up. This is all built up layer by layer. Look to the past and see how this buildup of manipulation keeps coming back in a new form. In this year 2021, the signs of the past will be exposed, both positive and negative. Everything has two sides, don't let the negative side dominate your life. Mention the positive sides regularly and show what you do with all this. What influence do you allow to stay in balance?

The Earth is a great experimental playing field of love, but that doesn't mean there aren't natural laws. The Divine boundary is protected by timelines and parallel universes: through the Sacred Universal Councils. The earth will eventually bring everything back into balance. Precisely where imbalance prevails, she will intervene with her life force. It is supported by the planetary consciousness and the universal Divine consciousness. These forces are immense and produce harmonic timelines.


Which program are you taking? The program of confusion or that of clarity. Remove the veil from your head and look up!

Adonai Ashtar

I salute the Light in your heart

May 9, 2021

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© All rights reserved Athura Hector


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