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Tormented Souls in the Storm of Despair

Sanat Kumara: Utopia of Love

Many who fall into the storm of chaos will lose discernment and believe the lie. Until the noise in their heads disappears, then they come to realize that this is the sound of a confused mind. The fears that keep coming in from the outside world create a layer of fog. The fear of losing the old comfortable life makes some weak and impressionable. In the outermost layer are the contemptuous rulers who propagate this madness on man with vulgar passions. Those who want more and more and will not settle for less want to gain from the misery of the weaker. That's where the anti-christ breeds.

But when the scornful powers have devoured one another, the meek shall inherit the world.


Those who follow the truth from their inner core see the sun rise slowly. Confidence in a peaceful future gives hope. It nourishes the light in their hearts. They are the ones who rise up peacefully and the gentleness they carry in the heart becomes their survival. It provides a new perspective on everything. Draw hope from these thoughts, for it will happen.

This awake person will withdraw from the chaos and dwell in the silence. For where there is peace one can feel the inner love. Be an example for the other and reinforce this feeling in each other. Stop being chased into a corner, make this corner a safe nest. It is the feeling of fear that makes everything stuffy. When you can live from the freedom in your heart, then you manifest heaven on earth. It's going to get up slowly. Prepare for a Utopia within your reach.

Sprung from the hands and sometimes built up somewhat awkwardly, a world of beauty and Love is created. This peace-loving person will embrace nature, for the storm of chaos brought much pain and sorrow. The chaos is destroying the old world of power, but you are not alone. The Earth is powerful and at its core dwells a Utopia. This form of life is going to come to you and also from heaven a new impulse is going to descend. A Divine energy with many new methods to fertilize the new earth with harmony is going to come.


The storm of chaos will continue to rage and shake many awake in this grueling process. It will be a battle and victory from the mind. The human psyche comes under pressure, because the old has to continue to perform. This is the pitfall so don't get caught. Only your own choice to go along with it or not will help you. Eventually many will develop a clear vision, some battered and others not. Many will pass into the heavenly light, but all will come to an end. So do not fear the storm of chaos, but embrace your own loving thoughts.


The trick is to respect others so that your own peace is not disturbed. Try to be long-suffering in a hearty debate. Avoid the vehemence of being right. This whole war of madness is driving man to madness. Don't go along with it.


When the outside world starts to touch you and your pain is exposed, still stay in love and let the softness rise. Don't feed the monster of anti-christ, pick yourself up again and again. Process what is needed and step into the light. The scornful powers feed the beast of hell. It will get bigger and bigger, to build the storm of chaos into a grand empire. They will manipulate the oppressed spirits to drive them mad. To set man against each other, so that they all perish.


Worries will rise and despair will drive many mad. Stay in the simplicity and don't get mad at the many negative moves that arise. Try to focus every day on what really matters. Let go of the other. Positivity and Luminosity will help you! Don't burden your head with poisonous arrows coming at you, fend them off. You don't have to solve everything. The guilt that the despising powers want to place on you are irrelevant. They want to put so many burdens on their shoulders that everyone is going to succumb.


Try to enjoy the simple things in life at all times. A small gesture of love can help the other move on. A smile in a crowd can turn the tension. Be aware of the Light you radiate. Do not cramp, but arise in gentleness. With a warm heart you can achieve many things in the silence. Each person can take responsibility for the path they choose. Be loving to your fellow man, but withdraw in time when the atmosphere becomes unsafe. Strengthen your inner strength and inner light through the divine energy of love. Not the panic, but the peace in your heart and mind will make the right choices.


Create your own safe haven in the storm of chaos. When you walk the path of love with like-minded people, you will get through the storm well. The feeling of an earthly paradise is hidden deep in your heart in every person, open this gate. In the silence, find the inner point in the center of the heart. This point will become your connection to the core of the Earth and will lead you to the right path. Especially when you are worried or panicked.

Don't feel lonely in the storm, but feel strong with each other.

Don't feel lonely in the storm, but feel strong with each other.

Adonai Sanat Kumara

I salute the Light in your heart

November 23, 2021

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