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The Insurgent


The insurgent wakes up! During this time, the power of the insurgent will grow stronger. They propagate this new movement to eradicate injustice. IT OVERCOMES ALL FEAR.


They stand up for a purpose and make the sound of the resurrection. They make their voices heard from a pure mind, for when the heart speaks there are no lies, only a deep conviction. Every person is entitled to his or her conviction, no one can deprive you of the right to the true feeling. Many think to speak from the feeling, but many speak from the head, filled with fear.

The ratio has its own language. This view is linked to scientific formulas. When someone tries to convince you through a flood of rational facts, it can make the human in you smaller.

The peacefull rebel does not speak from power, but from strength. They are sensitive and vulnerable, so that no one feels threatened. It warms people deep in the heart and touches them to the core. The knowledge springs from the core, because your conviction is sacred and everyone feels this.


The Insurgent emerges when the inner drive is stimulated by the crystal field. A new force from the earth. Aquarius brings about a resurrection, to let a living energy emerge from a dead matter. This is a special survival vibration and it is spread through the inner joy. This joy brings many positive solutions.


Jesus Christ was a rebel. Those who fear the vibration of the Christ consciousness have something to hide. They carry a lie or are programmed from manipulation.


It can evoke a feeling of resistance in those who are still affected by the old way of manipulation. This ancient view is about fear and captivity. The resistance lies deep within man, linked to an ancient past. The opening will appear after you have lived through the fear. Freeing yourself is a unique process. Over time, many insurgents have been born. She created a new wave in human evolution. Resurrected they speak from the heart and God speaks through them about the living energy. Speaking from a true voice is different from cornering the other person. Anyone may take up space to speak on Earth. That is the right of man, given by God.

The true voice speaks from freedom, freedom is a feeling and cannot be explained through scientific facts. In the three Abramistic religions there is a view that there will be a general resurrection of mankind from the dead at the end of the world, the end of time.

This wording can be interpreted literally and symbolically. This scientific approach is impossible. This is a (spiritual) experience, based on the feeling. When you let this enter through the heart, a wonderful experience is created. The feeling of a heavenly touch. For eons there has been talk of an earthly paradise. You feel the depth of this meaning. End of time does not mean glorifying death, but embracing life!

"You are alive, growing from the cells and atoms.


Two ways of life arise: 1) Through a scientific belief, this can be an empty energy, superficial in form and based on fear. 2) Or you embrace the new way of life: From the heart a flow of love and empathy arises, it spreads to everything and everyone. Nature is the starting point and also the legislation of the natural consciousness of light. Nature is so beautifully constructed, these structures are alive and creative. Nothing is exactly the same, everything is unique in shape. This is because the build-up of stratification is intertwined, there is an underlying communication.


The political rulers have made the choice to spread their fears all over the world. This is their own great fear of losing the old world. This old way of life is a thing of the past. With many detours they will start to build another artificial world, in which man has been assigned a submissive role. How can the manipulators worldwide bend this? Through the cooperation of humans and technology, such as weakening the immune system and exercising the role of the 'protector'. They do not have the powers of God, certainly not the eyes to see everything. The eyes they make are the eyes from a digital reality. To achieve this, they must gain the trust of all humanity. Each country will establish this in its own way, because each culture has its own frequency with a unique DNA. This is reflected through many civilizations and their unique knowledge about nature. This knowledge is very old and man carries it within himself. Every human being is connected to the Akashic Records, a natural library of knowledge.

What does this new time mean?

This new age carries an equal start for all, causing the old manipulative powers to lose their position. A fresh basis is created from unity and a new vision arises. The window of many possibilities opens up to everyone. This triggers those in power enormously. They do not want to trade in their old power for an equal start. This symbolic death of power and wealth instills great fear in them. Their urge to survive this rises! They want to make a step through the old and how? They will not bend to let go of their position which they have acquired unnaturally. There is a natural and manipulated leadership and they have known for quite some time that this is going to happen and are trying to save their skin. They transfer their fear to the entire world population, so that a great reflection of fear arises. The oppression is greater than ever, but well disguised. At least that's what they're trying to do, because they're just propagating an idea, an experiment.


