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New Timeline of Light 



Many powerful portals are opening in the sign of the angelic energy 4-4. The number 8 is the symbol of the lemniscate and it stands for the eternal flow of the life energy. This one is timeless.

A totally different development will arise from the light, this special process will push the consciousness of society in a different direction. Special groups are formed from the heart. The love light rises and is born from the mud of chaos. This new vision is being created from the new timeline of light.

Many good deeds will arise to help the fellow man in need. These initiatives are getting bigger and more powerful. The projects that are set up from a humane vision. Are carried by the Light, so that all the negative will be negated. Love is the key in this new movement and it opens a great power in your heart. It will unleash a huge wave that will rise worldwide. A new connection between many caring people who want to help each other. As politics turns to war and destruction, an empathic movement, from an unexpected quarter, will lend a helping hand.


The old forces of manipulation try to expand their vision, but as they do this they encounter more and more opposition. The old timeline becomes weak and loses its power. That is why the old powers want to push through their 'Big Reset' as soon as possible. They have no time to lose, because the light photons are going to embrace the earth with an accelerated force. They know that the old system is crumbling, because it is losing its pillars. They become weaker.

Disruptions begin to arise in the field of the ego, as the new energy of love resonates only with the empathic capacity.

The chaos shown by the media only represents one side of the story. That will also change, more and more images will come from a loving encounter. There is so much more alive and this will soon become apparent. The great powers are still playing the game and are mainly focusing on the power of the multinationals. This old vision is stagnating.


The mindset of the new timeline is: Help yourself, but also your fellow man. Open your heart. Carry the love in your heart and you will see this become one of the most powerful energy. Turn your focus to the new group that love supports others. The light opens and everything that is carried out in the love light becomes greater. Don't be afraid to stand out, because a whole new timeline is opening up and it is separate from all manipulations. In this timeline of love, the manipulations can no longer affect you, for it does not affect you there.


This new timeline is a miracle for many and you can suddenly be engulfed by this energy and start experiencing special things. Some are suddenly absorbed into this light and feel unreal. Some can suddenly tune in and see paradise open.

The new timeline of love can work through into the old timelines and sometimes there is some friction in time. Predictions are announced and later turn out to be different. Know that these carry a kernel of truth, only the receiver is in a different time frequency at that moment and the translation to this time on earth is always changing.

See everything more nuanced, feel with your heart, because the new movement has no recognizable shape yet. It all has yet to arise in spirit and matter. Sometimes developments happen so fast that there are gaps in time or in memory. The light quickly dissolves the old parts and they disappear suddenly.

The new and old timelines are intertwined. This is temporary in nature and this process automatically returns to its own permanent structure.

How do you translate these new shapes and symbols that are shown to you, because there are no examples available yet: 'They may be created'. Feel good if your heart resonates with the messages that come along and also pay attention to the wishful thoughts that are packed in them. Sometimes dreams are needed to turn reality upside down and to activate the seed of possibility. A new movement now resonates through everything, if you open up to it, you will experience a completely different reality.


Don't get disappointed if the forecast doesn't come true, because what were you looking for? Changes begin in the heart and the Divine renewal comes from the cosmos. These connections are sacred and they come to you through the love energy. The new timeline is a miracle that is not yet well understood. It's all going to unfold, deep within your heart a knowing opens up. This knowledge resonates with the new timeline and everything is still integrating, allowing it to be interpreted differently. Keep faith in a beautiful and special future.

Your wishful thoughts, the dream time and the new timeline work together towards a new earth. Manifestation arises as soon as everything comes together in the point of unity.

Each consciousness is being rebalanced so that the new energy can transform you. Your hidden talents are emerging and what you once wished deep in your heart can now be realized. The inner child is allowed to play again, but now as an enlightened being. The game is being refreshed.

The new timeline will continue to work energetically, some material things cannot go to the new timeline, other forms are created for that. The new timeline consists of a fine matter, in which pure light can resonate. The heaviness is replaced by another form of consciousness. You have now arrived in this process and the experience of the invisible is becoming visible.

The vehicle of man will move with this higher vibration and it is constantly changing. Do you experience this as magical or do you think you are dreaming? That could be right. The mind and your perception receive new impulses and regular resets, so that you resonate well with the new timeline. The fresh air and nature can help you to ground yourself again.

When the stimuli or conversions become too intense, follow your gut feeling. If you really can't function anymore at a certain point, then let everything go and give in to these impulses. If the external stimuli are too much for you, rest, but do consult a medical specialist in time. Take good care of yourself and your fellow man.

Adoania Ashtar

I salute the Light in your heart

October 28, 2022

This post may be shared in its entirety and citing the source: © Arthura Hector or All rights reserve


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