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The Political Labyrinth: The Maze

Sanat Kumara: Letting go of the hardening

There is going to be a great transformation, within the powers of your world. The knots in the manipulation web are untied. No lies will stand. Every lie consciously or unconsciously will become visible in 2022 and this provides special revelations. Both on a personal level and on a global level. The Mary energy will flow and will bring graces into the hearts of many and the Angelic power gives people protection and hope.


Your world has been tottering for a while, but now the dark layers are being cast out. Like a rotating force of light this gray veil will be penetrated and clear the auras. The higher energy consists of highly vibrating photons of light and these will imbue the lower waves with love. A special embrace that no one understands yet.

Take care of your own stability and keep an eye on your balance. As soon as you feel yourself wavering, put yourself in a great light and let Mary take care of you. It ensures that the base under your feet becomes firm again. Visualize a beautiful large dish of light beneath your feet. This light dish absorbs all imbalance, so that you only swing a little. This rocking motion relaxes your mind and the brain waves go into a different state. Then make the line to the earth, so that another anchor is placed.


The pineal gland starts to sparkle, so that everything remains perceptible in the confusion. You see the solution, the exit to another positive field. You know which step to take. You need this clarity to get through everything, because chaos also arises.


When the unity energy comes into contact with the dual struggle, everything is filtered. You can call up the unity energy within yourself through the heart and send it to the head, (also to the earth to stay firm).

Every human being in the web of illusion is screened and purified. As deep as needed. Lies or wrongs surface and become aware. Everything moves quickly and changes.

The Denouement

The knots in the political web become visible and begin to loosen. From the spring, every node in the unity energy will be 'liberated'. The denouement takes place on many levels. These knots will be untied in quick succession. One denouement after the other will arise, there is no stopping it. This continues until all knots are released and the old political web of power is dissolved. The 'new' is being prepared by the Mary energy.


Many will feel betrayed when the knots are untied. Confidence takes a hit and the old political powers fall like dominoes. Those that remain standing are already in the renewal or will be released later. The words they speak become weaker and weaker and their convictions no longer hold any strength. The doubt comes over them.

How will humanity react and what consequences will arise?

After the shock, there will first be a silence to process the shock. Then many slowly rise again, some confused, others more awake than ever. They will eventually react, because the awake state is still a bit uncomfortable.


The media will also follow. Are they already preparing? How are they going to turn out, after all the complications? Did they put this down consciously or unconsciously? It doesn't matter anymore, because many realize that a different direction is needed. The shock makes everything vibrate in the mind, so that the signal is no longer forgotten.

United States

The shockwave will blow over everything from the United States. This is followed by smaller waves in other countries. The major hub is in the US, from which new lines are emerging that will expose the old power of manipulation. The nodes are now becoming visible in many countries. Some old nodes are being lifted and artificially put down. New databases are the virtual way to collect and store information. A new power is happening in a positive or negative way?

Groups will arise in all layers that will take care of others. New connections of compassion arise, to cope with the unstable situation. It will first look for a temporary base and find it. A kind of modified emergency ordinance that replaces the older ones.

Providing guidance

Giving support to the weaker, the children and many others who cannot solve this themselves. They cannot comprehend this yet.

The Mary energy is rising and will help many in need.

Don't look too far ahead, live with the day and in the moment.

Sanat Kumara Adonai

I salute the light in your heart

1 January 2022

This post may be shared in its entirety and citing the source: © Arthura Hector All rights reserved.

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