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 ShockWave: Biological Weapons


We at the Andromedia Council are warning Earth's rulers to ban the use of bio-weapons.

The moment is approaching when chemical or bio-weapons will be used. The war in which Ukraine is involved is just a distraction from another goal. When they start spreading these viruses over a large area, there is a low for years in the population that is affected. There are thoughts from different angles to use a weapon that spreads viruses. From a certain point, this can start to spread further, as happened with the COVID-19.

Biological warfare is a method of waging war using life forms ( plants , fungi , insects , viruses , bacteria ) or toxic organic substances produced by life forms.

Technology on earth does not stand still, worldwide great inventions are being made in the field of viruses and bacteria. These are partly spread by drones. In this way not only humans are affected, but also the earth itself. The earth may become unbalanced and its recovery will be violent. In no scenario will the earth be destroyed, the earth will continue to evolve. This has been put down from the Divine Plan, the planetary consciousness cannot possibly be affected in this way.


Provide natural immunity, which includes a healthy lifestyle and belief in a deeper layer of love. Without love the world is empty and aimless. Don't fill this up with artificial stimulations. There is still plenty of time to put yourself down all over again and get rid of all the negative.


The warning we, the Andromeda Council, is issuing on behalf of the Confederation of Planets and Omniversa is urgent. We speak on behalf of many light spheres. We are all part of a universal 'offensive' and will intervene. Our way of intervening comes from a completely different angle than the warfare between rulers on earth. We do not support destruction, but we will protect life forms where necessary. This is a universal Divine agreement that the spheres of light have made with each other. The universal laws of balance and harmony must not be disturbed.

The Divine creations must not be affected, this way of negatively influencing other life forms is impure. These formulas are out of balance and cause disfigurement, life forms suffering from disease and pain.

The Divine evolution continues and the photon light starts to spread in a higher frequency on Earth. It cannot be tolerated when all this is slowed down with unstable viruses or large groups of people and animals are eliminated. The earth will be born in a sphere of light of the fifth dimension. This is going on now.

We are in an alert state of being, ready to intervene in such a way that the damage is kept to a minimum.


The war will come to a low point, the aggression among those in power will manifest itself in an inhumane way. This point will soon be reached and we will lift and protect humanity. Focus on the earth and its light power, you are safe in your inner light core. Protect yourself with love energy.


After this low point, there will be a positive turnaround. At that moment, a completely different course is started, so that peace can be restored.

The low point will trigger a shockwave. As a result, surrounding powers that are outside the war will intervene and take a clear position. From that movement there will soon be another turn in this war in which Ukraine is at the center. This exciting state will last a total of three full moons. Then comes a time of relaxation.


This first full moon of March reflects the build-up in this conflict. The second full moon (of April) will show this low. The third full moon (of May) will turn everything around. In the summer calm will return and then many untruths will surface from all angles.

Know that you dear human being, were born from the light!

The spheres of light are your real home, there are many different life forms that work together out of love. You may call on them and ask for help, believe in your own Divine Light-power and you will see: "Your inner light will shine." The darkness in everything is being tackled and transformed.


A lot of light is going to develop, this photon light is going to embrace the earth and soon the light will be stabilized. Until then, the manipulators are trying to influence many to stay on the path of duality.

The lower vibrations want to build an artificial world through a very large group of people, they call this the Big Reset. The more souls they gain, the greater the chance of success that this concept will come to fruition. They want to build a fake world in which people are artificially emotionally controlled. Freedom of expression is not welcome here, you can see it slowly developing. Know, man is in control. Don't go along with it, and they won't be able to carry out this concept.


In addition to this artificial concept that is being forced upon you, build and realize another natural world. Dream yourself free by dismantling all downward spirals through the Divine Light. This is how you work together with the Divine creation. Co-creating through the Divine Unity. The living light and water, where everything is built out of love and harmony is born.


We salute the Light in your heart


March 19, 2022

This post may be shared in its entirety and with reference to the source: © Arthura Hector All rights reserved.


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