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Maria Labyrinth: The Energy of Grace and Balance 



The Maria portal will open this coming summer and it will release an extra power of love and you will experience many magical moments. These experiences take place in the heart. The Mary energy will expand all over the earth and in man. Like a healing power of comfort. Like the Holy Mother. The knots in the illusion web are untied and transformed into different flowers. This floral splendor opens and spreads a beautiful energy. The new scent of creation is flowing.


Many women stand up and speak freely about their feelings. They bring out new ideas through the feminine energy. Like a huge blanket, the power of love will provide warmth to those who have been left out in the cold. Those who were never heard and those who were never understood are now going to speak. They are going to speak in many languages, in many kinds of countries and places. They speak in the mind, in the silence and through the chaos their voice will be heard. The mother energy is needed, she comforts you when you are in pain. Everywhere this energy will open up in the summer of 2022 and this is just the beginning of a totally different zeitgeist. The Mary energy will find the flow in the hearts of all people.

Even though there are many different views in religion, in politics, on any level. This is going to happen. In this mother energy everything will come together, first in a small way and then embrace the world in a big way. From softness and togetherness, it will grow into a great unity energy. This Mary energy speaks in your heart language and many are touched in the heart: 'The woman, the man, the child, nature on earth and beyond'. Your emotions open to be released. Like birds they fly out and then dissolve in the air. Let all these fluttering emotions disappear.

And this has already begun..


The coronation of your unity energy takes place in the heart, but rises to the crown chakra (the head). This represents the connection between the heart and the head. The balance in everything. Your halo opens and I will speak through this Light. THE ANGEL'S LIGHT Many find a handle to lift themselves up. You are all being helped, so have no fear. A temporary emergency shelter will provide solid foundations. The Angels will be by your side and send loving energy so that hope arises in the heart. They blow the panic away. Your smile and an arm to lean on can be enough to make the other person move on.

Many are needed to comfort others. Be aware of your task and be prepared. The turnaround is coming. Rest assured it will be fine, because you will be relieved when everything clears up. It's not an apocalypse, it's a new beginning. All this is going to get up and last as long as it takes. The turnaround will be complete around 2030, when the new world will start. Before that time, everything proceeds in phases and is built up further and further. Focus on the light and the solution, but also let it go. Energetically this will bring a big change in the consciousness of the human being. Your hearts will shine and the crown will open. THE FLOOR When man hides behind a hard layer, no depth can arise in life. All words float on the surface and cannot sink in. The Mary and Angels energy ensures that you soften and therefore can listen better to other people's problems. Empathy and compassion may arise.


The feminine Christ energy brings balance. In the dual world, the unity energy is divided into two parts. The Feminine and Masculine Christ. The Christ consciousness carries the unity energy, but there is so much imbalance in your world. The feminine Christ will become consciously active again. I will embrace all who call me and I lead you to the balance. I am the symbol of female freedom and this liberation of the female part can be confronting for many. Many women still carry the man's yoke, but know it throws both off balance. There can be no balance in this way. The task does not lie solely with the woman. Standing up and talking about the forbidden knots in the web of manipulation is not only the task of the woman.

By standing up, the female oppressor becomes visible, but also in the man who is looking for balance. They can both see this. It will give everyone a lot of peace when the knots of illusion, over the feminine secrets, give power, change. Those who seek peace in the heart can focus on the unity energy. I can lead you to the hidden parts so that your memory opens into the true knowledge of balance. When you can look at the total balancing of your life, it can be transformed. I lead you to the Christ in your heart. It doesn't matter what energy or religion you embrace. Imbalance arises because the two parts are not properly supervised and no longer know how to work together.


Many disturbances have arisen in the education of the child. Many examples of struggle are burned into the child's retina. This must stop and youth care may also change, the removal of children from their mothers is still going on. Those are the links of the imbalance within the family, it causes even more grief. These are taboos that should be broken, including the abuse of women and children. This sacred energy of redemption has been working for years to liberate the Earth. The future depends on the children who are now on the earth and who may yet be born. The mothers and the women who are allowed to accompany them must speak and confront those in power with their abuses. This program is now ready to be unveiled. This is going to come up!


The creation of the new earth cannot rise if the female Christ remains banished, that is where everything starts. There is a male and female part in every human being! Let her rise again in your heart and in your energy, so that both parts can be reunited. Give it love and attention. The coming summer the Marian energies will flow. I will rise with the Great Mother and our energies will be pooled to reveal the taboos and other secrets. It was a long cycle to finally get to this point. The female intention will also become clear in politics. The earth now wants to liberate man and will give up its secrets. It is a collective of feminine energy that opens up from creation. It is the feminine covenant, we have come together to support the earth in its renewal. We want to achieve this through people. So that the call for redemption can be answered.

Adonai These were Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene

We salute the Holy Water Energy in your heart

January 2, 2022

This message may be shared in its entirety and citing the source: © Arthura Hector All rights reserved.


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