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Vaccination Covid: Code Red


The vaccine promoted so well in your media will eventually reach the code red stage in 2022. From September 2021, many waves of consciousness will arise, these waves consist of pure light and all this goes together with the many new reports about the Covid vaccine.


Right now your world has entered a vaccination fever. The mirror held up is that of relief and recovery, in which the Covid vaccine is the benefactor. The vaccine would be the solution to all liberties, but is this vaccine really the opening to a free society?


A state of emergency will slowly arise. Many specialists find themselves unsolicited in situations in which they are powerless. The reactions to the vaccine and the virus will continue to expand and health problems will arise around the Covid vaccine. There will be many insignificant deaths. Now, in the very beginning, these unexpected problems will not be directly linked to the Covid vaccine. Many question marks will surface until the moment when there is unstoppable evidence, it may be too late for some.

We pass on this warning from the light dimensions, in order to reach as many people as possible. Some people get distracted and only realize later that something is wrong. In addition, there are many where the heart is not yet fully open, so that the lie can be locked in the mind. These people place their health in the hands of a political power. The choice always lies with the person himself, it is your body. It is your path of experience, which you need to progress into higher consciousness. You are a sovereign man, with a conscience of your own.


The human body is a beautiful instrument and it is supported by the Divine Light. In addition, man has ultimate responsibility for this vehicle, but when you turn yourself away from the living impulse of love, another programmed path opens up. See how great the power begins to work within you when you step off this artificial path. The negative part overwrites a lot, but who can crown themselves? Man eventually becomes so strong that the insight to turn everything around becomes a reality. You are the driving force behind innovation. The crystalline field is a true fact which is activated by the sun.


Ask for an answer and the insight will be given to you, time after time. Communicate with the mind and the answers will emerge from the heart. This language from the heart works a little differently than the rational language you have been taught. Many fears are interwoven throughout the programming. The language of fear closes the new portal and turns to the past. The language of love opens it and turns to a new field of crystal. The divine information fields of love are always accessible and present. No one is excluded.

The duality in your heart can come under tension as these two languages can contradict each other. Unless you can master both languages well, then they come together and provide an innovative solution. No one can make you doubt anymore, on the contrary you will help the other to arrive at a pure insight. The triggers to be manipulated are great. Every person wants to be free. Don't force anything, let everyone choose freely. Dose the information so that the other person is not overwhelmed with your emotions. Even if you want to make everything clear. Saving the other is a beautiful intention, but who will save you first?


The world you live in is one big whole. Protect yourself well from too much confusion. The chaos creates a division and that doesn't help anyone, shake it off. If you want to live in peace, put this down from your own impulse. It's not about making wrong choices. It's about what it brings you in the end. Where are you going together and what common point will be reached?

A forest fire can clear an area to give new plants a chance. But when things get out of hand and the fire destroys everything, disaster strikes. The recovery will be long and painful. You are in the same boat, vaccinated or not. The fight for who is right will turn out, but is this important for the ultimate situation on Earth? You can work on the final outcome together.


The collective consciousness is fed with new knowledge and processes from humans, no matter how painful this is sometimes. Do not judge the other, but look further at the big picture. How do you survive a disaster? The disaster itself will make a deep wound, but its buildup will define the trauma. Discrimination against those who have or have not been vaccinated causes delays. Love brings everything together and that's what it takes. Instead of pointing at the culprit, you may begin to show a lot of understanding to those who did it wrong. The build-up and processing can be accelerated if a like-minded togetherness is created.


Some know that the Covid vaccine will not be the solution, but eventually this situation will provide a lot of insight into how special the human immune system works. Even during a major disaster. Around 2030, this insight will change the world to such an extent that a large group of scientists will take a different course. They are the ones who will bring the feeling and the ratio together, so that a completely new path opens up.

This path is already opening up. You can start walking on this path, manifest what you want. This new age is that of unlimited possibilities. Some people still can't believe or see this, they need a detour. As painful as this is, it is their choice.

The mask falls off when the exit is blocked. The wall of inability becomes visible and impossible to climb. These are the moments when the mind explodes with despair, but in despair also lies the passage.

Visible and Invisible

See all of this as a process in which humanity is in, a psychological and emotional process in which divisions are expressed. No one is separate from the other and man is not separate from the earth and the earth is not separate from the universe. The reality can be observed, but it is about the invisible part. The invisible part will lead humanity to a great change. This is the ultimate leap into the deep, ushering in the Aquarian Age.


Crystal consciousness is very diverse, many children who are born now are crystal sensitive. Their intuition is very sensitive to the crystalline information. They see the invisible field and speak the language of love. They walk on the crystalline path and don't understand much of the old school system on Earth. Learning and gaining insight belong together, emotional development and growth cannot be measured by a limiting test. They need more, a heart to heart connection while sharing the knowledge. The cosmos is their reach.


Be kind to each other, especially to those who make the wrong choices in your eyes. They need a lot of support in this process of change. Make yourself very strong and powerful so that you don't get sucked into their despair. The empathetic human being will be badly needed to receive the other. As difficult as this will be. They will feel and live through the pain of the other. How do you ensure that you remain firmly in your core at that moment. First of all, make sure you have a good balance in yourself and see what you need for that? This is not an act of selfishness, it is an act of survival and self-protection. This is a natural impulse of self-preservation.


The Divine Light has indeed prepared this evolutionary leap, not only the visible (dark) has worked on this. In the invisible part the light forces continue to work in order to reach many before the disaster. Know that at the same time we are preparing for the period after the disaster. It is you who make the choices, but know that these choices affect everything.

Believe in your own light power and healing at all times, vaccinated or not. Discrimination in the field of health should not arise.

I salute the light in your heart

Adonai Ashtar

June 12, 2021

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