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The War Behind the War 


It is a fierce time on many levels, but the light will intervene. The Light continues to intervene at different levels because human rights are at risk. The universal love light starts to vibrate higher and higher on earth and always gives a different tone. The octaves of recovery are used to clear up the wrongs.

On the other hand, the manipulators are trying to roll out their strategy, and the BIG RESET has already started. At least they try. It is up to man to follow the feeling of love and empathy. What is now at the next point of the Big Reset is to attack your energies in all layers. Whether energetically, physically or psychologically. They want to keep you in the lower vibration of the 3D. The new world order they represent is a very different world than what the Earth wants to release as a planet. She transitions into an etheric state and you may come with her.


The earth is a loving source of vitality. Humans are allowed to transmute into a new form. The new etheric body can be used for many beautiful purposes. The awakening of the etheric body is a great advance in the knowledge of the new earth. The etheric body has always been latent, but man had forgotten how to deal with it. This knowledge was erased when the Earth fell to a lower frequency. Now is the time to reopen this information and install it into your system. The etheric body is a totally different vehicle from what the physical body represents. There are new possibilities that you can apply to travel, so that the universe can reconnect with you as a human being. In this way the knowledge of universal life can be 'read' again. The universal man is then born.


The brain waves change due to the high tones and the brain activity is renewed in the new frequencies, the brain starts to connect with the left and right part. This is unified in certain frequencies. For example during a trance, so that the vision is put down from a unity. That's where the solutions lie.


Psychic warfare is increasing, basic security will be negatively affected from many angles. This is in direct opposition to all the beautiful things that will appear on planet earth. She is in connection with the planetary consciousness. The etheric stratification on Earth is very diverse and powerful. This life force carries with it a completely different way of life and there is a special knowledge in it, it is up to the human being to follow the heart and open these codes. These are the keys to the heart. The heart is the Cosmic Gateway to the many other layers of consciousness. Extraterrestrial contact will be established in these fields of love. Their tones will communicate with the tone that you radiate.

The new love vibration is of a completely different nature than the mentality that the manipulators control, such as introducing the BIG RESET. Some rulers are approached by us, Starlight Beings and the Ashtar Command, they will therefore resonate differently. Don't be too quick to judge, try to look again and again at everything around you, at the changes that are taking place and nourish them with positive light energy. That is why so many kinds of light people were born on Earth. To feed this new wave of treble with LIGHT AND LOVE.


The old group that focuses more on money and matter believe that this is their goal. They will try to keep their old tone. New things are happening all the time in all layers of frequencies. The earth is producing more and more notes of renewal, because Aquarius is powerfully present. Until 2033, the new tone will constantly renew itself, after 2033 it will connect with the rest of the universe. At that time, the Earth becomes part of the higher universal field. So also humans!

That makes for an exciting time, because there is a duality.

Stay calm and realistic, but don't get sucked into a lower vibration. The trick is to keep on vibrating higher and higher and develop your new tone in the new layer of the earth. That also means that a new thought opens up in man. These are the thoughts and dreams of the new earth and the earthly paradise.

Train yourself over and over to dwell in a higher frequency, through meditation, prayer, song, dance and creativity. The silence will lead you to the right path through the heart. Do not be distracted and, if necessary, take some distance from everything that disturbs you. Again and again tune in to Aquarius and the Crystal Field that is now present on Earth. These fields help you to develop pure feelings.

Whatever the opponent wants to achieve, you are much stronger. And that energy that you have within you of light, they would like to take to their own platform of artificial adaptation. They can also use a lot of energy, especially light energy. The artificial concept is already in the current planning of their suppression. They work through your traumas and the past to access your energy body. So that you end up in a slavish attitude again, release yourself from this program.

The renewed earth only wants to embrace you in the light that it will receive and this is already well underway. Make no mistake, the light power is already many times higher than before 2000. The liberation is in your hands.

The war behind the war is controlling your energy. An unworthy existence contributes to suffering on earth and that makes your mind heavier. You then produce anxious brain waves. Let go of this as much as possible and look in the right direction to what your new life may look like, send these images out into the world.

So tune in to the new earth resonances and move on. You decide in which direction you go, leave the old manipulations behind. In this way you enter a completely different life and many will follow, because many untruths surface. They will look for a different form of life and they will find new ways. The earth is going to release the knowledge, but be open to her and work with her. You make the connection and you choose with whom or what. So be very conscious in what you feel and choose, every day again... Always look with new eyes.

The star beings of Light are standing by to assist you in this transition and we have no judgment. Judging makes your vibration heavier, so we don't choose that. Your own opinion makes you unique. Developing one's own wisdom creates new possibilities. That is the natural movement in a world that is changing rapidly.

Your heart is a beautiful instrument, connect this instrument to the inner light and learn how it works, because in you love flames. Connect yourself to the Earth's core and the Divine Source, so that all can become one in your heart.

Adonai Ashtar,

I salute the Light in your heart

March 10, 2022

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