The current global economy, the old money flow, the powers of politics and everything that makes your world run is coming to an end. There are new opportunities for everyone, don't let the fear spin your head, but seize your chance. The manipulative rulers are doing everything they can to control the transfer. If you believe in this, this will partly arise. But they are overlooking something.


A new trend is now emerging. Man is connected to a natural flow of universal love. This is accompanied by growth and a strong survival instinct. The earth is your mother, she takes care of her children in her way. The crystal field has meanwhile opened itself in the material earth and everyone can use it. This is a higher frequency of light, a higher vibrating layer of consciousness, where new information is contained. This new information comes from the sun. The higher light of freedom and love. The sun gets hotter and hotter so that the entire galaxy is placed in a higher frequency. Tune in to this and it will fertilize the mind with new solutions. The crystal eyes open and you now see very clearly the programming from fear. You see the panic reflected in the eyes of your fellow man. Powerlessness may arise in your heart, but you cannot save everyone from this unnatural spiritual death. Every person is free to choose the path of his choice. You can be an example in the stillness of this new flow. Those approaching from fear to fear more calls, try this from softness.


Nature is in direct contact with the human psyche. This can be expressed through the climate and the movement of nature. When a person is 'out of tune', she makes a different sound. A global fear vibrates differently than that of love. Fear makes the heart beat faster. Just imagine: an entire world population whose heart is beating faster. That gives a different rhythm: Boom-boom-boom. This rhythm of fear is transmitted through nature, to the earth and eventually to the universe. The universe receives this signal. Everything communicates through the Divine consciousness, for this is a living energy.

The earth is a living organism and also carries sound waves (Schumann Resonance). The earth balances all disturbances in its field. This great force of nature cannot possibly be ignored. She works from love, she creates harmony. Thoughts have enormous power and disaster can be spread by any person, but the trick is to spread harmony. Start harmonizing your own life, this can be done very simply through music, dance and meditation. Balance your heart and let it beat healthy. Breathe in healthy air and fill the lungs with pleasure and enjoy each other.


The manipulative forces that have caused all this, consciously or unconsciously, do not know what they have started. They have summoned and sent a signal, what are they attracting: A negative alien race? Will that be the next program of fear, so that man abhors the cosmos? The universe is love. Love is what is sent, even though they try to dim the light of your sun, the true attunement goes through the heart. Light communicates through everything, unless you step out of the light yourself.


These universal waves of love will hit the insurgents and they will bring about a change. New solutions based on empathy will reign supreme. Aggressiveness will die and the power of love will grow stronger and stronger. This group of insurgents will follow their hearts and pass on this wisdom. They carry this out to evolve together with the earth. The Earth carries a great superpower and it helps us. She is not the victim, not even the human being. This image may change and pass this on to the children of the future.


The Aquariums will arise from an unknown silence, fueled by a Divine impulse with an urge to do good. This will arise everywhere and many will be awakened in this. They are the new insurgents of the earth. This new creature is going to convince the others, their ideas are simple and easy to execute.

Even the old rulers will warmly welcome these Aquaria to a certain point, for their meager empathy limits their vision to see the new. To manipulate humans, they need new strategies. They want to set up their programming of an artificial utopia from the dreams of the Aquaria. In this way they need the human being, because the new thing there lies their weakness. The future is their enemy and the past is their memory of manipulation.


Those who have become discouraged may stand up again with courage.

They first form their own group and later this expands further. It will be seen and this evokes something new. There will be a science based on the natural knowledge of the heart. Through which many new concepts will arise, the invisible will be understood. Quantum physics is the start, creating the first step to 'prove' the invisible. The second step is working with this invisible force field.

Life is beautiful, experience it as intensely as possible..

Adonai Ashtar

I salute the light in your heart

June 3, 2021

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