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New Moon May: INTERVENTION OF THE LIGHT, Armistice & Turning Point Near    



The energy of the new moon, April 30, 2022, will be the start of a special turnaround that will continue to work in many areas.

May will be the month of a completely different approach. The fierce problems that have arisen between the great powers must be brought to a halt. The war is causing great imbalance. The turnaround is continued by means of positive solutions.

There is going to be a global turning point. The governments and heads of state will consider the negative signals that are now emerging, so that they will consider around and after the full moon of May.

At an individual level, there will now be a reversal, in which lies no longer work and are seen through. These signals from the light cause a major turnaround within the family atmosphere.


There will be an intervention from the Light, we from the light worlds will address those in power and make them aware of the consequences if they continue like this. We from the light worlds are going to intervene, as we have done with the Corona virus. It dissolves.

The build-up from the new moon to the full moon of May will surprise many. Totally unexpected there will be a shift in the interests that the countries in Europe will follow.


The full moon of April brought everything to a rock bottom, causing many to lose heart and become discouraged. For many it is inconceivable that this turnaround will actually become a fact. Take heart and keep it in mind so that everyone can see the future a little more positively and make a joyful decision for tomorrow.


On an individual level, the turnaround in personal growth will bring great change, many will wake up with new ideas, in the business field it is better to wait a little longer before undertaking something new, until the change has been made in the matter. Follow your dream, but first it may stand firm from a personal conviction and be tackled realistically.


The economy in your world has taken a huge hit and now that those in power are starting to see this through (light) impulses, they are following the signals they receive from an unconscious layer. All this will soon be taken seriously. The build-up of this conversion begins around the new moon, and the news is spread after the full moon of May. So hold on a little longer.


The signals received by the elite and those in power cannot be ignored. They receive these signals through deep insights. The Light Dimensions are preparing for another intervention, so that the war between Russia and Ukraine does not escalate further. The economy in your world has suffered too much from the impact of the Corona period and now there is extra pressure from the war on the economic level. The constructive turnaround towards 2023 will become a fact and the consequences will become clear in 2023.

The depression will arise from the many abuses that the governments have created to push through their plans. They want to implement these plans quickly, so that the BIG RESET becomes a fact, but not everything goes the way they want.


A brand new group of lightworkers will herald the start of a new way of living, this turning point brings hope for tomorrow. The starseeds carry the new codes with them and these are now opening, allowing them to align more quickly with the energy of Aquarius. Together with them, the developments of the current world are moving in a different direction. This grouping will stand next to all the other new changes. They form a natural safety net for those who want to realize the desire for a new world. The earth supports and protects them.

The starseeds are the new Lightworkers of Aquarius and they are slowly rising into their new form. Their ideas wake up and are not immediately understood or taken seriously, once all this is matured and worked out it will be realized in the physical and then they become visible. These new plans are taking shape and more and more people are waking up to follow this natural path because their hearts long for it. Meanwhile the new ideas are born and these new dreams are placed in the collective consciousness.


The established order will continue to exist for a while, because a part of humanity believes and is stuck in the old programming and they cannot yet perceive the new path of Aquarius: Their fears are too big. Evidence of wrongdoing by the rulers emerges in the summer and fall. A new consciousness is opening and many are leaving the old system in search of new paths.

The BIG RESET is put down for those who are lost, or so is the plan. The elite will nominate this plan to present a new beginning. They know that the new zeitgeist is going to wake up many and they want to keep their share of the world in this. Know this is there, but give priority to love. The more attention for this natural way of life is in the news, the better. Tell about this and pass it on, in addition to all the chaos and fear that is still alive with many.


Awakening a consciousness can only arise if man is looking for an inner change. The feeling of dissatisfaction comes from within and not from without, dissolve it by inner satisfaction. The new zeitgeist that will soon be emerging will stimulate many to look for other challenges. Anxiety, disgust and discontent arise and can only be fed by an inner revelation of light.

Something starts to bubble up from an inner awakening, those who only want to satisfy their hunger from the outside are misled by sensation and those who still value great possessions are disappointed. From that deception and disappointment another door opens, to a reality that they could not perceive for a long time. Without sensation and wealth they come to realize how heavy the yoke was on their shoulders to bear all this. Some will believe in the BIG RESET because they cannot let go of the craving for excessive wealth and possessions.

In many areas, man will get up and wake up and look with sorrowful eyes at what has really come into being. The temporary crisis in 2023 will open many eyes. It is the inner experience that awakens the path of renewal. Create a voice of love during this exciting period, show that multiple choices are possible.

Choose the path of inner peace and inner growth. There lies the core of a new world in which unity and connection are born. In the coming summer many starseeds will arise and they will connect with each other. They carry the codes of Aquarius and pass these seeds of light on to anyone who wishes to receive them.

Adonai, Ashtar

I salute the light in your heart

April 28, 2022

This post may be shared in its entirety and with reference to the source: © Arthura Hector All rights reserved.


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