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Lockdown: Traumas & (Inner) Resistance 



The lockdown (the Netherlands) has taken an unhealthy direction. This twist to avoid the virus is illogical and was not necessary. Unnatural demands are made. This course has not yet come to an end, but know that the power of politics is not infinite either. They just see how far they can go. It is time for a counter voice. Make your joint voice into one sound! It is your universal right.

Sickness Measures

Many measures are unnatural and create a false sense of security on a global level. Your rulers are bringing confusion and chaos to your mental health. Strengthen your resistance and follow your sense of survival. The political emphasis on the importance of essential and non-essential sources creates a major contradiction. The focus on the essentials such as promoting food and medication presents major problems for the individual and the small business owner. This encourages an unhealthy living environment.

Always ask yourself this question:

'Are these the (basic) needs that my body and mind now need and what do I really need'?

Don't become a loose Cannon

Every person has a survival system that sends out signals and when you get into the danger zone: 'Then follow these signals, they will keep you healthy'. I am not referring to great aggression and unguided destruction. If this has come to this, then the beast in you has awakened. Then go seek help. Those in power want to show unguided projectiles in the media so that the world seems corrupt. Do not feed this system.

The lockdowns cause a weakening of the economy, an unhealthy government and the undermining of your health. The very foundation of your existence is being affected. Make sure you follow the feeling of the inner voice, so that your mind does not get stuck in a personal lockdown.


A personal lockdown can cause so much stress that some mentally go crazy, the beast is released. Don't let the lockdown from the outside become the lockdown from the inside, creating a new trauma. Don't let the present pain of the inner child be aggravated by more fear.

Making physical contact and receiving comfort are the essential nourishments in a person's life. Forced isolation is not beneficial for the immune system, certainly not without good reason: 'Because the virus is declining.' The little light you now get can be supplemented in a natural way. A healthy government brings hopeful messages to protect the people. There is no lockdown in the surrounding countries of the Netherlands. You are being punished and the inner child thinks they have done something wrong, this is the psychological game they put on. They touch and confuse the inner child, causing it to recur, over and over again, "What have I done wrong"? Don't doubt your identity. They make the mistakes, not you!


The unhealthy measures make your energy dead and dark. Depression and suicide are now more common than ever. These figures will be released later, but in the meantime time has passed and many victims are being killed by these deranged forces. Do something about it now and save yourself, for you are not powerless.


They want to increase their global power, so that a digital necessity arises. Weakening people and evoking powerlessness are the right basis for growing the digital world. This (small) group of multi-billionaires want to continue to control everything, they feel like a god over people. Don't be fooled. Your inner Light opens when you turn it on and connect with this loving Primal Source. Open this Light during a lockdown when a lot of darkness is set in, so you stay healthy and strong. Your light can shine at all times. That is their greatest fear, there lies an enormous power.


Stop brainwashing your inner child and find a healthy way through it all. Walk around the sick maze and ignore the illogical demands. Politics goes on and they are the biggest virus ever. Don't worry about whether they do this intentionally or not. This madness cannot be followed with common sense. Use your (emotional) intelligence in a healthy way, and free yourself from this nonsense. Take the path of love and enjoy. They want to blame you, which makes the guilt so heavy for many that it becomes unbearable.

The psychologists and specialists can now also stand up, they see that their patients are suffering. It threatens their patients to get back to health. In all areas, the (political) rulers go way too far. You are not powerless. Choose a path of peace and follow the signals your body and mind indicate. Make yourself strong, mentally and physically. Your health is their threat. They are afraid of the power that resides in every human being. Make this lockdown an inner liberation.


There are solutions that you can work on yourself, by lifting your personal lockdown. Processes as much fear as possible that comes in due to the political lockdown. What they want is for a dark monster to grow inside you, which keeps getting bigger and bigger. Healing comes from within and certainly when those in power feed their sick minds, they do not bring prosperity. Don't let all this affect your system. Take on the shadow monster and reset it, let the divine light flow into you.


Those in power hold parties while you languish in isolation? This creates a psychological friction. Sociopaths do too. They play with the healthy mental faculties and make you doubt by making unlogical demands, which they do not have to adhere to. They insist that what they do is normal and point to your behavior. The (punitive) measures they give are applied in prisons. You are not a delinquent, but a free person. So now you must stand up for yourself, reject the bars that have now been created and remove all the barriers that have been placed in your life. This will be your moment of liberation.

Don't think about this messy game they play, this maze of mentally broken settings. Take good care of yourself right now. Now is the time to comfort your inner child and set yourself free. Embrace and heal the pain inflicted on the inner child. Transform this and let the inner child mature.


The memory of a trauma can arise during the lockdown, it symbolizes a captivity. The inner child prefers to play freely, have you ever been able to do this or does it only affect your freedom now? Are these deliberately formed pitfalls or not? Don't try to understand it, because you're wasting your energy. Let go of this friction. Clear up your own trauma and start a deliverance plan now.


In the year 2022, the trauma will be resolved through liberation. The unhealthy measures are being tackled. Many start to feel this and wake up in the part that affects them. As accommodating as many were, so impetuous it will now become.

Many feel an inner resistance, because a collective awareness is growing. This will form throughout 2022, because the measure is full!

I salute the Light in your heart,

Adonai Ashtar

January 12, 2022

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