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Triptych Acceleration of Light

ASHTAR: "The denouement of the enlightened heart"


The full moons of September 21, October 20 and November 19 in 2021 form an energetic triptych and symbolize a great Acceleration of Light.

This Acceleration of Light will rise in three waves and will come to a climax in the month of December of 2021. This Acceleration of Light will cause a major turnaround.

A major development will take place in this energetic triptych of light, which will provide a unique denouement in 2022. This denouement takes shape when the enlightenment starts to descend into the hearts during these full moons.

When the dark is dispelled

The dark energy works from a manipulative drive to protect the territory of the big money. They go so far in their actions that their masks disappear and the true nature emerges. They become visible and that provides insight into their working method. They will not like this visibility.

They lose their face and their manners!

This destructive power is going to get so entangled that they become very fearful. When they start clawing their claws at those who resist, their true nature comes into view. Those who remain standing despite all the fear programs are the first to be made small. The new program of these money wolves is now visible! They are in a great hurry, because the light changes man. The photon light from the cosmos is getting bigger and bigger. They want to chase people into a corner at a very fast pace by means of many fear scenarios. So that the heart remains veiled, but this is for a moment. In addition, they have to protect their own egos and their resources are drastically put down. At that point they lose their decency and manners. As all this unfolds, many hearts are going to be enlightened.


When the anti-christ arises and becomes visible in many layers, the human heart is activated and enlightened by the Divine intervention. This protection will take place in a loving and natural way.


In every being on earth there is a duality, because of much fear the dual heart gets confused. The triptych of light will shine upon this heart and give hope. Hope for a different new future, apart from all the violence. People will start dreaming en masse about a new world of peace. The many fears that arise will provoke great despair and eventually lead to the opposite result, for the desire for peace will become so great in every heart that peace will be reflected in every thought of man.

The more the manipulators are going to force, the more people are going to wake up. When in the eyes of power, the energy of anti-christ appears, many people will be startled. This shock shakes the mind quite a bit, because who wants to be part of an indirect humiliation of one's fellow man?

Vaccination or no vaccination

The media is regularly buzzing to combat discrimination, but at the same time a new form is being born. It is now no longer about the appearance of a person, but about your attitude to life. Your vision and your foundation. These opposing facts get confused with each other. Man is an evolutionary being and wants to progress, grow towards unity. The loving inner feeling will conquer everything.


A small percentage of humanity does not want to be vaccinated, when the powers start to attack this freedom, there is a turning point. This small group represents a different way of life, a different policy and a different way of healing. Apparently this small group, this drop is a danger on their hot plate of manipulation. How is that possible? What are they so afraid of and why do their eyes fire when they speak of this group of peace-loving insurgents?


Be aware of your own light power and the light you are spreading together, no matter how small the percentage seems to be. Your power to thwart the chaotic plans is much greater. So enormous that even without weapons, but through a beautiful connection, peace is created in the silence. From the Divine Light of love a new world will be manifested. Manifest your new world of empathy and it will emerge. Believe in it and determine your own position in this battlefield of psychological manipulation. Break free from this violence and rise into another layer of light. Your frequency rises and you become elusive. Stay alert, but in confidence.


There will be an activation of light in your heart. Through the accelerated light this takes place and the Divine intervention becomes a fact. Many Light Forces are now going to become visible on Earth. In your heaven, but also on and in the earth. They will start walking next to you in different ways. Your frequency rises, so does the earth.


Because the light frequency on earth and in the heart will increase, the cosmic Light forces will intervene. In this field of high frequencies, the lower negative beings can no longer do their job. They weaken and then the Divine Auxiliaries come into view. They will support many new natural codes of empathy. So that man can perform and express it. New Divine connections are being made through the crystal field, so that man can manifest in a new field. We open this light gate for you. The connections that we are going to make from the Light are implemented in all layers.

The light will descend everywhere, so that the earth can safely rise in its vibration and enter the photon belt into the field of the earth and into anyone who wishes.

Work hard on yourself in the coming months, keep your energy level in balance and don't be fooled by outside fears. Stay realistic and be safe, but don't be afraid. Go ahead and follow your intuition. Your inner voice will speak louder and louder, the course of the light moves forward from a peaceful movement. It will only get stronger and the harmony you will experience will be great.

The Light is increasing on Earth, realize this.

I salute the Light in your heart

Adonai Ashtar

October 26, 2021

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