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Second Crystalline Activation 2020: High Priestess

ASHTAR: Full Moon of February 9, 2020

This is a new post about the crystalline activations of 2020. What are crystalline activations? Crystalline activations awaken the new crystalline layer in the earth and in humans. This great crystalline field has been worked on for years, by the earth itself, but also by you as a human being. When a large crystalline field is set up, there is a close association with the Divine helpers. This new field around the earth is being activated from the Divine Source. This Light is opening in different layers and is unstoppable.

The crystalline conversions are very large and unavoidable this coming year. Each of you is part of this renewal. The first full moon of January triggered the first low. The layer associated with basic security in the physical earth. In every person this awakens a deeper layer from the natural balance and purity. The family lines have been touched and converted in the first layer. This continues until a deep transformation occurs in the second layer. Your aura will shine and you can now convert traits that you have not been able to do before. That gives a huge relief and a power that explodes from within.


In this special year of great renewal, the pure crystalline layers open in quick succession. That gives a huge conversion in the physical earth, the visible purification rises! On February 9, 2020, the second tier of creativity will open. Prior to the day of the gate of two: the High Priestess.


The high priestess enriches the female power and doses all this in the month of February. She propagates the number 2 in a special creative way, all of this will manifest itself through the crystalline field. Also, February marks a particularly powerful portal of the number two. On 02-02-2020 a divine portal has opened to allow the crystalline energy beam to pass through. A gate that rarely occurs and will no longer arise for the time being.


What is an eel dream? A series of numbers (or rhythms in music) that give the same outcome or rhythms both forwards and backwards. In the form of a rhythmic portal: These are very powerful portals and this means that the dream reality is activated. The realities of the dream fields are now being incorporated into the crystal field. A special time is approaching and it brings new realities into view and back into your life. Multidimensionality.

Many "eel" dreams have arisen in our past. 909 years ago there was one on 11-11-111. The next one will also have to wait a while after that. In 101 years 12-12-2121 will take place. After that we can wait 1010 years for another palindrome day on 03-03-3030. This time the palindrome day is extra special. This February 2, 2020 is the 33rd day of the year and we still have exactly 333 days to go.

ASHTAR: You see that the number 2 holds a special activation this year and it is connected with the rhythm 'creation': "Are you a dreamer who creates?"

Did you use your talents, were you able to apply them or what held you back? Even more important is: "What is your position as a person on earth? How have you created this position for yourself so far? Are you reaping the benefits or do you still have a lot to convert?

The activations continue to work in every person, but it depends on where you stand. What is your starting position in this year: 'Have you been living in the veils for the past few years and will this be your first opening to another reality? Then the old blinders fall off and a sigh of relief rises." Or have you been working in this area for a while? However, it will be hard work for everyone. This is because each moon has a different rhythm. Another activation in a different guise.


The level of the 2 is the layer of the High Priestess. This is also the female power that will manifest itself strongly, even though there is still a lot of resistance from the (male) fear. The ratio cannot let go of the old and prefers to keep the female power imprisoned and locked. This one opens and the female opposition stands up. If it doesn't turn left, it turns right. Even more hidden things become clear and these provide a lot of insight.


The dual parts of the masculine and feminine power can oppose each other as usual. The crystalline energy provides the pure fusion. Gain insight into a new field of collaboration and apply this from the perspective of creation. The new duality and sacred marriage are better understood.

The earth is the important link in this that will increasingly play up in the spirit of the female power, she will no longer tolerate the abuse of the her fruits. The earth knowledge is released "again" and touches you in your deepest core. Protecting the earth is a must.

Do you stand up for the earth, or would you rather stay safely hidden behind the lines?

This was Ashtar

I salute the crystalline light in your heart


February 9, 2020

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