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Spring Equinox: Ascension Lightworkers 


Dear Lightworkers, for some time now the light dimensions have been working together to support the many Lightworkers on Earth in their ascension. In this period of great light explosions, the Lightworkers are being touched extra to be raised in their frequency again.

From this a new movement will arise and the contact with the etheric dimensions becomes deeper. Your experiences become more intense, your insights very pure. The inner knowledge shows you the way to the new path, in which your mission and task become visible.

The Ascension Process Now Stands Firm!


During the equinox of March 21, 2022, an energetic wave has arisen. Where the sun touched the earth, cosmic lines of light arose. These ascension waves are bringing about a great field of change. Many of you have been touched by this and are in deep transmutation.

Pineapple Gland

The pineal gland is extra activated during this period. It is also possible that the discomfort starts in the head. This is the effect of the cosmic wave, with the ascension standing firm. The crown and the pineal gland receive a light activation and your entire system is reset.

It is good to pay attention to the balance in your feet and legs. The first chakra feeds the basic security and emotions are released, especially fears can be triggered. Expressing these emotions may come about in a safe way, where you can protect yourself well during these sensitive periods.


Certain complaints may occur: Such as headache, dizziness, stomach complaints, complaints around the feet (or back), muscle pain. These temporary ascension complaints can come on violently, but then quickly disappear again. If these are chronic, there may be blockages in the neck, ears or the position of the feet. Forgetfulness can be caused by emotional overload.


The new earth energy touches the feet to bring the ascension back into balance, if your grounding is good then everything can flow well. The flow through the feet upwards influences the cosmic ascension wave which opens the pineal gland. During this flow, the lunar energy, such as the stomach, will also go along with it. As a result, the symptoms of headache, dizziness and nausea can temporarily increase or decrease. All this depends on whether there is a good discharge of negative energy.


The (spring) virus, which is now also present, can strengthen all this. These are tough conversions, but apparently necessary to arrive at this new energy. Follow your gut feeling and take a rest on time. The energy of the full moon and the Equinox followed each other in rapid succession, making the energy twice as strong.


This spring energy opened in a great wave of love, which spread further and now slowly subsides. The solar flares that were the cause accelerated the photons. After this revolution, it is important to find your balance again. Surrender to this innovation. A lot of sleep can help with this and let go of the guilt. Taking time for yourself is an unheard of luxury for many, so convert it and let go of control.

There are also other ascension complaints that can play a role, but in this past period the above points are most present.

The tuning of the pineal gland to the new frequency can give reactions. The feet get out of balance for a while, but need to recover quickly. The tones are completely converted and adjusted. Ringing or other pitches in the ears are normal and part of this. This is tuning to another higher frequency. Letting go of the old is a condition. Don't work against yourself, let it get to you.

This will not only affect people individually, but these consequences will spread to the outside world. A big change is imminent and many are going along with it and feel the transformation: on a spiritual, energetic, psychological, mental, emotional and physical level. Feel what you need in this and ask for help if necessary. Be kind and patient to yourself and your fellow man.


This also makes the collective consciousness lighter in frequency. The many Lightworkers on Earth radiate this light and thus help to illuminate the entire system on Earth. This high frequency can thus touch and lift others above the physical layer. The new tones also open in the collective, allowing you to perceive more deeply. The surface of the Aquarian water appears calmer than what goes on under the water and you feel this. Follow your gut feeling and you will see that it has become stronger.


Beneath the surface is a new energy. A new wave is preparing and little by little you can already experience it. In the summer this huge wave will break open from a dark layer. The new evidence comes like an explosion. My energy will be there to further regulate the light. The new wave is very large and will reveal much. For some, this can come in as a shock wave, with consciousness suddenly breaking open further.

Rest assured it will be fine.

Those who naturally go along with these waves of change, from which light explosions arise, are pleasantly surprised. Those who want to stop this in themselves can be overwhelmed and should ask for help and keep a lot of rest in the event of a sudden conversion. When physical help is not enough, ask for help from me, Mother Mary. I will guide you to a resting point of sacred energy. As a loving mother I will embrace you and carry you to safety. Follow your intuition carefully, because I speak through the heart.


The Ascension and Ascension complaints touch each other in the center. The point here is to let go of the gross body, so that the etheric vehicle can open. Some translate this into a literal letting go, the longing for another world then becomes a fact. Ignorance plays a role in this and spreading light information is important.

The raising of your frequency and vibration is necessary so that the consciousness in a higher dimension can develop further. The crystal consciousness of the earth plays a major role in this, so that via this pure layer can be transferred to a harmonious whole.

Heaven on Earth

When heaven descends to earth, the new birth in your heart will herald the cosmic consciousness. In it the subtle body can manifest itself as a movable Merkaba. Traveling through the sacred structures of the White Gold energy, which opens up the timelines, then becomes a new quality.


These were Mother Mary and Ashtar

We salute the Light in your heart

Apr 8, 2022

This post may be shared in its entirety and citing the source: © Arthura Hector All rights reserved.


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