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SummerSolstice 2022: Holy Mary Power



The summer solstice of June 21, 2022 will usher in the power of the Blessed Mother Mary. From now on it will flow into all hearts, stronger than ever.

The sun plays an enormous role on this day, and in the past period the solar flares from the cosmos have become very large. These large swarms of solar flares create a large electric field that will have a major effect on all living things this summer.

Its power will be enormous and the healing Mary energy will be released in this very high vibration. Every person is touched. Open your heart to her gentle love energy, her power will have an enormous effect on the entire consciousness. The original part of man becomes visible again, it has been veiled for a long time.


During the summer solstice, the sun is at its highest, where the seasons alternate and the light from the sun weakens and increases, this gives an extra boost. This causes the Earth's magnetic field to expand and amplify. Magnetic fields form an attraction, so that the new cosmic seeds will fertilize the earth with a higher vibration. These are the seeds of light that can now be massively implanted in the consciousness of the earth and man.

When a planet starts to propagate new creations, the life forms are touched in their original form. A completely different vision will open next summer in which creativity is number one, through creativity people can adapt the world and reset it to its original state. The artificial field is lifted where the forces are highest. Many stalled conflicts are once again given the chance to be resolved in a peaceful manner.


Some conflicts, such as the war in Ukraine, could have reached a ceasefire much earlier. Natural consciousness made this possible. (Arthura: Through the many solar flares that have arisen and the high light that was released. See previous posts). Unfortunately, the manipulative forces are stubborn and want to thwart natural consciousness in order to achieve their goal. They want to infiltrate the healing Mary energy by creating a lot of chaos and emotions, so that this beautiful energy in humans is disturbed. The fear of the feminine Maria energy is so great that they have postponed the peace negotiations.

They want to keep the original light particle in the DNA veiled.


In the war zones, many shadows of sadness arise, bringing the energy to a standstill. These blockages or shadow fields are not further purified in a natural way, but end up in a kind of vacuum. This has certain consequences that the manipulating forces have no idea about and these consequences will also cross their path. Directly and indirectly, because love is so strong that it bends everything. First in the etheric field and then this becomes visible in the physical plane.


The natural recovery is disrupted in this way. The Light forces will direct extra energy to radiate into the shadow areas via the higher frequencies. The vacuum that has arisen will want to spread, the opening will take place through the ionosphere of the earth. The pressure will increase and nature will react to remove this vacuum. Strong forces will arise such as heat waves, storms, rainfall and thunderstorms.


The ionosphere is a layer around the earth where the particles are ionized by the sun. The lower limit of the ionosphere is at an altitude of about 80 km. The ionosphere mainly contains ions and electrons.


This coming summer many stalled conflicts will once again have the chance to be resolved and to clear the earth of its shadow fields. Send out thoughts of love through the Mary energy so that you become a pillar of Light and Love. It is hard work, because your own imbalance is also taken into account and restored. Every time there is an imbalance in the heart, it will be healed. The Mary power is a purifying energy that brings much clarification.


An original vision will open this summer: Creativity will reign supreme and permeate the solutions that may arise. Your senses become very sharp and the energetic senses are opened, you become again: 'Clairsighted, clairaudienced, clairsentient, clairsmelling and claircognizant. These talents are part of human beings, but have often faded into the background, allow them again consciously. Put your trust in this beautiful ethereal vehicle.

Adonai Ashtar

I salute the Light in your soul

June 21, 2022

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