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Sananda: Activation of the Divine Seal


A beautiful activation will take place during the full moon of December 19, 2021. The new Divine Seal will be placed in the heart and your whole body will be activated so that the new earth energy will flow through you. The Utopia of Divine love rises and the seal opens the light gate of the new covenant.


A new covenant of light is being established, this is the Sacred Circle of Love. A harmony opens up in the mind of man and all this arises in order to gain insight into the Divine law. There are laws created by man and there are laws created by the Divine. The laws of man are about money and power, but the laws of the Divine are directed to the inner truth. These are natural and balanced. It makes man joyful. Nature is made up of many Divine formulas of Light, these are harmoniously composed to calm the mind.

The new path will be built from the Divine legislation, the Divine seal is a part of that. It contains the joyful code that will lead you to the new covenant.


Deep down, you all want to make the transition into a new world of harmony. A society in which everyone can follow and propagate his or her passion. When the feeling becomes more and more hindered from establishing the new movement, look at the gaps and let go of the old. You don't have to be afraid to enter the new covenant that is going to be created between like-minded people. Don't get discouraged any longer! In the beginning it takes some perseverance, but many will follow. Will you become a bridge builder for the new world?

Send out your inner message, for it will be stronger than ever, as the great Light shines through it. Tune in to the great force now entering the Earth. How you perceive the Divine depends on the purity of your intention, through this intention you send the sound of the inner voice into the world. Your truth.


Those who make the first step towards a new world are called the bridge builders, they build a bridge between the old and new movement. They will be the first to enter the new covenant and see the Utopia before them. Make the move, because the new world has a lot to offer. The limited vision of the old cannot resonate with the new Utopia, deep in your heart the dreams are reflected, there lies the key. Take the time and space to listen to the sound of renewal. This is the healing tone of recovery. Your new future lies in the inner world, carry it out. Join the new covenant of Divine Intervention. In the silence connect the crystalline body to the light gate and it will open. I will appear to lead you through the gate. I reach out my hand...


For those who have arrived in the deep, there I will shine my Light! In the depths of chaos I will set you free. In addition, the Angels next to me are ready to activate the many bridge builders and to smooth the path to recovery. Many have been damaged and therefore do not want to continue. Talk to them and show them the way to the new path. Point them to another route and give them hope. When you turn to the Light, help will come your way. You can also create a prayer field for someone else. But when you're in the dark, help yourself first. You cannot reach the other from a dark pit. Your panic pulls the other down. So take good care of yourself and relax.


It sounds a bit contradictory, to save yourself first. Yet this is the new movement: First make yourself strong and put it down firmly, anchor in the new crystalline field and then start to build a bridge to your fellow man. Many focus too much outwardly and take in the chaos, so that they are overwhelmed by negative emotions.


It can be helpful to distance yourself from an old situation and old patterns. Old patterns may be broken, because a new beginning arises. Choose peace and not fear. Experience everything consciously and honestly, but with an empathetic streak.


Develop a correct vision that can oversee the problem, rise above the negativity that is being broadcast and let go of the heaviness. The new covenant is a Divine Intervention of unconditional love. In the energetic field, Light forces will be present to send out a lifeline. In these times of chaos many fall down, very deeply and that may be prevented. The Angels around me form a platform of Light, they come to you and catch you. They will speak through your dreams and issue a warning when you are in danger.

You may realize this dream, because your hearts are filled with grace.


The children of Aquarius will be extra supported, they carry the future with them and therefore they are extra vulnerable. The poisonous arrows are often aimed at them, usually from the media or other digital forms. Talk to them and keep the line alive, that is now the first priority. Later, the healing powers are released to assist them in their connection with the Divine Light. In this way their base remains standing. Good interaction with their environment prevents isolation. A warm and loving encounter that embraces them spiritually is now important. It provides a good buffer, so that they can get through this chaotic time. Becoming isolated makes you feel gloomy and vulnerable, try to connect with others or walk in nature. There are many options for balancing your brain activity. Through an active movement or through a passive meditation from rest.

When the psychological suppression extends further, the Divine power will intervene. The virus will weaken and decline.


The dreamers form a small core, but are very powerful. They are going to release the dream seeds to establish the new covenant in the mind of man. They carry the Divine law in their hearts and know this. This knowledge is sacred. They are protected from the Higher Rhalms and many have had difficult lives. Keep holding on for you are needed. The Angels of God are by your side.

I give you all a warm heart, stay in faith.

Adonai, Sananda

December 19, 2021

This post may be shared in its entirety citing the source: © Arthura Hector All rights reserved.


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