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Supermoon: Total Renewal of Your Aura




This powerful supermoon will represent a renewal that is unprecedented, the clearing in the last few months has taken effect and now a renewing energy can flow into your aura.


The experience will feel a bit unusual and uncomfortable. This new feeling is not recognized and has not yet been stored in the collective consciousness. Searching for an explanation or an explanation comes with time. The most obvious is to embrace and welcome this new feeling.


This is the wind of the new earth that reaches your aura and everything flows through. From this flow new thoughts and creations, so that you are impregnated with new solutions. The outside world craves new creations, because the old gets stuck.


This fresh and invigorating energy gives you space and frees you from old programs.

This experience becomes special and profound. Her beauty unfolds before your eyes, so that the heart is filled with joy and relief.


Sometimes there may be a bit of melancholy, which is necessary to say goodbye to the old. The realization arises that the old is really going to disappear and it feels like a deep bow to an old past. A farewell with a tear, but also with great relief. This period has been planned for a very long time, but as with any new birth, something will first be allowed to die. The impermanence of the physical is passing, but the new seeds have already been sown. Soon the young shoots shoot up from the earth. Feel the heart open in this renewing energy. The new young shoots are still vulnerable and may become stronger. Protect yourself well and nourish your consciousness with the Holy Water, so that these new shoots grow into a beautiful new creation.

This renewing energy is a gentle, yet powerful energy. Subtle and yet so present. Mary gives you this energy, so that you can act quickly and effectively in this chaotic time. It takes in many who have become aimless through dubious practices, they can no longer oversee the whole. Their hearts become confused by the negative charge that has been created.


The trick is to make clear choices and to separate them from the many chaotic messages and images. Don't get confused and stay in your own energy. Every now and then make a beautiful ball of energy and fill it with the colors that are healing for you, place yourself in this ball of light.

The renewed Energy will flow Through you.

Right through all the chaos, every person is touched with the soft and purifying energy of Mary. She remains present at all times, for her love is the most powerful form of protection and it heals the heart. That way the confusion can be banned from your system.


During the full moon of July, the magnetic field is strengthened. The large cosmic field, which is now getting stronger and stronger (see previous post summer solstice), will increase in strength during the full moon. This results in a great explosion of energy in the cosmos, the so-called Holy Marriage. From this arises a great renewing power of love.

This wave will also hit the earth. The consequences can be very diverse, from extreme heat to heavy precipitation. The heat will be cooled down again by the water. This balance of extremes includes a natural movement.

The head feels a bit strange, because the emphasis is on the heart. The head becomes empty and the heart is filled with compassion. This is a very special experience and people are slowly coming to a different form of communication. The etheric body comes to life, head and heart are attuned to each other.


The holy spirit can descend upon those who embrace it. The inner enlightenment can take place and all this will form an intimate connection with the loving energies of, on, within and outside the earth. They support and guide this entire process in the right direction, so that those going through this are not disturbed by the chaos that arises at the same time. A loving energy will begin to form around them. Many revelations will take place in the heart of man, but the mind will also absorb this revelation.


The animals react to the new energy and feel the new connection. The reaction to your new form can lead to many beautiful experiences. Give it a chance and be open to the change. The animals feel the fear in every person, now that all this is dissolving, they like to come closer. So don't get hung up on the doomsday.


Harmony is the result of many meetings in whatever form. Despite the harassment from the old system, innovation can still be achieved, for example in the design of new legislation. A stubborn political system will fall if they don't listen to the new adjustments that are opening up. The renewing energy is so strong and powerful that this is going to be a big problem for the old system. Not going along with the innovation will weaken the current system. Those who choose this path are responsible for their own demise. The old one no longer works and will dissolve, realize that in the meantime a new system is being put in place. Slowly this new system will become visible and work through in the connection of the new ideologies.

Just a little while and a new layer of awareness will emerge in man. All this is going to rise together with the building of a new civilization. Man is led to the solution and not to destruction.


Your passion and talents are reborn through the innovative energy. You will get an upload and therefore new courage to continue. The renewed vitality will give you a lot of extra strength to step further in the process of the 'new awakening'. The love energy will have a healing effect on the brain and the intelligence will continue to develop. Creativity will become an important foundation and will manifest itself in various ways.

This full moon will be a special announcement of time and movement. Timelines can be converted and the dream becomes your travel guide. Feel the inner power that wants to open now and let it happen. Despite the fear scenario that is put down, you can renew yourself. Always wash off the old and fill yourself with this renewing energy. Call on Saint Mary and ask for her strength to empower this process of renewal.

Believe in your own power, Believe in the manifestation of spirit, Believe in the cosmic love flowing through you and then it happens, your inner light starts to shine and glow.

Adonai Ashtar

I salute the light in your heart

July 10, 2022

This post may be shared in its entirety and citing the source: ©Arthura Hector All rights reserved.

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