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Portal of Love: 'Relief and Peace' 


Full Moon March 17, 2022:

The energy of the full moon in March is now slowly moving and bringing joy to life. This vibrant energy is new and it will touch the heart of man. It will bring a lot of relief after all the sadness and heaviness. A loving touch arises from the moon, which will enrapture many. It is the beginning of a special love portal.

This joyful energy comes from the sun to the earth and it spreads its light through the full moon, so that this energy is welcomed into your dreams. The astral body receives this light and passes it on to the physical body. Upon awakening, you feel the softness and widening in your energy, as if a great sigh of relief has passed through you.


War and peace are right next to each other and the energy of relief will begin to flow there. A solution is being found for the many tragedies that reflect like a mirror in your world. This spike of negative energy will soon be over and the violence will settle down. It is the dark layers that have accumulated from an old field of tension and these are being purified. During the coming full moons, this sense of relief will continue to develop as the Earth's resonances are heightened again.

During the build-up of higher energy, a tension field is released and these were now located in Europe. Europe has old connections with the rest of the world and this caused a temporary but intense reaction. This 'dispute for positions of power' will be resolved through new negotiations from different layers. Peace will soon return, before the summer this whole conflict will be gone.


A new view opens up to politics and they quickly consider giving shape to the new insights. A new sound will resonate through everything. Consciousness is touched from all sides and repented. Many Angels whisper of the love to come and send it into the consciousness of man. Those who resist will eventually surrender.

The power of Aquarius is increasing enormously. The waves of liberation are getting bigger and bigger. Europe will be immersed in a renewal, to let go of the old powers. Threads of old manipulations are disconnected. Unrest and imbalance will no longer be tolerated and the new wave of Light will touch your heart too. Like beautiful music, the inner light will continue to fan out.

This cheerful wind will announce spring, so you can reclaim your own space without fear or heaviness. The coming summer will cause a lot of bewilderment, but spring will provide a major refresher first.


After the Spring Equinox of March 20, there will definitely be a positive turn. The Holy Temples have been preparing for this phenomenon for quite some time and are now reaching the point of unity. The tone that is now being produced will be healing and it is needed to connect all the Temples in this light. The unity energy of these Holy Temples becomes a fact and will support the earth from now on. They are the Sacred Temples of the Shamballa and they become active in the layer where man can enter them. This higher tone can be perceived by those who live in a higher vibration on Earth.


In addition, this pure tone draws many up into a new field of love. This upgrade will mean a revolution for many and conjure up a different way of life. A lifestyle more close to the heart, so dream free. Many will come together from the heart to shape the new connection. In the first phase, which is now about to arise, small-scale circles of innovation are being formed. At first there will be some unaccustomed reaction, but they soon become known and their method is adopted by other groups. This is expanding more and more and many new ideas are joining it.

It will be a beautiful and refreshing spring, this energy will continue into the summer when startling facts will come out. Separate the wheat from the chaff through the heart and not through the head. You will see that a different layer is touched in each one, it opens permanently.

A hot summer causes many purifications on earth, just as a fever cleans the human body. It allows blockages to be dissolved and something floats to the top, is it important information and what knowledge comes from the depths to the light to be shared? New, but also old hidden knowledge come to the surface. It brings new evidence that could cause a stir.

Keep your eyes open, because a lot will pass by at a rapid pace.

Adonai Ashtar

I salute the light in your heart

March 7, 2022

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